Some minor spoilers for climby bits in the monastery location in Uncharted 2


Well….tried. I did. I’m glad I played early, though, so my daily take was 12%. You know how Mrs. McP had class? I played. I did. And cleared….wait for it…..2%. TWO!!!!!!!

Sigh. My own fault, really.

I was doing so well. I was. I started after Schaffer there. Figured out the swing on the rope and turn bit in no time! Sneak killed dudes! Got to the bit with them shooting at yetis! Cleared that bit with the trenches in no time! Cruised over to that courtyard with the dudes with miniguns! Saw the RPGs right off the bat! Take that! And that! And that! BOOOOOM!!!! “I’m flying!” I thought. “This is nothing!” I thought.

Then I had to climb.

Remember a couple blog posts ago when I talked on the bit in UC1 where I had to get to the top of that tower and I had NO IDEA how? And all the hints would say was “Get to the tower?”

That happened.

I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to get to the window. Turns out the “secret” was just a couple of red climby bricks I just couldn’t see. But I couldn’t see them. I finally did, which was good, because if the HINT had told me “Climb to the open window,” which I KNEW I HAD TO DO RIGHT AWAY one more time, I would’ve chucked the controller, the PS4 and the TV out the window.

This took me 40 minutes. FORTY FUCKING MINUTES. To climb to the window.

At which point I was so mad I had to go eat half a bag of buffalo blue cheese chips and turn the game off.

So I’m at 85%.


I remember that spot! It took me a stupid long time to get to that window too. It was just hard to see those bricks.

The maddening unhelpful hint is like my experience in 1 trying to swing on those vines without falling to my death for the30th time and having it every so often remind me patiently that I needed to go out the window.

Yes. Thanks. That window I’ve been going out and dying off vines from for the last 20 minutes? Really, thanks.

I played 34 minutes of 3. (It no longer seems to tell you what percent done you are, which sucks…how am I going to know when I’m at the last 3%?) Interesting so far. Kind of liked the flashback.

And then in the present…you’ll dig it.


So it wasn’t just me.

I mean, c’mon, game. C’mon. For 185% of Uncharted game (or, really 183% if we’re being persnickety) holdy things have that slight whitewashed tinge. Like some dude very carefully badly painted each holdy thing. NOW, all of a sudden, we have very not badly painted RED bricky holdy things that blend in very well with all sorts of other not holdy things, giving the impression they are not, in fact, holdy things.

It was also fucking evil that, in that courtyard, ONE side had a swingy chain. You know, the kind I can’t find? Well, that side wasn’t the side that you had to be on, but I was a) so proud I found that chain that b) I got totally convinced it MUST go SOMEWHERE because WHY would they put a chain to NOWHERE (even though they did). For the first time, they put a chain to nowhere.

But I didn’t know, that so I swung. And THEN I got convinced that, well, if there’s a chain on THIS side there must be a chain on the OTHER side that goes to SOMEWHERE that I’m not seeing, because lordy knows it wouldn’t be the first time I missed a chain.

But no.

Follow your own damn rules, game. I got hotties to find.