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Minor plot spoilers and speculative NPC dialogue for Uncharted 2


So I didn’t start UC3 cuz I’m letting UC2 sink in. I did play the Witness, which continues to be awesome, if harder than fuck. Jr’s better at it than I am. If it goes free, pick it up.

But in reading today’s bloggage about Borneo, I did realize that something Drake said made me go “huh?” at the end there. He says: “That’s why the guardian’s teeth were black in Borneo. They were eating the sap.”

Who were the guardians? There were guardians?


Hmm…were the guardians skeletons in the caverns or something? Maybe something we didn’t fight, but saw evidence of? I dunno, man. I’d say it was the not-yeti, but they obviously were not in Borneo.


Yeah, it was weird. The skeletons were…guards? Of….something? Maybe? I guess?

I mean, that is the first place we saw the resin, so maybe.

Whoops. I’m pulling at the loose strings again. I’ll stop.


Seriously, leave the loose threads alone. No good can come of that. I checked the internet and someone said something about a mass grave in Borneo where everyone has black teeth, so yeah, I think it was the blacklight/crypt bit.

“The guardians” mostly seems to refer to the not-yeti, so maybe the reference was just Drake doing some stream-of consciousness musing? Like, “the guardians must eat the resin…black teeth, ew…hey, that crypt in Borneo! Also black teeth, must have eaten it!” or something?

Played a bit more of 3. I’m into it. I mean, it’s nothing really new so far, but there are some good locations and climby bits. That’s cool with me.


“Leave the loose threads alone……I checked the internet.”

I’ll just leave that there.

Yeah. Drake’s prone to free thinking.

One more funny loose thread: Why the not yetis?

“Hey Bob…been thinking….sure, we’re immortal, superstrong blue skinned fanged dudes with exploding throwing hammers, but….I don’t know….something’s missing…..like….we could be MORE badassed.”

“Yeah? I dunno, man, we’re pretty scary.”

“Yeah, but this is our THING. It’s what we DO. And, really, after 500 years, shouldn’t we, at least, TRY to step up our game?”

“Well, Kurt took that online sewing class….maybe he can whip something up…you know…costumes….”

“DUDE! I’ve heard heroes hate clowns! We could do clowns!”

“Yeah, but Kevin used all the white face last Halloween when he went as a mime.”

“Oh, yeah, forgot. He really did that invisible wall bit well……so….what? Yetis? We could do yetis….”

3 sounds good. I mean, saying “This is the weakest in a good series” doesn’t mean “bad game.” See Dragon Age 2. Still a great game, even if it’s not up to DAO or DAI.


Yes, leave the co-blogger’s inconsistencies alone. No good can come of that.