Zero spoilers


Depending on what’s going on on a Sunday, or if I don’t go to work, I have been able to play either some Fallout, The Division, or the New Doom (which I picked up the week it came out). I picked up the only PC copy that my local Gamestop had (which is why I never visit them) but they were kind enough to give me a Doom poster along with it. Haven’t played it much, but I must say this is the ‘modern’ Doom that they should have made.

Seen that you guys have been enjoying Uncharted. I played the first one rather recently. I don’t have the second, but I could join you a bit as you go through the third, which I do have. 


The world would end if you didn’t play the new Doom. At least you got a poster.

Wives be crazy. Mrs. McP got promoted, which means more work, apparently oblivious to the fact she is in grad school. And Femmy, well, you tell him, Femmy.


Me crazy? Nah. I’m just hanging out with a three week old baby who was accidentally born at home because I was too busy playing Uncharted 2 to go to the hospital. That’s normal, right? (Exaggerated for effect: that’s not actually the reason labor was so fast…I don’t think. But I was playing for a while.)

I’m currently somewhere in Uncharted 3, missing the handy “percent completed” updates the first two would give you. Good, straightforward fun.


That’s amazing; congratulations!

We just dropped off Young Buttons for her class trip. Partnered with the school, 8th grade graduates can spend a week in exciting cities if we pay for it. She’s going to have a blast.

Keep on keepin’, and I hope this new one doesn’t give you sleep dep-itis!


Wait…. YB’s in 8th grade? How is that possible when I’m only 28?