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Some spoilers about the beginning of Uncharted 3, including the nature of the main villains


Nothing. No. Thing.

I mean, Mrs. McP had class all weekend. This sucked my will to live. Then I still have this “fall asleep at, like, 7:30” bug (or I have three kids, or both). So I played nothing. I even tried some Witness with D last night and solved not a single puzzle. STILL haven’t started UC3.

I KNOW Chloe’s in it, and I haven’t started it. That’s what it’s come to.

You’ve probably finished and will forget it all by the time I start.


I didn’t do anything either. Well, I played some Friday night while the kids slept, just like old times, but Saturday I was tired and last night the baby kid didn’t sleep until after 9, so it wasn’t an extremely productive weekend. Although I did spend time with Chloe, so I can hold that over your head. (‘Spend time’ is not a euphemism. We just hung out and shot people. Good times, though.)

I think I must be about a third of the way through? Chapter 9, anyway. I miss the percent-completed updates.


Well I’m exactly zero percent through, so you got me on that.

Tonight? Maybe? I dunno. This bug/whatever is weird. I mean, I feel ok, then BOOM I just practically pass out. My dad had it and he said it lasted, like, three weeks.

Hard to play when you fall asleep at 7:45.

I do miss video games.


Man, that sucks…three weeks of passing out at 7:45 is going to inevitably delay your game experience. I mean, it could be worse, if you feel OK other than that (three weeks of feeling crappy AND passing out at 7:45 would really, really suck), but still.

I’m almost bound to finish in that time, and then I’ll have to start 4, and then by the time you get to them I’ll have forgotten everything and will be all “was that the one with the dog and the magic sword looking for the Ark of the Covenant during the Spanish Civil War?”

No good for blogging.


Nah, I’ll get on it. Keeps me sane.

Plus, it’s already been a week, so I’m good.

But yesterday I fell asleep twice DURING the day. This is so weird.


The baby took a sweet long nap just now. Got some good playing in. I guess 3 may not be all that original (although out seems fine to me), but it has some cool locations to shoot dudes in. Good luck staying awake some evening to start it.


Well, we have yapped some about how the first two were not exactly original. I mean, there was quite a bit of Assassin Jones Raids Tombs in them. I’m not expecting groundbreaking. As long as they’re fun.


It’s very true. And it is good fun. Pretty scenery, treasure hunts, puzzles, climbing, shooting. I’m not sure why people didn’t like it as much, unless maybe it has a weak ending. Time will tell.


We’re just easy to please. Except when we’re not.

I mean….even though I haven’t started it….I’m guessing the ending is…. he stops the bad guy from getting the thing, he doesn’t get the thing himself, there’s a hottie with him at the end.

And we didn’t have trouble with that before, now did we?


Have you been reading ahead on the internet?! You know that’s cheating.

But it’s true, we weren’t upset by that ending the last two times, so I don’t anticipate having a big problem with it now.


I just have a feeling. Getting a vibe.

That and I’ve played Assassin Jones Raids Tombs.


Ah, the old game intuition. Your trick thumb acting up again. Fair enough.


Ok, so I STARTED! I did all of chapter one. I have a percentage! 2%! I’m 2%!

I dunno, man, I liked the hook. Good hook. I’m hooked. Nice intro cutscene with the table and the stuff and the journal, good that we meet the bad guy, you know, EARLY and that it’s not a sneering big dude, nicely done.

And, while we’re on stats, here’s me exploring stats and I, at least, have a clock! A clock! I LOVE clocks! Check under “bonuses.” You might have one.

If you’re curious: Uncharted 1: 10 hours, six minutes. Uncharted 2: 13 hours, 38 minutes.

Sounds accurate.


Oh…you know what, I guess I do have a percentage count. It just says 100% all the time, so my brain selectively disregarded it because I’m not at 100%. Maybe a quirk of the system because Mr. O’ played this before and DID get to 100%? Although that hasn’t mattered in the past. Maybe I forgot to choose “new game without any of the bonuses and trophies from the last game”…because come to think of it, I haven’t seen any trophy notifications lately, either.

