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Minor spoilers for the beginning sections of Uncharted 3


I tried. No, I did. I really did. I walked around the first floor of the museum, looked at a couple exhibits, started walking up the stairs, fell asleep with my headphones on. I woke up and Nathan was all “here? The stairs? You couldn’t even give me a view?”

Did get two treasures.

I’m calling the fucking doctor. This sucks.


Oh man. Yeah. You should probably call the doctor. Falling asleep at the console is a sign of serious ailment.

Good luck.

I’d offer to come over and help wrangle your children, but my wrangling would be limited to at most one hand because of baby, and also I don’t have a car.


Just talked to the nurse, and she thinks it’s likely I have either mono or lyme. Great. I’m going in this PM.

Thanks for the thought, but I don’t feel like should be around my own kids, let alone a baby.

The fuck would I have GOTTEN mono? I only kiss one person and she’s always at work.


Maybe your kids got it somewhere? The internet says that in young children mono often doesn’t show major symptoms, and kids are free with their germs.

Thanks, kids.


Why’d we have kids again?


I don’t remember. Something about the gene pool? Or wanting someone to press into service when we needed help looting corpses?

Butch [later]:


Lyme disease. They say Lyme Disease. Damn ticks. Two weeks of pills. Hopefully they work before that. Gotta play some games.


Damn ticks! I hope those pills kick ass and you feel better soon.

I guess at least there ARE pills. Mono would be pretty much “rest and fluids”, right, and who has time for that much rest?


There are pills. Two weeks worth. Hope they work.

But still! Played! Let the kids watch. No shooting. Did the whole “I’m a kid” bit. I do love me some origin story. And I knew they weren’t dead, but DIDN’T think bald guy was in on it. (By the way, voice actor who does bald brit? Lazaravic. For real.)

Nice touch.

And the “run around the roof” bit was really, really well done. Very exciting.

I’m nine percent through, and nary a gun yet. Which is also a neat turn on things. And seeing Nate all trembly knowing he’s going to become a murder machine was rather harrowing. I thought “Wow, the first time he kills someone” and then it wasn’t.

I dunno man, this game’s pretty good.


I know! It’s pretty good! The running on roofs as a kid was well done, him eventually partnering with Sully made decent sense and explained why they still stick together, the lack of guns was refreshing (though no spoiler to say it doesn’t last)…I don’t know why this was considered a weak link in the series, unless maybe people weren’t into the rather trippy bits that come later.

Any improvement from the pills yet?


Indeed. Gave him some depth. I’ve heard that one of the best parts of UC4 is that they do somehow reconcile how Drake can be both a wisecracking rogue and a murder machine. Interesting.

Yeah, figured the gun thing was temporary. But still: 9% and no guns is rare in LOTS of games (with guns). Especially a sequel to two games that were very gun heavy. And avoiding the “And now we see him shoot a man for the first time” cliche was refreshing. And unexpected. Shit, when he was pointing that gun, I had my fingers on the triggers thinking “And now the gun tutorial” I was so convinced that was the cliche.

Trippy bits?

No improvement. The doc said it may take 5-7 of getting worse before I see improvement, and two more weeks to feel 100%. I said “Then what does the medicine actually do?” and she said “Well, if you don’t take it, you’ll get worse for a month, then take two more months to feel 100%.” I said “Pills it is!”

I feel worse.

This sucks. Don’t get it.


Ugh, I’m sorry. Damn ticks.

There are some quite trippy bits later. You’ll know them when you see them.

I agree, especially after so much of the first section was melee fighting tutorial, it did seem like the gun tutorial would fit in there, and it was a little twist to not have it after all. (Though maybe part of the T rating…don’t have a 12-year-old killing people?)

So I just finished the game, and again, not sure why people didn’t like it as much. I mean, it does follow the same basic formula we’ve seen in the first two, so sure, it’s not breaking new ground, but neither were the first two…We discussed the references to classic adventure stories, and this just continues that tradition. And does a perfectly fine job of it. I liked this game. So there.

