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Some spoilers for Tinker Tom’s recurrent quests and the Brotherhood of Steel/Liberty Prime storyline


Played some. Helped the BoS with their….bigassed…..thing I cannot name….until I got to the point where they were all “Oh, and, by the way, it needs nuclear bombs, could you go to the glowing sea and get some?” and I was all “It needs what from where now?” Might go back to the RR at this point.

I’ve also decided, after getting a bigassed magnet for thing I cannot name, that if this game makes me go back to Milton General Hospital for any reason I will stop playing it. I’ll never know the end. I will quit out, uninstall it, give it to the library. Seriously.



As I cannot help the BoS with anything ever again, I helped the RR with their “deliver all the synths” plot, with which you are familiar. Although I’m not sure how far you got. Did you go back to talk to Z1 again once Desdemona was all “we must deliver all the synths”?

I did, and then he said…what he said, and I was like “Damn it, I don’t know if I want to get into this” and so rather than proceed further I traipsed around with the Institute companion for a while, installing MILAs and getting in fights with random raiders and super mutants, trying to win said companion’s approval. (Said companion admires me! it’s working! I may have lost Danse and his fabulous hair forever, but I can win over this one!)

It’s a bit touchy because I can’t report back to Tinker Tom about the MILA (or, obviously, discuss escape with Z1/Patriot) while in the company of an Institute rep, so I keep having to send this companion off to Hangman’s Alley while I do other things.

I picked Hangman’s Alley because it’s tiny and there’s limited space for anyone to get lost: as an added bonus, my dropping by so often to pick up what’s-their-name seems to be making the settlers happier.

“She cares! I mean, she wouldn’t keep sending this scary weirdo to hang out with us if she didn’t care, right? And then coming to take said scary weirdo away again just proves it!”

Also, I saw the weirdo pitching in with the gourd farming at one point. A real team player under that scary exterior.


I have not talked to Z1. That’s where I stopped.

Institute companion? You don’t say.

Well, on the “I’m not sure I want to get into this” bit, does Liberty Prime mean anything to you? Because Liberty Prime.

Big, BIG fucking robot with laser eyes and nuclear bombs. I’ve met him before. He was the endgame of FO3. He’s….impressive. I’m not sure I want to make Liberty Prime.

Decisions decisions.

MILA? What?

Awww. That’s sweet. I’ve pretty much avoided hangman’s alley. I mean, that place will never be happy. No room for fountains. And it’s called HANGMAN’S ALLEY.

“Can I live in, you know, a nice place? Sunshine trading? Sanctuary?”
“No. Go to Hangman’s Alley.”
“Shit, what did I do to her?”

Ok, fuck it. I’m gonna free synths. At least we’ll be back on the same page.


Liberty Prime means nothing to me. But no, I’m not sure I’d want to build that either. It’s supposed to bring down the Institute, I suppose? Hm…

Yeah, go talk to Z1. We’ll both contemplate freeing synths instead of worrying about building Liberty Prime and nuclear reactors.

MILA is short for…something. Tinker Tom builds these devices that are supposed to monitor Institute activity of some sort, and asks you to place them in various high-up locations that you generally have to fight through something to get to. You place one, you report back, he gives you another one and some caps and XP. Basically just another XP-generator, since so far I’ve yet to have him report getting any useful information from any of them (and we might not entirely believe him even if he did).

But if you’re looking for something to do with a new companion so you can get to know each other and they can learn to admire you as you deserve, it’s not a bad gig. Even if you can’t take the companion into the RR headquarters and have to keep running back to Hangman’s Alley.

They’re 80% happy right now! They love having me swing by, even if there’s no place to put in a fountain.


Yeah, me and the Prime go way back. Mostly to me cowering as he fucked the shit out of Washington.

I’m not surprised you skipped this one, even subconsciously. You have a thing against giant killer robots.

That thing scares me. Though I feel kinda bad that I went to Dr. Li and was all “Go back to the Institute! They have a project! It’ll be great!” Then found out WHAT the project WAS and was all “Uh….yeah….um…..on second thought…..”

MILA…AIEE!!!!! NO! No, Tinker Tom, NO! NO NO NO! I want this game to MOVE FORWARD!

But that explains why I’ve found so many locked doors that lead out to nice ledges. I kept thinking “What, a master lock for a good screen shot?” It’s all making sense, now.

If you get to 100% happiness in HANGMAN’S ALLEY I will be so very pissed off at you….


I DO have a thing against giant killer robots! My subconscious has not led me astray in avoiding the Brotherhood plotline.

It’s a weird internal struggle…I like exoskeletons! I like robots! I like killing! But let a (basically all exoskeleton) killer robot get too large and suddenly it’s all SEETHING HATRED.

Ha–that’s a Futurama joke, actually.

“12 feet, 16 feet, what does it matter?”
“You should see the new 18-foot model!”
“18 feet?! Go to hell, you madwoman!”

Or something.

Yes, the nice ledges are all for MILAs. They are good views! But you can ignore that if you’re not trying to find neutral things to do with a companion.

I have yet to get higher anywhere than low 80s…hitting 100 in Hangman’s Alley WOULD be pretty funny. It’s definitely the underdog candidate. So cramped, such an uninspiring name, those mood-killing bodies hanging right outside as a reminder of the raiders we had to get rid of to even set up camp here…

But whatever, our joint account already has that trophy, so it’s really no skin off my nose if I never get to 100% anywhere.


Well, there’s that, the seething hatred. And the fact that in FO3 ol’ Prime was not exactly a sympathetic metaphor.

I mean, he basically tromped through Washington blowing all SORTS of shit up while saying cliched patriotic things, like “Making the world safe for democracy.” It was not a subtle metaphor. It did not make me say “Oh goodie! Let’s turn that loose again!”

And before you get all “metagamer” on me, I’m standing by that Jessica would know. It’s established that the US Government used Liberty Prime in the battle of Anchorage, before the bombs, so Jessica would know about that.

I mean, the metaphor is still there. A knight said to me “Some people say Prime’s a robot, but to me, he’s a HERO.” Not helping your cause, knight. Jessica’s not about war and killing and stuff.

I mean, despite the fact she’s killed, like, 3000 people in the past six months….

Nice ledges for gadgets makes so much more sense. I’ve been annoyed that I’ve picked locks for nothing more than 5 .308 rounds and a vista.

I’ve given up on Platinum. No time. And you need more than one ending, and no.