I bet that’s it. Damn my carelessness! I wanted the whole new game experience!

I do have a clock, though, right on the save screen. I had something like 12 hours and 14 hours for 1 and 2, I think…so far about 6 for 3, so probably roughly halfway.

But anyway, yay for starting! I agree, it’s a decent hook. I was hooked. And I liked the next bit, where he’s a kid. And I agree that establishing the villain up front gives it a little more weight than meeting them halfway through the game.


Ah, hardly worth playing then, if it’s not a whole new game. You’re living someone else’s dream.

Halfway, though. I have two percent. Two. TWO!

Without doubt, the biggest fuckup, in a narrative sense, in the first two was failure to establish bad guy. Euroscum? Hardly knew him. Scarred yelling guy? Didn’t even show up until 40% through. Indeed, the bad guy that we connected with was Flynn, but he turned out to not be the climactic bad guy at all, and really had a very ungamey death.

Here’s hoping that evil Helen Mirren is better. I mean, it’s good we actually met her this soon, good that she seems to have history (though we thought that about Euroscum in 1 and it went nowhere), and isn’t a cliche to the extent of the others. Evil Helen Mirren with an ice pick? That’s different.


I’m not even going to bother to finish it. Screw this. I don’t CARE what evil Helen Mirren is up to if I can’t tell how close I am to the end.

I keep talking about the environments, and man, I just finished a chapter in a location that I kind of love. Even more than the other ones I kind of loved. Definitely keep playing this game. I really don’t know why people were less into it than the others.


Oh I shall. Worry not. I shall.

Just booted up LEGO Avengers for the boys cuz they’re home and I STILL have this tired all the time thing (slept through them being up for an hour this AM, took a two hour nap, starting to worry) and Gone Home is now available, so get on that shit before you forget like you always do. I know you well.


Gone home! Must get on that! You do know me well. I regularly forget these things. Especially when I’m playing on the other console.

Get some rest. Play this game.


I want to, dude! I do! I’m trying! This sucks! I’m really starting to think it’s mono or some shit.

So I went into IMDb to find out who was voicing Evil Helen Mirren on the off chance it was Kate Mulgrew so we could have a REAL DAO reunion (it’s not, sadly) but here’s a tidbit: The dude who voices Talbot (who I just met, the skeezy English dude who gives the fake money) is the same dude who did Navarro the bad guy in UC1.

Didn’t see that.


Didn’t see that! Well, good voice work, then.

I wondered about that…given…um…OK, never mind, you’re only 2% done so you probably don’t know given what, but just keep in mind that I wondered whether he ACTUALLY gave them fake money, or if they were just trying to start a fight.

Because I’m not sure. Although it doesn’t really matter, I was just curious.

Dude, mono is a huge drag, so I hear. Don’t have that. Have that random 3-week thing your dad had instead, it sounds marginally better.


I’ll never know, as I don’t have time to go to a doctor. But it’s gone from “tired from time to time” to “tired.” And not “Oh, I’ll just have a cup of coffee. I’ll be fine.” But, like, “walking over to get the coffee is too much work.”

But a) don’t have time to go to doctor and b) even if I AM sick, what to do? M has work/school. It is what it is.

And hey man! 2%! That’s nothing! All I’ve done is two cutscenes and some fist fights! And found a treasure behind the bar in the pub. No plot at all, man!

Well, three cutscenes if you count young Drake going up to the door of a museum.

I liked the fist fights, though. In the men’s room? Nice touch.


All right, all right, sorry. Forget I said anything.

It’s true…at a certain point it’s like all the doctor can do is say “you’re sick,” and you can only say “I know, thanks.”

Even if it were mono, there’s nothing they could do about it except say “get lots of rest,” which is easy to say and less easy to accomplish with the kids and the house and everything.

Hang in there. Hope it clears up soon.


Waaaaaa! I just wanna play video games! Is that too much to ask?


It shouldn’t be! In a just world, it wouldn’t be. Alas, we have previously discussed the unfairness of the world.