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Some more spoilers for Uncharted 1


Ok, out of the fortress. Started “Unlocking the past,” did the bit with the climbing and the tower and the finding of the key, which was kinda fun, learned that QTEs in this game are VERY unforgiving (that falling thing!) and now I’m on a ledge and there’s a place that Drake went to, maybe, and Elena is running and there are more dudes to shoot.


I’m enjoying it. I am. Really. It’s fun.

But this writer was supposed to be the shit. And, so far, I can sum up the story thus:

Good guy wants gold thing.

Bad guy wants gold thing for himself.

Good guy wants hottie as well as gold thing.

Bad guy will mess with good guy by messing with hottie.

I mean……. Um………

Which, well, two things: One, the characters (except GBBG who we didn’t really meet) seem good. So that’s something. They were great when they had, you know, stuff to do and say to each other.

And, I keep reminding myself, it took me a LONG time of playing TLOU (like, after Pittsburgh), saying the whole way “Um, when’s this gonna turn into the great game everyone says it is?” before it turned into the great game everyone says it is.


I am enjoying it. Really.


I gotta be honest with you, at a few more hours in and another 10% or so…I still haven’t seen much in the way of amazing story. Maybe it develops over the course of the entire series, and we’ll just start to get to the “after Pittsburgh” section at the end of this game, and then 2 will be awesome?

I dunno.

I mean, it is a lot of fun, and the characters are decently written and presented, but anything much in the way of plot beyond “must shoot bad guys, find treasure”? Not so far.



I do like where they’re going re Elena/Nathan.

I think it gets to something very gamey though: Game stories are at their most engaging (mostly) when there’s multiple characters on screen (or at least two). That said, the games we like are single player. This is a paradox.

I think Naughty Dog figured this out, and gave us a masterpiece where the whole fucking POINT is that you HAVE to have another character (Ellie) with you at all times cuz that’s the plot. Kept it interesting.

I mean, so far, the parts of this game I’ve liked the best are the parts when he’s either with Sully or Elena. Alone? It’s jumpy shooty. At least, if you’re going to shoot and jump, do it with a friend.


It’s true, the character development tends to come when characters interact with other characters. You can do a bit of that with the main character making witty quips to him/herself while jumping and shooting all alone, but it’s necessarily limited. Not that I don’t enjoy jumping, because I do. I like the climby bits (swinging on vines aside).

But the conversations, and how people relate to each other, are where it tends to get interesting. No wonder we constantly want to romance people. We just want someone to talk to!


We do! People think we’re shallow! People think we’re just trying to get sorceresses to make their clothes disappear while on a unicorn! And we are! But for the talking, really.

I’m going with that.

But yes, this game really puts the single player conundrum in a stark, obvious case study. This game is TOTALLY different when Drake’s alone and when he’s not. Strikingly so.


It’s all about the conversations and the character development.

If it develops that the character has a pathological need to be loved by everyone, well, that’s just how things go sometimes.


And by sometimes you mean every time.


It turns out that’s a common trope in well-developed characters. Who am I to argue?


Me, I tend to uphold the trope of “Being loved by all hotties.”


You’re limiting yourself. It’s not just hot people who may be able to do useful things for you sometime, you know. Hooking you up with drugs, letting you get better at shooting robots, whatever.

The well-developed character is interested in all these things, the better to kill some people, romance other people, and build awesome gadgets.


Ah see you’re showing your real colors here. Not about love at all. Nope. The skills. The perks. You want them to fall all over themselves so you can turn into little miss whatchu done for me lately. Me, I’m content with the love and nudity of the hottie sorceresses, and can leave it at that.


That’s right. My characters definitely have no crushing emptiness deep in their souls that makes them starved for affection from everyone around them. It’s all practical. Absolutely about the business side of things.


I’m all about crushing emptiness.

And hotties.

This Elena is growing on me, gotta say.