Minor spoilers for early in Uncharted 3


Decided to play with kids near so I was awake. Got all the way to France! Nice!

So I guess that’s the exposition.

Yeah…guns sure came out, didn’t they? They sure did.

I can see that this game is drifting into the real odd Illuminati shit. Is Evil Helen Mirren really old? Is she, in fact, Flemeth? Is Chloe her daughter?

Ah, Chloe. I’d take her to France.

Did you notice one of the things in the cases in that library was a preserved specimen of the zombies from UC1?

And now, I’ll try to stay up until 7.

But hey! 22%! That’s progress.


Nice! I liked “leave it to you to find a jungle in the middle of France.” Heh.

I was thinking that maybe something people didn’t like was a part that feels sort of like an emotional cheat. We can discuss it later, just wanted to throw it out there to remind myself.

I did not notice the zombie specimens! That’s a sweet callback. One wonders how the Illuminati got hold of it…did they explore that island before or after Drake was there?


His retort should have been “Dude, I’m an adventure hero. Jungles find me.”

Ah, the old emotional cheat. I shall keep my eyes open. I don’t like emotional cheats. I might be harder on it than you are.

Even Middle McP said (yes, I let him watch, gotta play sometime) “They’ve been following us the whole time!” It certainly did give an air of “We don’t know half of what THEY know.”

It also was an interesting callback to our speculation of “How did Navarro KNOW about the whole zombie virus thing anyway?” I mean, these guys would know. And want a weapon, one would think. I doubt we’ll find that out, but hey. One can speculate wildly. It’s what we do.

You know what sucks? Going to a kid breakfast, then vacuuming, then going grocery shopping (which is next) with fucking lyme disease.

Want. To. Sleep.