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Some weirdness and near-the-end spoilers for Uncharted 1


So I……..drum roll please………

Didn’t finish.

I’m close! I am! I had to do what I hate doing: stop sort of kind of in the end game. But I had to. I’m too old, too tired.

Without spoiling cuz I don’t know what you did, pretty much right after the 2% that separated us yesterday, there’s fighting. A LOT of fighting. And it’s that kind of tense OHMYGODOHMYGOD fighting that happens late in games.

So by the time I got to the end game, even though there were cut scenes and catch your breath moments, I was tired. I tried to do it, keep the momentum, but I got to that place one gets to where you KNOW you just don’t have it. Dying all the time on things that wouldn’t be killing you if you weren’t tired. So I hung it up at 97% completion. 97%. I probably completely ruined the emotional impact of the ending. I suck.

But yeah, it did get weird, didn’t it? Yikes. Those things are irritating. And, since we’re doing what amounts to a Naughty Dog retrospective, they were like running clickers! Clicker Runners! Little proto-infected! Right down to the hit triangle if they grab you!

It gets even weirder. We’ll talk. Later.

I take it the line you liked was when they were back to back there? That was good.


Ah man, that sucks. That last 3%! But yeah, sometimes you just don’t have it. And it’s either ruin the momentum of the ending by taking a break and coming back later, or ruin the momentum of the ending by dying 30 times and being so tired when you finally get to it that you don’t really care anymore. You made the right call.

I didn’t play, because sister, so I’m still down there near the beginning of Chapter 18, in that underground whatever where the things keep coming down the hallway. Spooky dark hallways…eerie music…nicely done area, I thought, and then O’Jr. woke up from his nap two days ago and I haven’t had a chance to get back.

Proto-clickers…yeah…I can see that. Although interestingly, I don’t hit triangle when they grab me, I get a “shake the controller” message, and have to try to shake them off.

Yeah, I just liked that Eddie’s priority was “if I don’t make it, remember I hate your guts.” After that I totally wanted him to make it!–but of course he did not. That whole fight with the things was pretty well done, I thought: limited space, no real cover, things coming from random directions, and Drake shouting at Elena to hurry up and lower the rope. I was glad of the shotgun at that point.


That was exactly the choice. I mean, I wanted to enjoy the end, instead of just being so mad at the game that I was glad that it was over. And really, the bits were not hard at all. I mean, it was like a bunch of boxes, and, like, four dudes at a time. Big deal. I just kept missing boxes and getting shot, or forgetting that one dude had a laser, dumb stuff. You know how we like games where the endgame isn’t all that hard so it doesn’t spoil the momentum? This game is like that (though there is a gameplay mechanic in the last bit that we can discuss, though it isn’t all that different). It was all on me. Sigh.

Really? Shaking the controller? Interesting. Did you have that mechanic in The Last Of Us? Cuz I played TLOU on the 4, and it was triangle. Indeed, I can’t remember ever having a shake the controller mechanic on the PS4 (it’s a mechanic that comes up every four seconds on the WiiU, so I get confused). Does the PS4 even do that?

Yeah, the shotgun is pretty good against those things. And I like that a) he tried to save Eddie and b) he ALMOST did. He DID shoot one of the things that was pulling him down. I thought for a second he was going to save Eddie, which made it sting more when he didn’t.

It’s the little things like that that have me pondering this game writing wise. I mean, no doubt the macro story is cliched as all hell. But there are so many little tweaks around the edges, both in terms of character and narrative, that are really good. I’m tempted to start to agree that this game is well written. I mean, we forgive cliches all the time. Hell, the last two games we played had the same damn macro story (Find your kid, only to find s/he’s not the kid you remember at all), which itself is a story that’s been told a million times and will be told a million more. It’s what you do with a cliche that’s important. Do you spin it? Do you do something new(ish)? I think this game did. Not in any revolutionary way, maybe not in a themey way, but enough that I’m interested to see what it does in the next installment.

Unless it drops the ball in the last 3%, which could happen.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m going to play 2, either way. But that last 3%, man. 3%.


In TLOU you had to shake the controller to recharge the batteries on the flashlights when they started to go dead. I think that’s the only other thing I’ve ever had to shake for. Although there were a couple of earlier bits in this Uncharted where you’re trying to balance on an unsteady log or something, and had to tilt the controller to lean your weight to one side or the other–did you have to do that? (It happened a lot in the Vita game, but made somewhat more sense there, since the whole system is so small and contained.)

