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No real spoilers


I know you don’t read them, but just so you know, UC4 has gotten blowout good reviews. 10/10 from Gamespot, saying it “sets a new watermark for storytelling.” That’s the sort of thing we tend to enjoy, yes?

As for UC2, which I am actually playing, shot my way through borneo, learned grenades, punched dudes, got the “They’re in the wrong place” bit that every adventure thingy has (Remember when Indy was all “Their staff is too long……they’re digging in the wrong place!”) and now I’m in the deep roads with Morrigan….I mean I’m in some cave thing holding a blue torch.

I also played around with “photo mode,” which WAY too much fun. This lets you pause the game, then zoom around, zoom in, pan, add filters like black and white or sepia, add borders, etc. It’s pretty awesome. And yes, I DID try it out on things other than Chloe.

However, it has something I don’t think the devs wanted: a gameplay element. See, you enter photo mode simply by pushing on the down bit of the cross thingy there, which I’m sure has a real gamer name but fuck if I know what it is. This instantly pauses everything, even….wait for it….during fights. Now, I’m sure the plan was to have that lead to awesome action combat pics, and I’m sure it has. But it ALSO means you can hit that, move the camera ALL around everything at will, and suss out the battlefield. Like, you can move the camera ANYWHERE. So that dude that’s picking you off and you can’t find? Hmm. Maybe if we TAKE HIS PICTURE……

I figured that out by accident. I will resist the temptation.


Well, all right then. An Uncharted streak it is!

I didn’t play much last night, maybe 20 minutes or so. But this game is much more conducive to those sorts of short sessions than Fallout, so I still managed to shoot some dudes, climb some things, find a few treasures (20 now! and only 47% done! At this rate I might almost find half of them!), and chat with an old friend.


It’s getting universally spectacular reviews. Looks great. Mr. O’ will pick it up. He liked the series, right?

Yeah, this is good for short sessions. That and it seems to save about every twelve milliseconds. Still don’t know what the manual save is for. Maybe switching between users? Like I said, not a bad style of game for someone who’s about to have a baby. Or someone whose wife is between terms at school.

There’s something refreshing to it, really. Been a while since I played a game like this, and it’s like a vacation. I mean, don’t get me wrong, love me some big games, love me some games that get the brain working (The Witness continues to hurt my head), but these jumpy shooty things have their place, they do.


He liked 1 and 2 a lot, was kind of meh about 3, but yeah, he’ll probably get 4. He’s not playing anything else, after all, and you gotta play something. He’s been really busy at work, but once some projects are over, he’ll want a game.


It seems the consensus was that 3 was the weak link, but the reviews seem to say this fixes that. Weak link in terms of not as good as the others, no weak link in “bad.” I’m still gonna play it.

Especially as committing to these games is, like, two, three weeks not two, three months.


Yeah, that definitely makes a huge difference. A somewhat ‘meh’ installment in a series, that will take me a few weeks to play? No problem.

A ‘meh’ installment of Fallout that will take me three months or whatever it took us? Kind of a problem.


Though who are we kidding? The next DA or ME or FO game gets, like sevens we’re still going to play it. And finish it. Cuz we’re us.

And we’ll talk it into the ground, cuz we’re us.


OK, yeah, we will, but only if we don’t have something else to do. I mean, if FO6 has mediocre reviews and it’s that or Dragon Age: The Awesomeness, we’ll skip the Fallout experience. We have a limited ability to manage our addictive behavior, although it’s based more on limited time than on actual discernment.


This is so. One must pick one’s priorities. Though it does seem we usually get in everything we want to get in sooner or later.

I will play Life is Strange. Someday. Summer, maybe. Hoping they make it free.


We do get to a fair amount of the stuff we want to play. And even some side bits like Transistor and that WWII one we played last year.

Life is Strange is definitely worth it. We could probably talk a lot about it, although I will likely have forgotten some key details by the time it’s free. Maybe I’ll play it again…I have been curious how it flows if you play all the episodes one after another instead of spacing them out.

Perhaps an interesting counterpoint to how the episodes of Uncharted play when you do them one right after another instead of waiting in between.


Yeah….given that Valiant Hearts was a game about WWI, I’m not trusting your memory much here…… better get on LiS.


Ha…yeah, that’s it. Valiant Hearts. I knew it was about some war or other…possibly the U.S. Civil War? There was a dog…maybe a super mutant…

What are you talking about, my memory is fantastic.