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Minor spoilers for the Urban Warfare section of Uncharted 2


I only played a little. Highlight of the whole thing, besides Chloe, of course, was swimming in the pool on top of the hotel and having him play Marco Polo. You KNOW you swam in the pool.

That’s where I am. In the pool. About to zip line.

I’m really only writing this to see if you write back, or if you’re in the hospital.


I swam in the pool! It was pretty awesome.

And I am not in the hospital yet. Which was only to be expected: I mean, what self-respecting baby is born on his actual due date?

I played a fair bit, trying to finish up before I’m distracted. I didn’t manage to finish, but I’m at 89% done, so if he waits a couple more days I may do it (although I’m sure the last 11% will be complicated fights with QTEs that take me stupid amounts of time to get right, as is the tradition).

Ooh, I wanted to ask if you noticed the Naughty Dog logo on those crates in the Turkish museum. I thought that was a nice touch.


The pool did pretty much rule. I mean, who DOESN’T swim in the pool? And it seemed to fit Drake. I mean, of all the video game PCs we’ve played who can seem to completely ignore they just caused utter murderous carnage to take a moment to be immature, he pulls it off the most believably.

And it gave an insight into poor Chloe. “Really?” “Come on, MARCO???” “Sigh.. All right…Polo.”

Like, again, dude?

DAMN man! 89%. Ok, I got plenty of no-spoiler land, then. I don’t even think I’m at 20. Which is fine. I got time.

In a perfect world, I finish up three in, like, three four weeks. Then I hope like hell someone has given 4 to the library, and I play it for free. I can bang out an UC game in six weeks, right? Sure I can.

NO! Didn’t see the Naughty Dog logo. Shit. I was so caught in the moment. And distracted by gleamy treasures.

Though on that…..all of a sudden treasures have either dried up, or become far harder to spot. Since getting to Nepal, I’ve found a whopping two. Weird.

But maybe they didn’t want distractions. There’s a trophy for doing the whole “urban warfare” bt (that is, from getting chased by the jeep, the fight in the courtyard that Chloe shows up to save you AND all the jumpy climby bits therein) in six and half minutes. SHIT!

Didn’t get that one.


So true. Drake splashing around like a goofball was pretty awesome. “We now interrupt this climbing/running/murderfest for a nice refreshing dip.”

I have, I think, 37 treasures now? No way I’m getting any prizes for that. Well, there’s the ‘Intermediate Fortune Hunter’ prize it gave me, I suppose, but no SIGNIFICANT prizes. There do seem to be areas where they either don’t have any, or they hide them (from me) even better than usual. There were a few spots where I grabbed quite a few and thought “hey, these aren’t so bad!” and then it will go back to huge expanses full of nooks and crannies with nary a gleam to be seen or a treasure chest icon to be stumbled upon.


And yet, the dip was so much more real than if it had been, I dunno, Shepard.

Same for me with treasures. And they mock me. I STILL have this prompt that goes “Reward unlocked! Check bonus menu!” and I can’t find anything that, you know, matters. Skins I can use after I beat the game. Stuff like that. Unless I’m missing something. But seriously, game, if my rewards are those, skip the prompt.


Ha! Now I really, really wish Shepard had taken a few minutes to have a refreshing dip in a pool at some point. Although he/she could get drunk, and dance very awkwardly, which I guess is somewhat similar. Less just plain goofy fun, though.

I don’t even look at the rewards, because yeah…nothing interesting so far. If it’s not something I can use, like an awesome headshot bonus or something, I don’t even care.


True, Shepard danced but that was during off the clock down time. He never was all “bang bang bang and now I dance and now bang bang bang.” Though he should have.

I don’t WANT to look, but with that golden “Rewards unlocked!” thing there, sometimes I just….have….to….look….. sorta like Drake himself. It’ll probably disappoint, but you gotta look.


True, the pool interlude really was RIGHT in the middle of the action sequences. Which made it all the more delightful. “I just killed a bunch of guys, barely avoided getting killed myself, and made a dangerous trip up to the top floor of a half-destroyed hotel. What a great time for a swim and a game of Marco Polo!”


Hey, gotta blow off steam somehow.

Chloe’s impatience was perfect.


I bet Elena would have been right in that pool with him.

Nah, probably not. Hm…that makes one think about the “boyish fun-loving hero and stodgy practical no-fun woman” trope. Are women no fun? Just constantly nagging about adult responsibilities and how you need to keep trying to find the boring temple with the boring pathway to boring Shambala where the boring cursed stone is going to give boring superpowers to the boring archvillain or whatever she’s nattering on about?

Oh, and speaking of curses, I am still a bit unsure exactly what this cursed stone is supposed to do. Also, I did kind of want the weird experiences with the first game to come back up, like “I don’t know about curses, exactly, but I have seen some weird-ass stuff involving ancient artifacts before…”

Though you’ve probably looked through his journal? Some interesting notes there that suggest he’s keeping track of the weirdness, at least. And speaking of the journal, as you pointed out, it doesn’t have a bullet hole in it, but it does include some notes that seem to reference the first game. I suppose he could have copied them into a new journal, or else written them after the fact.


I don’t think it’s “no fun” woman so much as “practical in the sense that playing Marco Polo when heavily armed dudes know where you are and are trying to kill you might be stupid” woman. And you have to give Chloe that. I’m sure that there are plenty of times she’d be all SORTS of fun (ahem), but she knows that when heavily armed death squads are closing in on your hard to defend rooftop location, that might not be the time to play Marco Polo. But give her credit: she did say “Polo.”

LALALALALALALALAL JOURNAL? WHAT JOURNAL? Some of us are not at 20% yet, here.


Wait, you haven’t had a “hit ‘select’ to view journal” moment yet? Sorry, man. It’s just like the journal from the last game: notes that you might need to solve puzzles. No real spoilers.


I was kinda wondering where the journal went. But then, no real puzzles yet. I did get the “trapped woman, no power, better not be a zombie” line. Cheeky.

And I don’t hit select. I hit big fucking button. What do we call that anyway? BFb.


I suppose they were happy to have something to use the BFB for. The ancient, fossilized tech of the PS3 just uses ‘select.’ I admit it’s way more boring.

I guess there really aren’t that many puzzles…but you’ll get to one. No worries. Be sure to review the whole journal, not just the pages relevant to the particular puzzle. There’s some amusing stuff there.


I dislike the BFb. It’s awkward. New tech be damned.