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Minor spoilers for Uncharted 2 relationship details and the nature of a helicopter attack


Ok, so played some, but Mrs. McP came home early. Blew up a helicopter, died 27 times before figuring out I had to jump out of the falling building, met Elena (what are the ODDS?????). Stopped right then.

So when she introduces herself to Chloe, she says she’s “last year’s model.” Chloe’s all “She broke your heart….”

Now, see, we remember shit because unlike the people who played this at launch and waited two years, we did the end of UC1, like, last week, and we talked about how cool it was that love/sex/kisses/whatever WASN’T the hero’s reward for being all heroic. Now….hmm. Turns out there WAS some of that, now wasn’t there?

I was expecting Elena, because of course I was, but given the end of 1, I wasn’t expecting that all that love/sex stuff had happened (yet).

I can’t decide if that irritates me. Not because I wanted to be there for the love/sex/romance, but because it kind of deflates the main thing that I liked and thought was brave/different about the ending of 1. It’s like:
Me: “Hey awesome! They totally turned that convention on it’s head with the no kiss thing!”
Game: “Well, they did kiss, just, like, ten minutes after the credits.”
Me: “Oh…..well…..um……ok then.”

But really, I’m only writing this to see if you respond.

If it’s too heavy, we can always just talk about how that helicopter could bring down a whole building, but somehow you could take cover behind a couch.

That’s one motherfucker of a couch.


I will respond, but guess where I am? The hospital!

Guess how far I got heroically trying to play while in labor? 94%!

Couldn’t quite finish. It was so damn fast, he was actually born at home, which was not the plan, but did ensure that I did not have a c section.

We’re doing fine.


HOORAY! Congratulations. I will ask how big, as Mrs. McP will kill me if I don’t. She’s an administrator. She likes stats.

I trust all are healthy and happy and all.

He was born at home? How….that happens?

You didn’t actually play while in labor, did you? You did, didn’t you?

And the most important question: Do you have the PS3 at the hospital?

I jest. Congrats to all. Welcome to multiple kid land.


He’s 8 pounds 11 ounces. Not a redhead, but I’ll forgive this minor imperfection.

I did play in labor for about an hour, and then gave up to pace and breathe for a bit, and then we were on the way down to get in the car when it was like “hold on, I’m kind of pushing.” It had only been like three hours, none of us figured it could be at that point already!

It will make an exciting story, and we’re all doing well. I don’t have the PS3, though. But someone could bring it!


Dude that’s a big one.

And you may have come to gaming relatively late in your life, but no one, I mean no one, can ever doubt your dedication to the medium ever again. That, my friend, is hardcore.


I’ve got CREDS now, dude. Although not quite as many as if I’d actually plowed through that final 6%. It got kind of distractingly ouchy.

(Pondering: Should that be cred instead of creds? Is either one of them anything normal people say these days? Creds sounds like sci-fi money. Which I do want, but…I don’t know, I’m a bit out of it.)


Dude, serious, SERIOUS creds. I am humbled.

Only you could reduce fucking LABOR PAINS to “distractingly ouchy.”

Worst pain of one’s life? Fuck that, who cares? Making it so you fail a QTE like, five, six times? Anything but that!