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Some general plot spoilers for Uncharted 1


Holy CRAP did I get a lot in! I got into this zone of really needing to stop cuz I was tired but I was all “Just….one….more….checkpoint….” I may actually be ahead of you. Doubt it, but maybe. I’m about halfway through chapter 15 (!) about to go through a thing with a heart and there are keys and hard jumping.

At the very least I know you found the Supernatural Thingy (or the footprints or whatever the fuck that was by the dead guy), and yes, STUNNED there is a Supernatural Thingy, I did the action jet ski bit (the upriver thing?) which was really fucking hard, I thought, I dealt with dragon snipers, if by “deal with” you mean roll and jump like you’re being tased after doing too much E until you get close enough to the dude to punch him, wondered why I don’t get laser sights, I want laser sights, wandered around that fucking courtyard FOREVER cuz I could NOT find out what the fuck Sully meant by ‘get to the top of the church’, and there I am. BOOM! That is some fucking PROGRESS.

But I saw you playing so you’re probably halfway through the second game or something.

My left wrist kinda hurts.

It is SO striking how different this game is when there’s other characters.

Not sure I trust Sully.

While it is fun, and I am glad I binge played, I did develop another beef: The bad guy. Besides being a stock GBBG, there’s no connection. He’s the bad guy because the game says so. He wants the thing I want, ergo bad. I get the sense that he has a history with Drake, sort of like Belloque in Indiana Jones, but they haven’t really fleshed that out, like, at all. Maybe as the story arc progresses? Something tells me this dude is going to survive this game and be a pain for a couple more games. I hope so, because I really don’t care about this bad guy, which is a problem in a bad guy.


Gotta go get sick kid at daycare, but I’m actually only a step or two ahead of you now…played last night and stuff got really weird. Maybe not just a prospector in a sheet!


Of course there was going to be weird. We’ve played this game before.


We’re going to play this game again, too. Two or three times, I think? Ha.

Anyway, yeah, the promised weirdness (which actually WAS foreshadowed way back when, with those strange figures made of sticks and guns hanging in the trees that we saw when we first got to the island) is showing up. Good. I WANT A REAL GHOST! Or whatever.

I also agree that the main villain doesn’t particularly resonate since we have no real story for him. He may become a long-running character, or maybe he’s sort of intentionally vague because the actual story is going to turn out to be WEIRDNESS and we’re not really meant to care about this random dude?


This is so–it’s been foreshadowed. “What IS that?” And I wanted to say “Uh….Nathan? You DO know you’re in an adventure game, yes? Why don’t you ask Indy and Lara. And Edward. And Ezio. Ah, never mind. They didn’t see it coming, either.”

So good at solving puzzles that no one, for some reason, got in 300 years. So clueless about literary tropes.

I got that bell puzzle in about half a second. Props to me.

Even were it the case that we’re not meant to care about the villain, if we stick to the adventure genre here, weirdness usually has a slightly normal, or at least non weird bad guy to support it. Nazis in Indiana Jones movies who want the weird to themselves. The leader of the Solarii in TR, who was a human dealing with the weird sun queen thingy. I mean, heroes in these games/films/books/comics have to fight SOMEONE, and that someone is usually a bunch of humans/castaways/templars/Nazis whatever, not monsters. So here we have Drake fighting wave after wave of very non weird bad guys, not monsters, so it would be nice if the leader of the non weird bad guys, the voice of them, was more interesting.

Maybe he will be. I mean, Drake obviously knows him. When they first met, he wasn’t all “Hey, who are you? Sully, who is this?” Indeed, the LACK of exposition was due to the fact Drake was all “Oh, it’s you,” and I was waiting for him to clue me in but no.

So I think we’ll get that story. I hope so.


Shooting the bell was the first thing that occurred to me too, although I also looked all over in case there was some way to climb up and make use of all that stuff hanging from the ceiling to, say, release two levers at once to hit them simultaneously or something. Just in case it was more complicated. Which it wasn’t.

There is a lot of implied backstory that we haven’t been filled in on, and it leaves this generic Euroscum villain rather bland. Eddie is somewhat more interesting, if only because he’s had (so far) more chances to interact with Drake.

I kind of like the way the weirdness has come up, really…rather than beating us over the head with “OMG, something is weird!!!!” it’s just kind of like “hey, that’s odd, now moving on to the pressing issue of all these dudes who are trying to kill us…” until the next weird thing. Because the game knows we’ve played games before, and that we’re filing this away and waiting for the old prospector to show up in a sheet, so it doesn’t really need to get all heavy-handed about it.

And then there’s the part where it’s just like “whoa, no brushing over the fact that this is super weird” and my console froze up on me while I was running for my life last night (an occasional hazard of the 3), and then it was too close to bedtime to be worth reloading, so I’m really not sure how that’s going to be handled.


The bells were nice and easy. Indeed, the puzzles haven’t been all that taxing. The Tombs in TR were worse, for sure. The statue/direction puzzle was pretty straightforward, too. Shit, I spend most of my time trying to figure out where the damn way up to the fucking tower was, and that wasn’t even a puzzle.

