More intrepid reportage from our E3 (in front of the computer) correspondent


Didn’t watch Sony, but I’ll recap:

Whole mess of Horizon. More trailer, whole mess of gameplay, pretty sure we’re gonna want to play it. Pretty certain we’ll want to play it. Comes out Feb. 28th.

New God of War game coming, Mr. O’ will be thrilled, we’ll be less thrilled.

The Last Guardian is coming out October 25th. Looks like it’ll have puzzles, big winged dog beasts, and the feels.

Playstation VR will have 50 launch titles (damn that’s a lot) and cost 400 bucks. Maybe Mr. O’ will want it, plan accordingly. Then a whole mess of stuff we don’t care about (Call of Duty, Resident Evil, WAY too much Final Fantasy),

And THREE new IPs! Cool! Death Stranding (yes, stranding, not a typo) which is the next thing from Metal Gear’s Hideo Kojima, who left Konami amid much drama, Days Gone, which looks like zombies and bikers and all, and (not making this title up) (No, really, I’m not) Detroit: Become Human (I promise, I’m not) which is the next thing from Quantic Dream, they of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.


Sure, why not?

Zombies/bikers (Why do people always feel the need to write graffiti like “They’re coming?” If the world ever does end, I’m not taking the time to write graffiti.) Days Gone 

Kojima’s new joint: Death Stranding 

And Detroit, which I may have unfairly maligned, as it looks kinda sorta awesome:
Detroit Become Human 

This wasn’t on Sony’s stage, but it’s a nice, relaxing, slightly creepy thing that’s the second project from the dudes who did “Gone Home”: Tacoma 

And So I watched the Horizon gameplay demo. Seems this is an open world, story heavy, dialog choice driven game that plays like a cross between Uncharted and the Witcher. And has robot dinosaurs.

I mean…..that sounds good, right?

Well, hell, you see: Horizon: Zero Dawn