Notes from MS’s E3: Great if you like linear shooters and racing games, which I know you do. I mean, more cars than ever!!! In Australia!

And social games….

And stand alone gwent!!!!!!

For real.

Ooo! More Halo!!! And…something with zombies?

Only cool thing so far is a Bio Shock like thing called we happy few that looks creepy as hell.

You missed absolutely nothing. They announced a NEW box, then said nothing about it, and that it’s not coming until 2017.

But every game was more blah than the next. Except that We Happy Few. Blah blah blah. Blah.

Seriously, Sony, wow me here. I want to be wowed.


Dude, you will totally play standalone gwent. Don’t deny it. You have been hungering for this.

Whereas I would only play it if the alternative were racing games.