Briefly revisiting Fallout 4, minor spoilers for plot points that weren’t resolved


Noticed two things from an old blog post, so I briefly revisit FO4:

We never did learn who ordered Shaun snatched, did we? Silly game.

I’m going with “Li survived.” She wasn’t ON the blimp. Not that I saw. I didn’t shoot her. I would have remembered. Odd that Scribe Teagan was, cuz when I left scribe Teagan, she was down there, on the ground with Li and the bigassed robot. I’m going with “Li was down there with the bigassed robot.” She’s too important.

Ok, that’s that.


No, we never did. Previous Institute leaders, I suppose.

I’ll go with “Li survived.” Mine wasn’t on the blimp since I never recruited her for the Brotherhood, so I’ll imagine she evacuated the Institute before I set off the bomb.

Sigh. Silly loose-end-leaving ending.


I have a feeling every time we think of it from now on will make us say “Hey….yeah….that wasn’t resolved either……”


So good until it wasn’t.


Yeah…rereading those posts I’m like “hey, we spent SO MUCH time talking about all these things!…and then it just ended.”


We should have remembered: It was Bethesda all along.


The final plot twist! It turned out it was a Bethesda game! Plus an old prospector in a sheet.

Although I still don’t think I’m as disgruntled with Bethesda games in general as you are.