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Vague spoilers for stories near the end of the game


Well, that was stuff. I feel like I made progress but I don’t have much to say. I’m not sure if that’s if there wasn’t anything or I have a terrible cold and can’t think.

But what did I do?

Gave the serum to Virgil, now we wait.

Went to the blimp, cuz it told me to do that after I used the thingy. Got the “find Dr. Li” bit and the “Give the tape to the scribe” bit. Got confused, more on that in a bit.

Then did a dead drop for fun, didn’t take long. That’s four.

Then went to continue with the RR side bit. This led me to Cambridge Polymer Labs, which luckily I didn’t do before, cuz if I had to do a quest where I had to break out of a lab then break back IN I’d’ve been pissed. But did it I did. Was an interesting little place.

And then went back to tell Desdemona. That quest is themes. Remember how I was all “The RR guy was all thinking it was a game and the synth was wary?” Well, Desdemona has doubled down. Thirteen isn’t enough for her! Now’s her chance to save them all! But we need them! They need to rise up! NOW! And she needs my help. Many will die, but this is our TIME!

Which, you know, she has her heart in the right place, I think, but it certainly reeks of upper class hippie liberal arts college condescension. Like, a lot. Which kinda stinks, cuz I went to an upper class hippie liberal arts college and I LIKED these dudes and now I’m feeling a little bad about that.

But here’s my confusion.

What’s the next main quest? Is it find Dr. Li? Or is it the holotape to the scribe? I don’t want to do what I think is the main quest and get sucked into the BoS.


OK, I got the Patriot quest (Desdemona wouldn’t take any answer except “OK, I’ll work with the RR,” so I finally said I would and that’s what she gave me), so I’ll catch up to you and we’ll theme it up then.

Based on your summary, and the fact that I kind of had to take it, that quest may be part of the main story. Sounds like a possible choice point, but not one I’ve done. So maybe the one I’ve done and that one can be done in whatever order, but are both going to come up…I dunno.

Last night I won Hancock’s heart and perk. Nothing else major. Six lovers and synth-Shaun, walking into the sunset. That’s my dream ending.


Ah, shit. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have spoiled.

I wikied and apparently there are no “main story” ones anymore. It branches to the four factions and off we go. They all get to an end, but this is where shit branches. Or soon. So choose wisely.

I’m going to NOT go all ape shit with the RR until I suss some other shit out first. Like Li, and all that.

Six lovers and Shaun…It’s a dream. It is that.


Hmmm…that does feel about right. Just alienating different factions one by one until you get to an end. I’m going to hate it, what with my dream of being loved by everyone, but…at least I still have my six lovers. Unless you can alienate them too! Horrors!


You might as well stop playing now. You’re too kind.


I probably should. Quit while I’m still friends with most of them! In my head, I could just take my 6 lovers and head for Canada or something. Leave the Commonwealth to sort itself out.