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No spoilers for anything. Minimal actual game talk. We’ll get back to games soon!


Hope all continues to be well. I don’t have much game stuff today, as all I did was fall a lot, encounter a glitch, solve an annoying light puzzle (I HATE light puzzles) and have my Indiana Jones light beam shows the way moment.

But, as you are a new parent:

Fallout 4 Robots Are Way More Intimidating With a Thomas Head

Because video games.

But Mrs. McP keeps asking, did Mr. O’ actually deliver the baby?


Home safe, had newborn doctor appointment, everything is good. Tired though.

Thanks for those Fallout nightmares.


Welcome home.

Now get the two hours of sleep you can get before he’s hungry. And learn the art of feeding a baby at 2 am while keeping O’Jr. asleep.

Heh. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



You should have warned me more strongly!

Nah, just kidding…I chose this path for myself and have no one else to blame. O’Jr. slept fine last night, but the baby was wide awake from about midnight to 3:00. Not hungry, not making noise, just looking around being awake (and, obviously, not wanting to be put down). We clearly have some work to do on the whole day/night thing.

At least he’s cute.


Dude, O’Jr. sleeping through it is pure, PURE gold.

So…..you know what you haven’t answered? Who delivered the baby? Did Mr. O’? What’s this “born at home” thing? There’s a story, dammit!

You’ve finished UC2, haven’t you?


Oh yeah–my sister delivered him. On the bed, which was hastily covered with towels and trash bags. Good thing she was here to celebrate the miracle of life with me, right? She didn’t come planning to deliver, but it was handy.

I haven’t actually managed to play at all. Sigh. 6% left and I can’t get to it! But once things settle down a tiny bit, I’m on it.


So lemme get this straight:

You went into labor….. played video games for an hour….then had your sister deliver your baby on your bed at home……

That is SOOOOOO you. Like…..that’s as you as anything could possibly be.

I mean, the only way to make that more you would be if you were eating pie the whole time.

Don’t ever change, dude.


Eating pie the whole time WOULD put the finishing touch on the story. And you know they won’t let you do that in the hospital.

Now I need pie. Badly.


And it’s also very you that you can have a baby, go to the hospital, come home, and STILL finish a damn game before I’m half done.

I haven’t played in days and my in laws are coming. They’re almost here. And I don’t even have pie.

And before you’re all “But hey, man, at least you didn’t have to get up at 2AM like I did….”

Middle McP had a bloody nose at 2AM.