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Minimal Uncharted 3 spoilers


I played a video game last night!

Well, a little. I’m still stick as a dog. It’s weird: I have energy in short little bursts. But one burst was enough to get me out of the burning building.

Got out of that, did the first chunk of the citadel, met Chloe again (sigh. Chloe) and called it a day.

Do we trust Chloe and Cutter? Do we? I don’t.

Besides good level design and some pretty, pretty graphics, best part was Sully challenging Drake, saying it was all about his pride. He’s right, really. It was also ND starting that whole “challenge the player” thing. I mean, when Sully’s asking “Why are you doing this? It’s all about you,” there was some fourth wall blurring there. Something they did to perfection in TLOU.

By the way……where’s Elena?


Good for you!

I more or less trusted Cutter and Chloe at that point. More or less.

And yes, it was an interesting challenge there…why are you REALLY doing this? Especially interesting because in previous games we’ve seen Drake be the one who’s sort of inclined to give up at times (i.e. in 1 when he was prepared to just leave the island), like “screw this, it’s not worth it,” and other people (Elena, in that case) have encouraged him to keep going. Now he’s the one who can’t just walk away when it might be sensible to do so.

Speaking of Elena, she’s…around.


Uh oh. “At that point.” Hmm.

It might be sensible to walk away, especially since age is starting to creep in. Sully’s noticeably older. The contrast with old/young Drake/Sully from the flashback resounds. “This….again?” seems to be part of Sully’s thinking. I mean, last night I got the laugh line “What were you doing in here?” “Oh, the usual” after killing dudes, and, while a chuckle line, one that also rang of increasing fatigue with the whole idea of being a hero. And Sully didn’t even have to ask what “the usual” was.

I figured Elena’s around. Still, the game is playing with us. 10% in before we saw a gun, 38% in (and counting) before we see the love interest. Gotta admit, expected to see Elena before Chloe in this one. Good on ya, game.


Ha–I meant “at this point” more in a “having seen what we’ve been through together in the past” way, than in a “not yet having seen the perfidy that will eventually mar our relationship” way…but it never hurts to be cautious. Trust no one, and let no one near your bucket.

The passage of time does make it interesting. They are getting older, they’ve got the weight of all these experiences behind them. This is especially true in 4, so it will make an interesting overarching theme to discuss at some point.

Sigh…baby is zonked, I could totally play, but instead I have to wake him up and take him to the doctor for his one-month-ish checkup.


Sure. Suuuuuuuuuure.

They do work with the passage of time, which is pretty cool. So often in games/movies/whatever, the cumulative effects of doing all the shit that heroes do is never something that you see. It never gets old for them. It never weighs on them. Who CARES if this is the 27th sequel? It’s just like the first one as far as the hero is concerned! Like he’s never done this before! It’s all new!

Four looks like they’re acknowledging it. I mean, even Drake’s kinda grey there, in the cover art.

It’s been a month? Damn. Where’s the time go?


Time flies when you’re nursing babies, sleeping off Lyme disease, and shooting dudes.