I will look forward to eventually getting back to the game. I’d like to finish it before Grigio’s arrival, because otherwise it will be delayed who knows how long with days in the hospital and all that, so I should really get on it. Maybe over the weekend.


Ah right! The flashlights! So you can have that for the PS4! Forgot about that. And no, I had no tilt to balance mechanic, though it makes sense that you say that because every time Drake gets up on a log he’s all “whoa whoa whoa” and then I have him calmly stroll across it like it’s a mile wide. I kept wondering “Why is he so whoa whoa whoa?” and now I know: Feature that isn’t in the game anymore. Odd. If the controllers do have motion or whatever, then wonder why they cut it. Not that I’m annoyed; I hate that kind of controller dancing shit.

Two whole days in the hospital you mean. Then all sorts of time at home. They sleep a lot when they’re blobs you know. And Garrett has day care. You’ll be fine.

And, as you have the PS3 all to yourself, bring that thing to the hospital. They have TVs. What the hell else do you have to do there except wait for meal time?


Oh man, I should totally take the PS3 to the hospital. “Excuse me, can you help me hook this up? I have some games I need to play.”

That’s funny that they took away the log-tilting built. I mean, I wouldn’t particularly miss it either, but if it CAN be in there, and was in there for the 3, why bother to remove it?


Dunno. Maybe people found it annoying.

Well, Baby McP went to bed, and it turns out 3% is killing four, FOUR dudes, some QTE shit (boo) and a cutscene. BOOM! Took me six minutes. Sigh. For this I stopped.

DONE! I finished a game before you! End of days.

I liked the ending, and we can talk on why later, when you finish.

Unless you hit a wall and start playing like absolute crap, you’re about an hour and half away. No more than two hours. When you get to the last bits and chew through it in three minutes, which you likely will because that was embarrassingly easy, don’t judge.

Glad I played it, excited for 2, which I will start…I dunno. Later. It’s a weekend, Mrs. McP’s around, kids are nuts, Butch Jr. has a very belated bday party Sunday, you know how it goes. Maybe tonight.


Yeah, no doubt people found the tilt/balance thing annoying, but that doesn’t usually stop games. Being annoyed is part of the process! It’s funny that enough people would have found it annoying enough that they actually decided to get rid of it.

Nice work finishing before me. Trying to control my seething jealousy over here. Ha. I’ll try to finish soon so we can discuss things besides Eddie’s tragic death and the spooky lighting in Chapter 18.

Because seriously, in some ways your tiny flashlight is worse than nothing–I kind of wanted to turn it off and just peer through the gloom, but you can’t and so you’re wandering around with this little bit of illumination, waiting for things to come out of the shadowy spaces you can’t quite see…nicely done. Way to creep me out, game!

But in a fairly low-stakes way: I mean, not for Drake, who faces possible gruesome death, but for the player. We’ve been dealing with all these “creepy and horrifying” locations where you’re looking at children’s toys or abandoned houses where families were wiped out by the bomb, or whatever, and so in this case it’s kind of nice that there’s not that emotional component.

As we’ve said repeatedly, a nice change of pace from all the heavy themes.


I know. Bizarre. But there was no gameplay element to those logs at all for me. Nada. No QTE, no shake, nothing.

It only gets creepier. There’s some good creep coming up.

And still with the jump scares. I do like a good jump scare.

Though I have yet another annoyance that is totally my fault and not the game’s fault. You have been to my house, so you know where my TV is in the upstairs there. Well, when I play during the day (which isn’t all that much), especially in the afternoon, I sometimes get light reflecting off the TV, even when I close the shades (which are translucent). This usually isn’t a problem. When Drake is toodling around outside or whatever, no problem. But dark scenes? Makes it very hard to see. I kept bumping into walls cuz my damn windows screwed things up. Hurt the mood.

I did this game many a disservice, I did.

Finish up, so we can talk on the ending.


Some very influential person must have complained about the log balancing thing. Maybe the president hated it.

The light reflecting off the screen is a problem! I usually don’t play in the daytime either, but it can really mess up your view. Not the game’s fault.