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Minor spoilers for the beginning of Uncharted 2; rampant speculation about the ease of treasure hunting on different consoles


Effectively nothing. Did….1%! Got from 4 to 5. Mrs. McP came home early, wanted dinner, the nerve.

Just jumped around a sewer some, disarmed an alarm, found a treasure, listened to quips from Alistair. It was, really, just like old times. My warden even kinda looked like Nathan. I would have liked the deep roads more if it was like this.

Now I’m about to stealth attack a guard for the first time. THIS is a mechanic the last game could have used.


Yeah, I do like the improved ability to sneak a bit. Not quite Assassin’s Creed level, but you can at least be stealthy.

I played some. Got to 35%. I’m on a deadline here! Even if I don’t know exactly when the deadline is, which is inconvenient for planning.

My sister has been sick, which sucks for her (welcome to our home! Please accept this plague our child probably picked up at daycare!), but means she went to bed early, so…might as well play!


I’d say you’re a terrible person, except I’d do exactly the same thing. And hey, at least, even without a PS3 (which you should totally take) in the hospital, at least you’ll be able to shoot emails to me as I slowly catch up.

I sort of felt that stealth was sort of thought about in one. I did that ONE kill where I got behind a guy without him seeing me, hit Triangle, killed him, and promptly got swarmed with baddies. There was a trophy for getting FIFTY stealth kills. FIFTY! So maybe someone did it, but the mechanic sucked.


50? Good lord. I’m not sure I even got one.

Speaking of getting things, I’m doing so badly with treasures in this one. I did all right in 1, I think I had 40+ of 60 at the end, but right now (at 35% completion, remember) I have 11 of 100.

They must be REALLY hidden. I keep looking around, but just don’t see them!


I know! Fifty? The hell?

Hidden treasure’s got to be a change from PS3 to PS4. They’re SO easy on mine. They twinkle so much they can be seen from space, and pretty much every new area starts with a little camera pan that almost always makes you see one. The game is all “HEY! TREASURE! THERE!”

Though I did find one I missed when I replayed that bit because I died in a place I didn’t die before, and, on my way down to my doom saw the twinkle. They show when you die!

And during cutscenes! That bit where Drake is standing by the courtyard and you’re learning to sneak? The whole time he was talking there was a twinkle right by his head.

Gotta be a tweak.


That’s so weird! I don’t have the twinkle. I mean, 11 times I’ve seen the twinkle (occasionally in cutscenes, as you say, which is fine because then I can go look for it later), but it is not common or easy to see a damn thing.

I blame the PS3 for my lousy showing in the “treasure collecting” trophy hunt.


Dude, mine is painfully obvious. Almost amusingly so.

Which really is odd. I mean, if they were going to change that up, make it easier, why do it in 2 and not 1? Cuz it wasn’t this easy in one. There were times in one where I was standing on top of a treasure, didn’t see it, got the triangle —-> chest thing and was all “What? Why? Where?” This one practically has arrows saying “Do you see it? How about now? How about NOW?”


I mean, let me put it this way, cuz I just checked (but didn’t play cuz Danny woke up): You have 11/100 at 35% done. I have 11/100….at 5% done.

There ya go.


Mine is SO not painfully obvious. Way more of the “I happened to be over here and now I see the triangle and treasure chest icon, but I still can’t see the actual treasure I’m apparently standing on top of.”

I’m lucky I even HAVE 11.

It is weird that they bothered to make it way easier in 2, but not 1. Maybe because there are so many? They figured “40 isn’t that many, we’ll let it stay a challenge, but 100 is a lot…better give people a fighting chance.”

Because 100 IS a lot, and there’s no way I’m going to get anywhere near it. I’ve honestly stopped looking particularly hard, because it’s so obvious I’m never going to find most of them.


And I think they moved a couple. I mean I’ve found maybe three that were just out in the open and two that were right by things you had to do anyway, like puck up that first gun in the snow.

Frankly, collectibles are even sillier when they’re just handed to you. Makes something that has no point even more pointless.


Yeah, no…that is not my experience in my version. Although it’s possible I just have the worst spot check in the world.

And yes, that does make it a bit silly.


Yeah not so much collectibles as here you go ables. Which takes some of the challenge out of it.


Indeed. Maybe they initially got complaints that it was too hard, and went too far in the opposite direction on the remaster.


Man, remasters.

I tell you, not only has this been interesting playing games in order, back to back, it’s kinda interesting playing with me on the 4 and you on the 3. Makes one wonder why they did things the way they did.


Yeah, this may not be a game that we can make any different choices in (not that we ever make any different choices), but we can at least discuss the differences in the platforms.


Hey, this might the only way we ever play a game differently. Ha.

Wish we could trade screenshots. Mine of Chloe came out great. And I got a really moody one of Drake alone in the bar there. And a close of up him having a beer.



Yeah, the screenshot issue does limit interesting comparisons. Although ones that would just fill you with horror and me with envy, so I dunno, maybe it’s all for the best.

At least our Tomb Raider sequels will have equally awesome hair.



Well, played some more, and yeah, three months in prison sorta clinched the timeline, didn’t it? 

And I SO saw the Flynn thing coming. But I still trust Chloe, cuz, well, I want her in the game.

As for screenshots, played around with photo mode and got a GREAT pic of the Istanbul skyline. Sweet.

At the start of chapter 3. 11% complete. 12 treasures.

I did like the prison cutscene. All Drake has done for three months is make little hand puppet shows.

STILL not sure I trust Sully.


Yeah, that 3 months in a Turkish prison pretty much clarifies that he wasn’t off hunting for Francis Drake and El Dorado in the middle of this game. He seemed surprisingly cheerful for all that…must have known Sully would come rescue him.

I trust Sully more than I trust Chloe, because…we know more about their history.

I also played some, up to 44%, and guess how many treasures? 14! Bah. Every once in a while there will be a super obvious one, just to toss me a bone, and then the rest of them are apparently buried in the walls or something. Whatever, man. I’m not going to make it to ‘professional treasure hunter’ in this one.


He was pretty cheery, wasn’t he? But then, he did have his own bucket, so that’s something.

That and he must know that he’s an action hero and stuff. There will be justice.

Sully’s in the fourth game. There was an ad on TV last night. Sigh.

Hey, there’s got to be an overarching villain, though, right?

Oh I don’t trust Chloe either. Shit, I don’t trust Morrigan! Has this ever stopped me? No.

Basically, my video game history has been a parade of very badassed, down to earth, practical lesbians and really stupid, naive men.

And I’m ok with that. I am.

Nope. And there’s another “strange relic.” I didn’t find the one in the last game, and, unless that, too, is lit up like a Christmas tree, not looking good here. But who knows? I mean, this has GOT to be a change, because Helen Keller could have found more than 14 relics in my game. I mean, seriously, it’s silly how obvious they are. I’m half expecting to be toodling through the jungle or something and come across Ralph’s Strange Relic stand, and he’ll come running out yelling “Here! It’s my last one! Please! Take it! NOW!”

Collectibles. Silly.


Having your own bucket is key.

Especially when you trust no one.




“Trust no one, and keep your bucket close.”