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Significant boss-fight and ending spoilers for Uncharted 2


Welp, happened again. Same as last game. Trucked along nicely, Flynn blew up, Chloe helped Elena (See? She’s also compassionate underneath the hot exterior…I mean cold….whatever), found the thing, no…..that tree…… got to the end fight. And was tired. And could. Not. Do. It.

I mean, absolute controller throwing rage.

I don’t even know if I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I mean, I sorta figured that if I shoot the sap when he’s close he sometimes staggers in a mini cutscene, but then he gets up. There was one bit where he was all on fire and said “You think you can fight destiny?” And there have been a couple of times he’s grabbed me and there was a QTE…..How do I kill this guy?

I think (hope) that I even got to a mid fight save point. But I don’t know.

Hard fights suck. Hard fights where you don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing REALLY suck. And this is, by my count, three in this game. The end of the train (STILL don’t know what ended that), the first yeti fight (ditto), and now this. And each really undermined the flow of the narrative.

So there I am. One last fight. No idea what to do. None. Which is not even a reaper moment, because, at least when I was fighting the reaper, I knew what I had to do to kill it, I just couldn’t DO it. This? Fuck if I know. Complete mystery.



Yup. Picked it up, six minutes. Just like last time. Boom.

Granted this time I MIGHT have gone on the interwebs to see if there was a trick. But still.

Great ending, I thought. Lucky Sully. And I STILL like how they played with the expectations of who saves who. I thought that Chloe dragging Elena worked. Usually it’s man dragging woman, man dragging buddy. Nice job. And I was all ready to be disappointed in that last “shoot the thing off Chloe before you fall” bit (which I did fail once) that it WAS going to be a “save the damsel” bit, but then she saves Drake. And even though there IS a kiss, her saying “I haven’t thought about it either,” then giving him shit makes it mutual. A choice, not a reward. And you buy the romance, or I did.

“I’ll give you a five” as it pans to black may be the best last line of a game ever.

So boom. Done.

Which means tonight is chilling, letting it sink in, start 3 tomorrow or the next day or something. 

Good thing Gone Home’s free. Gonna need it, it seems.


Yeah, I had kind of a hard time with that last fight too. I put it down once because the baby woke up, and then when I came back I finished it without ever dying, but not because I really knew what I was doing, just because I kept running like hell. For probably more than 6 minutes, although I didn’t keep count.

I saw that shooting the sap when he was near did…something…so I kept trying to do that, while running like hell, and I don’t know, eventually reached a critical mass of sap shooting? Whatever.

Then the running over the bridge bit, shooting the not-yeti to save Chloe, getting the hell out bits. I liked that.

I agree that the way he ended up with Elena worked pretty well. The two of them hassling each other in the end was funny, and made them both more like people than like the archetypes of Stubbly Manhero and Womanly Reward, which would have felt very tired.

Once again, poor Elena has no footage for a great story! In this case due to the tragic and mostly forgotten death of her cameraman long ago. Funny she didn’t think to grab a camera herself, but perhaps she’s given up on documenting the weird stuff Drake gets mixed up in.

Haven’t played anything today…tried that “sleep when the baby sleeps” thing everybody tells you (never mind that when the baby sleeps is the only time you have to do ANYTHING), and had a 3 hour nap. Or more like 3 45 minute naps in a row, interrupted by nursing. Anyway, sleep. Sometimes you gotta have it.


Just badly timed reaper fights. I think that we’ve gotten used to the new normal of NOT having the hardest bit at the end, that now that we have to deal with it, it’s annoying.

But I did SO badly last night that it actually gave me the hint of “use the sap.” But I kept missing.

Very well done after that, though. Kinda nice that the last boss bit WASN’T the real end. Well, you know.

And the very end, pre-credits, that was some of the best writing in the game. By far.

Speaking of which, did you notice that, in the first game, Amy Henning was both Creative Director and Game Director and in this one she wasn’t Game Director? She got bumped to second billing by Bruce Straley, he of TLOU fame.

A shame about the lack of photos, but that camera is bad luck, man.

Again, don’t pull the strings on the edges. I mean, her friend died in front of her, SHE almost died, and still ended smooching cuz he’s just so fine.

We learned last time: don’t ask too many questions.