No spoilers


I got nothing. I hit a wall last night. It’s the double edged sword of having Mrs. McP have class. Part of me is all “Whoo hoo! Time! I’m going to PLAY some GAMES man!” and the other part is “Wow…..I don’t have to do anything right now…..I’m going to sleep.”

The second one won out last night.

So UC3 remains untouched.

Did get a gold trophy in the Witness.


Ah, sleep…that irresistible temptation. I can’t argue with sleep.

I may play later on, depends how the baby sleeps. Right now I have to go to the library to print some paperwork to get him on my insurance. We almost never need a printer because I just print stuff at work, but this system breaks down when I’m not AT work.


Printing! That’s funny. So last century.

We do have a printer. But mostly so M can print books/articles from home, because libraries are SO 19th century.


PHYSICAL libraries are so 19th century. If you want to send a group of librarians into a slavering rage, go to a conference and mention that nobody in academia really needs libraries anymore because everything is available online. You’ll get lectured to death about how the only reason everything is available online is because the library pays for giant databases which ingrate academics can then get articles from without realizing the library is involved. It’s a bit of a sore subject with the people who manage electronic resources.

But actually GOING to the library, I agree, that’s very out of fashion. I would hardly ever do it myself if I didn’t work there. I check out books on my Kindle. Why go to a specific building to get a book when I can find it on my phone?

Video games, I’m not sure we can check out online. Your local library may still have a role to play there.


Believe me, the last thing I want is to send a group of librarians into a slavering rage.

But passive aggressively needling librarians is a riot. You should try it sometime.



Oh man, if I were at work, the needling would be nearly constant. Tragically, I’m home for another 8 weeks, all lazy and such.

I was going to play, I was, but the nap was too tempting. Irresistible temptation!


I also think there’s a bug going around, because for the second day in a row, last night I put the kids to bed and was SO TIRED I couldn’t do anything. I mean, it was like “I think I’m too tired to make a sandwich” tired, let alone play. It’s either a bug, or the kids. Or both. Probably both.

So I still got nothing. Solved some Witness tiles. That GAME man….


Too tired to make a sandwich sounds like a bug. I blame children. I’m kind of glad I didn’t get Witness, since it sounds addictive and one game is as much as I can handle right now. I do need to remember to get on the PS4 to download Gone Home, though.


Witness is very good, but one of those games you lose sleep over. And time, cuz it’s one of those “Well, I’ll just look at the next puzzle….well that isn’t hard I’ll just…wait…that wasn’t right…why wasn’t that right….maybe….” (SIXTEEN HOURS LATER) “PHEW! Got it. Well, I’ll just look at the next puzzle….well, that isn’t hard I’ll just….wait….”