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Minor spoilers for an encounter in Uncharted 2


Well, here’s something we have in common: terrible fatigue.

I have some sort of evil flu thing. I’m starting to worry, actually. Mono? How does mono feel? I have no cold, my stomach’s fine, but my joints hurt, I’m walking like an old man, and all I want to do is sleep. This has been getting markedly worse since Sunday, when I almost fell asleep at dinner.

But I played anyway, and that’s why we can talk.

See, I did the tunnel bit, the helicopter there, and had an absolute, terrible, even after I turned it to easy reaper moment with that dude at the end of the train. I STILL have no idea why the QTE triggered, I have no idea what I was supposed to do or not do, I’m just glad it’s over.

Then climbed a train car (I’ve decided I like that they made you redo it. Gave you a sense of “I’ve come far but not far at all.” Metaphor.), and then got to NEXT wave of dudes and said “Ah FUCK this” and hit save.

Now, generally, one wants one’s playing session to end with “I must now let themes set in” or “That was fun” or even “Well, Mrs. McP’s home, gotta go make dinner.” Ending a session with “Ah FUCK this” is generally indicative of a bad session.

And, indeed, this was a very frustrating session. The train was too long, the boss too counter intuitive and bullet spongy, there were just too many dudes. (I liked the helicopter bit, though). But here’s the thing:

WAS it that way? Or am I judging it cuz I was tired, and, admittedly, not on my game? Did you blow through that boss in ten seconds in your energetic pre baby days? Are our (your) perceptions all shot now? Are we going to like games less as we become old and dottering?


Dude, that sounds kind of like what my sister had a couple of weeks ago. Aches and chills and a terrible sore throat, in her case. She was totally miserable for days.

Hope you’re better by the time you get this.

That random fight was pretty weird, huh? I also just kind of did it a lot of times thinking WTF? And then for some reason it eventually worked. I didn’t have that much trouble with the recap of the train bit, though, so maybe you were just sick. Don’t play when you’re sick! Unless that’s the only time you have to play.

As for getting old, remember we’re counting on great things from assistive technology for games. They’ll solve these problems! The market of aging gamers will be too huge not to sell to. I have faith.


But we need these things NOW dammit! NOW!

I’m better. Not great, but better. This seems to be one of those bugs that says “Hey you’re on the mend” until night time then goes “HA! No you’re not.” At least I only fell asleep once yesterday instead of three times.

Ok, so I didn’t miss anything on that fight. There must’ve been a trick that we just blew. Much like…..(we’re out of practice but I can still segue)…….

The yeti I met last night. Yup, I played up to the yeti. Which wasn’t all that much. Killed dudes, long cutscene where we meet the sherpa, a walk through his village which took FAR longer than it should have cuz I checked every nook and cranny for treasures and quips (one treasure, lots of quips). Felt a little bad about that. “Hey, you took me in, saved my life, got any prayer bowls that unlock bonus skins?” Long Elena scene, then lots of ice jumping then the yeti.

And, much like random shotgun punching QTE man, I should have known, at that point, that fighting the yeti was a bad idea. The sick had returned, I was tired, and I was doing dumb shit BEFORE the yeti. Missing jumps, getting lost, that sort of thing. I stood on this one snowy ledge FOREVER before I figured out where the hell I was supposed to jump to. Died maybe 12 times jumping at things I was NOT supposed to jump to. That sort of stupid.

That sort of stupid is the sort of stupid that says “Maybe don’t fight the yeti right now.”


But fight it I did. And died. A LOT.

Because (and THIS time I think my complaints ARE at the game and not me) there was a bad bit of design.

I mean, games should be consistent in their rules, right? Not repetitive, but consistent. We’ve talked on how these games teach you to play by letting you do things. The thing you do is how you do it. So here we have, in Friday’s post (Bear with us, followers, we’re slow but we’re still brilliant) a boss fight that, for reasons, ended in a QTE. Today, we have a yeti who did NOT end in a QTE, but was really just a shoot run shoot run boss. BUT when he grabbed you, you GOT a QTE, convincing me that he WAS a QTE boss. So I ran around the icy wastes trying to GET to a QTE that would end the fight. “Maybe I have to do it by the cliff and kick him off….nope. Or maybe I do and I was just a little off….nope. Maybe if I let him grab me a couple of times….nope.” That sort of thing. Because shotgun punchy man was QTE when you got close (like yeti) and QTE to kill (NOT like yeti). The fuck, game? NOT COOL.

That’s the game’s fault, I blame the game.


Fair. Sometimes it is the game’s fault. Knowing when to accept and when to give away blame is a crucial skill in wordy and thoughtful video game discussion.