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Minor character-related spoilers and vague puzzle reference for Uncharted 2


Don’t think for a minute I’m going to slow up with the brilliance.

Except today, as I don’t have much.

Shot dudes, did the puzzle with the moving of the arms in the temple there, went underground, flirted with Morrigan, got into the spike pit where I had to shoot the gears, and now I’m looking at a lights puzzle. There’s always a lights puzzle, isn’t there? Light puzzles.

I don’t have much. My brilliance was yesterday, you know, the love at the end of one thing? I mean, you were busy, but it was smart….it was…..

Oh who am I kidding? I’m no solo act. I’m no star. I can’t carry the blog. It’s like that time when I was in that cabaret with Zero Mostel and we would do “Me and My Shadow,” and I was always the shadow, but that was ok because man, we brought the house down. Standing O’s then corner banquettes at Sardi’s. But then Zero got that gig in Forum and poof! I was nothing in New York anymore. Nothing!

That’s why I started playing video games, you know. To deal with the pain.

It’s been a long morning. How are you?


That love stuff WAS smart! I regret my inability to respond thoughtfully. It’s true, though, Elena showing up now as “last year’s model” does untwist the little twist at the end of 1.

On the other hand, her showing up again at all is kind of a twist on the “different interchangeable woman in every installment” trope, so it may not be all bad. She’s back, she’s still a character with decent lines, she’s less broken up about them than he is (as Chloe sees it, anyway)…that’s not standard.

We’re well today. Lying around napping between nurse visits, mostly. The downside of hospital life: people coming in every hour to check your vital signs.


He certainly does seem more broken up than she does. I mean, when you ditch Elena and Jeff in the lobby there before the arm puzzle, he’s all “Are they a couple? Do you think they’re a couple?” Plus I like that they are bonding. “You’re a pretty good shot for a journalist.” And when Jeff is all “Is he always like this?” and they, in unison, “yes.”

Maybe they’ll end up together. That would sorta rock.

What, that’s just the hospital? That happens to me here all the time.

Saw the pic from facebook. He’s a cutie.


Chloe and Elena! That would be a twist.

He’ll do. He’s working that disgruntled thing babies do so well. That and the eating and sleeping. It’s a tough life.


A wonderful twist. I still bet Morrigan and Leliana were hooking up at Skyhold.


“He’ll do.” He IS your second, isn’t he?

1st: “He is a dreamy little angel!”
2nd: “He’ll do.”
3rd: “Well, at least now we have a spare.”