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More E3 spoilers, if you’re concerned about that


But wait there’s more!

Bethesda went in the night there. Very nice looking trailer for Dishonored 2, which is set to release in November. Mr. O’ played 1, yes? And liked? It was one I was meaning to do, but didn’t do. Maybe if they release it for free through PS+ before the sequel comes out I’ll give it a try. It’s supposed to be short. We like short, right?

And there was a bone thrown to us old school dudes in that they announced a reboot of Prey, also to be done by the dudes that do Dishonored. Prey’s an OLD school horror game. Very PC.

Then they talked about Quake….did some Fallout DLC….showed a split second trailer for Wolfenstein…..

Wait…..Prey, Fallout, Quake, Wolfenstein, Doom……

Holy SHIT it’s 1997!!!!!

Wait, why is my hair still grey?

So today is Microsoft (yes, yes I know, we don’t play on an X1, but they announce stuff. Rise of the Tomb Raider was announced on their stage), Ubisoft (yeah…hmmmm…..well, they did announce Valiant Hearts…once…..) and Sony’s tonight, which has most of my attention.

But so far, people’s are unhappy. Wanted Mass Effect gameplay and/or new bioware IP, wanted Star Wars announcements. Got none of the above.

People wanted a Wolfenstein announcement from Bethesda. Didn’t get it.

But! I was so excited for it I totally forgot about it! They’re remastering…..wait for it…..


Water effects! God rays! Actually, wait, you can’t make this shit up, hang on…..

I’m so in. Because my only beef with the first one was the fucking snow shaders.



Dude, you could not shut up about the snow shaders. I’m glad someone finally heard you and addressed that game-breaking problem. Back to Skyrim we go!

Mr. O’ did play Dishonored, liked it pretty well I think. And yeah, I think it was short-ish. I forget what I was playingwhile he was on that…probably wasting my time with the hideous original version of Skyrim, wincing constantly at the horrible snow shading.

Alas for my misspent youth.