Probably will wait until tomorrow to start 4. Take a breather, you know. Downloading Gone Home now. Didn’t miss it while it’s free!


Yup. This kinda sorta really sucks.

Thanks for the warning. Given my current state, I might have just assumed any trippiness was the damn ticks.

Finished? Are you serious? You’re serious. Is it, like, really, really short? It isn’t, is it?

I’ve been thinking on the ‘like’ factor and I wonder if we’d feel differently if we had played it at launch without all the other stuff and the expectations. I mean, take UC2. Everyone was all OMGOMGOMG BEST GAME EVER so we came into it like “Yeah? Hmm. We’ll see.” When you’re like that, you’re more willing to tug strings. When you go into a game that people say is “meh,” and it is better than “meh,” you’re probably more likely to forgive things you wouldn’t be as forgiving about if you think it’s supposed to be “best game ever.”

We’ll never know.

I can’t believe it, though. Here’s a time where health and all that supposed to be slowing YOU down. Did we really think you having a baby would change the balance of things? Did we? Cuz if we did, we should’ve known.

I’ll play tonight. M has class. I’ll….find a way. Just napped for two hours, so there’s hope.

Slept through Baby McP waking up. He was just plopped on the couch playing iPad. I’m a wonderful parent.


I will not be going outside the rest of the summer, to avoid ticks. Remember my plan to raze the yard and make a parking lot? This clinches it. Quiet, you hippies! I’ll pave paradise three times over to bury those damn ticks!

The game’s about the same length as the others, but this baby has been taking lengthy morning naps, so I’ve gotten to play an hour or an hour and a half a day lately, plus a couple of times in the evening. Whittling it down!

True, our perspective may be different coming to this series late, after a lot of other people have already opined and moved on. We were a little more ‘meh’ to start with, and are perhaps a little more ‘hey, this is totally fine!’ now.

It will be interesting to see what we make of 4.

Good thing you have an iPad! Baby McP will be fine.


Wise. See, I was all “Let’s take the kids out! Let’s walk in the woods! They like Nature Cat! I have to reinforce those ideas!”

Fuck you, Nature Cat.

But this is the weirdest sick ever. I mean, nothing else is wrong with me except for the tired. No stuffy nose, no stomach stuff, nothing. I’m just completely wiped out. It’s just plain bizarre. I mean, the doctor told me that one problem with it is the longer you have it, the worse it gets, and people often shrug it off for like, a week (like I did) because they’re like “Well, I’m not sick, I’m just tired.” But then, who’s going to go to the doctor cuz they got more tired than average for a day or two?

Grumble. Naps. Grumble. I COULD be doing that, if I wasn’t napping longer than the baby.

Yup. I mean, we did come in with preconceived notions. I mean, true, we always kinda do, what with reviews and trailers and all, but when something’s been out for a long time those notions sort of solidify into fact. “It got good reviews” changes into “It is good.” Or “Some people think it isn’t as good as 2” becomes “It isn’t as good as 2.”

I’ll play 4.

WAY after you…..


Go directly to hell, Nature Cat.

When I was a kid we were always outside, and we’d get ticks, too, but they were the bigger northwestern ones that don’t carry Lyme Disease, so it was never that big a deal.

We should all move back to Montana.

Or just pave our yards. Paving might be easier.


Yeah! And take your little friends, too, Nature Cat! Except Hal the Dog. He’s kinda funny.

These Lyme ticks are impossible. Doc said they’re the size of a poppy seed. How do you see that? Fuck that.

Montana: No.

Paving: Better.

Still gonna try to play tonight, but I dunno. Maybe if I snooze during Nature Cat…..


Why you always gotta shoot down my plans to move to Montana or raise bears or borrow your PS37?

You’re crushing my dreams here, man.

Good luck getting to play. Stupid microscopic ticks.


MY PS37? Dude, you know you’re going to get a Neo before me. You do everything before me. Anyway, I’ll still have a huge PS4 backlog by the time the PS37 comes out.