Yeah, but Eddie sort of falls into the SOCBBG (slightly offensive crazy brown bad guy) trope. I mean, what’s his interaction? “I’m gonna wave my gold gun at you, cabrone, while I talk fast with this accent, cuz I’m unpreDICTable, man. You can tell by my accent!”


Maybe more than slightly offensive.

True about not being heavy-handed with the weirdness. And their own disbelief is refreshing. So often in adventures, the hero is all “Hey, lookie. Really weird shit. Pfft. See it all the time.” I mean, they do not jump to the conclusion, upon seeing weird, that it MUST be the return of the kaputiki spirits of St. Jababaland and their golden ghoulish army. No. They do what normal people would do, which is say “Ok….creepy….but there must be a normal explanation.” Even if there isn’t.

Ah dude! I would panic. Loud fan AND a freeze? Dude. I wouldn’t go to bed. I’d reload to make sure shit worked.


Yeah, if anything tends to trip me up a bit with the puzzles, it’s thinking they’re more complicated than they are (as with the bells). They aren’t actually that complicated!–but I was slightly traumatized by TR’s tombs, I guess, some of which were pretty complicated.

It’s true, Eddie does have some…stereotypical qualities. One might say. When I think about it, I think I mostly like him because of one amusing thing he says a bit later. So he grew on me a bit after his generic, slightly offensive intro, I guess.

I agree, Drake’s reaction to the weirdness does seem more realistic/relateable than we often see. Again, he’s not the brooding manly hero who instantly realizes that potentially supernatural weirdness is afoot because he is just that well-informed about every aspect of everything: he’s the guy who says “that’s weird, but whatever,” as most of us who aren’t professional ghost hunters would.

Well, loud fan AND a freeze would have been alarming, true. And it was slightly alarming anyway, just because usually in the old days when it would freeze up it would be either because it was trying to load a change of scenery in Skyrim, or one of us had been playing for 10 hours straight and it was legitimately tired, and here I’d only been on for about an hour…but honestly, I was just too sleepy to panic. And it’s been so good with the autosaves that I figure I’ll at least come back to pretty near where I was.

I’ll try to load it up while the kid naps and make sure. It WOULD suck to lose significant progress, even though I’ve only been playing for 9+ hours.

Ooh, I checked my FO4 time: 9 days, 15 hours and 10 or so minutes? I don’t remember the minutes. But basically, 9 1/2 days. We got our money’s worth in entertainment hours, at least.


Some of TR’s tombs were eight ways of hard. Which was kinda nice. Shouldn’t be TOO easy.

Ok. In deference to you and to the other good characters in this game, I will keep an open mind about Eddie.

The more I play, the more I get a sense that the reason fans of this series are REALLY fans of this series is that it has some aspects that draw me to TW: it’s fun being Drake. I like Drake. Just like I wanted to spend more time being Geralt, I can see spending more time wanting to be Drake.

I’ve said that the other characters in this game are so important to it being at its best, and some of that is that their presence manages to give Drake a chance to shine. Gameplaywise, it is so similar to AC4 (the AC game I played), but I like this one SO much more because I’d SO much rather be Drake than Edward.

He, like Geralt, is real and relatable despite being effectively superhuman, which is SO hard to do and the hallmark of many a great game (Lara Croft was, too, in the reboot). How to take someone who is a jumping, shooting, spell casting bullet sponge and make that person someone you could be like “Hey, I’d have nachos with them” is something only the great devs get.

That we did–get our money’s worth on FO4. Though that still seems high. Mine was, what, 140 hours? 150? ish? I think it was almost 5 days or so. Maybe 5 and a half. That would mean you were almost twice my play time? Really?


Whew. He didn’t sleep long enough to do much, but I was able to load from 2 seconds before the freeze and finish running for my life. All is well!

There’s no contest between Drake and Edward in terms of hanging out. Good heavens. Edward would just be annoying. Although Drake might also get annoying with that abandoning women on the dock while he goes treasure-hunting, roguish charm thing.

I dunno…it says 9 days. And it’s a different number from Mr. O’s, so it’s tracking different character saves. Check your machine, man. “150 hours” is too vague to go on.


Well, in Drake’s defense, he was trying to appease Sully, who I’m not sure can be trusted. He certainly has a loooooove meeeeeee thing going with Sully. I mean, he OBVIOUSLY likes the hottie. He did not really choose to leave the hottie.

Ok, ok, ok. I’ll check the Fallout 4 save.


Yeah…Sully has his own “lovable rogue” thing going on. You can tell they have a long history together, and PROBABLY mostly trust each other, but yeah, Sully seems like the type who might sell you out if the price was right.


Well, as I watched the trailer for the collection, I know that there’s a bit where we see young (like, 14 year old) Drake meet Sully at some point.


Since you spoiled that Elena shows up in the trailer for 4, I’ll spoil that Sully also appears in the Vita game…so likely in the others as well. Probably a recurring character, one of those friends who’s always getting you into trouble, but with whom you have such a long history that you just always forgive them.


Well, Sully also voiced the reveal trailer for 4. I watched that before the collection was announced.

There ya go.


Aha. That being so, I guess we do have to basically trust him. I mean, if he totally screwed us in this game, presumably he wouldn’t stick around through the rest of the series other than perhaps as an antagonist.