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Some spoilers for the first jet ski bit of Uncharted 1


Ok, I’m where you were when you were 55% done. Rode a jeep, rode a jet ski, etc. At the Custom’s house.

So two things I like:

Ammo management. I’ve never run out which would be frustrating, but there have been a few times where I’ve been really, really low, and it’s been tense. Gotta make each shot count! That number turns red, it FEELS like an adventure movie/game. Nice touch. Tense without frustrating is hard to do.

Second, Elena. I LOVE that they took the damsel in distress trope and turned it around so that she was the tough one. HE wants to quit. And when he’s like “Let’s leave so I can SAVE you” and she replies “Hell no,” and he has to admit that he wants to quit to save himself, that was cool. And a glimmer, a small glimmer, but a glimmer none the less, of this writing I’ve heard about. Just like that, I want to know more about these characters.


Did a bit more playing, now 60-something percent. Saw a small hint of perhaps something mysterious? The old prospector in a sheet making his first appearance?

I also kind of like the ammo management. It does get tense sometimes, and you have to make realistic tradeoffs occasionally like “for the next stage, should I hang onto this powerful gun that only holds 5 bullets, or this slightly smaller gun that holds 60?”

Also, watch for the Dragon Sniper. Limited ammunition and usefulness, but very handy in certain situations (like anywhere you happen to find a Dragon Sniper lying around).

I liked the jeep bit, because I’d way rather she drive and I shoot than the other way around. At the end when she scooted over so Drake could take the wheel I was like “hey, you’re doing fine! Don’t let me drive!”

Fortunately, I didn’t actually have to.


‘Twas only a matter of time. I tell you, there’s going to be a multi game story arc. I can feel it. Watch, the end of one will be the “Holy shit I thought it was just a big hunk of gold but DAMN it’s BIGGER THAN THAT!” Etc.

Yup. That is nice. At first I was like “What do you mean I have to drop the AK to carry the shotgun? This is a VIDEO GAME!” But I like the mechanic.

It also leads to cool combat decisions. Like “Ok, do I stay here and try to kill these dudes with limited ammo, or do I make a break for over there where there’s those three AKs on the ground? Or do I try to get way up THERE and get that grenade launcher?” Real, in combat tactical decisions are sometimes tricky to get right in a single player game, so seeing those happen all the time in this one is nice.

Haven’t met that gun yet….but yes. Dragon anything is certainly something to eye.

True you didn’t have to drive the jeep, but you did have to drive the jet ski, a bit that took me a while to get right. I am, pretty much always, lousy at any game mechanic that has “Press X to accelerate” as part of it. Driving in LA Noire? Terrible. That sort of thing. Plus, I think I didn’t understand what the game wanted. I just came off the jeep chase, and here’s something FASTER so I thought “This should be a fast chase bit! Me zooming along as dudes shoot and miss cuz I’m superfast ending in a big jump.” And maybe it was supposed to be that, but I wasn’t good enough. So what it WAS was a slow, ponderous bit where I feathered the throttle enough to jolt ahead five feet, giving us whiplash, then shot anything that looked like anything, rinse, repeat. Ending with a very anticlimactic sideways flop off the jump. Seriously.

Not exactly action movie shit. But hey, we don’t like our games to be like movies, do we?

It would have been a really neat gender change statement if Elena had driven the jet ski. Make Nathan hang on on the back.


Ha! That’s exactly what I did on the jet ski. Like you, I at first thought “let’s speed through this!” and tried to zoom around avoiding the barrels and dodging the bullets, but I promptly died, so it turned into a “let’s putter along slowly until we see something ahead, then shoot it from under this dock, then putter along some more…”

Not exactly high drama.

There’s another jet ski bit later on that was slightly more action-y for me, but still.

As you say, though, we can watch action movies if we want to. Or let Elena drive while we shoot. The jeep ride was way more action-packed, because I didn’t have to steer.


Yup. Choking the engine, spewing fumes everywhere, idling along. The final “jump” was, I am certain, not how the developers envisioned the final jump going. I mean, there was that whole lagoon on the other side of that ramp. I’m sure plenty of players soared in a graceful arc over most of that lagoon, landing with a dramatic splash. Me? Flopped into it, then had to ride, rather sheepishly, across the whole thing, wallowing in my shame.

But I’m going for it next time! It’s ON! I’m gonna be an action star!

At least until I die five or six times and get frustrated. Then back to inching.

The jeep was more exciting, though I died a bunch of times cuz I was trying to shoot the dudes and not the vehicles. Once I realized that shooting the engines of the vehicles pretty much blew them sky high, it was a lot easier.

Trying to be too fine, me.


I was just glad to reach a place where I could get off the jet ski. I imagined Drake sheepishly apologizing to Elena: “So, yeah, next time you can drive.”

Although she does have the nice big gun and unlimited ammunition, which was handy for shooting dudes and barrels. If I were her, I wouldn’t give that to Drake. He’ll absentmindedly swap it for a random shotgun in the next battle and she’ll never see it again.

I got lucky and blew up a vehicle almost immediately, so from then on I was all about shooting the vehicles. Those dudes on top? An afterthought. Whether or not they survive, they won’t be bothering me once I blow up their vehicle.


HA! We should be so lucky as to get to apologize. “Yeah…. Elena….my bad….I think all three of us, you, me, the person over there on the other side of the screen, we all win.”

That gun IS pretty awesome. I was so worried it would run out. When it dawned on me it didn’t, I just blew the shit out of everything. EVERYTHING.

Took me three deaths to determine the blowing-up jeep trick. I tip my hat.


Yeah, the unlimited ammo was sweet. There was one point where I couldn’t even really see the dude who was trying to shoot us, but rather than approach dangerously close at my usual speed of 5 feet per minute, I just shot in his general direction until he stopped shooting back. It may have taken 20 tries, but what do I care? Elena, unlike Drake, has Pockets of Holding!

I would totally have played this game as Elena, trying desperately to get some good footage for her story while this annoying dude keeps getting in trouble along the way.


Oh dude I did that the whole way. “Where is he? Ah, who cares. Bombs away!” And then shoot the other balconies just in case.

A game in which you had to avoid the annoying hero would rock.


I suddenly want to play that game SO BADLY.