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Some plot spoilers for Uncharted 3


Killed dudes, got Cutter out (he didn’t die! Nice!) only cuz the game took pity and did one of those “Ok, you died enough, here, take the next checkpoint” things it seems to do. Rode a bus, said goodbye to Chloe, lucked out that Elena was a) in Yemen and b) able to find the right place by accident, did some puzzles, shot some spiders. That’s it.

Yeah…..um….can we know what happened with that wedding ring please? Like, why didn’t he give it to Chloe instead?

I kid, I kid.

But yeah…was that the emotional cheat? Cuz….that was a playing session very riddled with convenient conveniences.


Yeah, I’ve had that happen. Die fighting some last dude and get reloaded on the other side of where we were fighting. The game says “look, you’d get here eventually, so let’s just move along.”

Yay, we saved Charlie! I thought that final bit with his possible mind control was kind of nice. Tense, because you really didn’t know if he’d turn on them again, maybe especially if he’s mad at Sully about being willing to shoot him…not bad.

Elena being conveniently stationed in Yemen wasn’t the cheat I was thinking of, although it is implausibly convenient. Particularly when, as you say, they just stumble into the right secret entrance while running from dudes. The bit I was thinking of is later, though, really almost at the end.


The charity save. That happened to me about three times during the “run across the roof without being caught” bit when Nathan’s a kid. It sort of backfired as charity, as I’d be getting mentally ready to do what I DIDN’T do that got me killed as soon as I came back to life, only to be all “wait…what? Where am I I’m dead.”

The bit with Cutter also opened up some more questions re the real power of Talbot. I mean, he can get shot and live. He can do..some sort of mind control. He certainly thought he WAS doing mind control there, and was genuinely surprised when Cutter DIDN’T shoot Drake. He’s nicely set up as one of those baddies who’s very powerful, but doesn’t understand his own limits. They’re fun.

Which means the thing he said there, “Don’t trust Drake…” is that securely in Cutter’s head? Or not? Don’t answer, as I’m sure you know.

Yeah, I would have been really mad at Elena just BEING there if it wasn’t one upped by the thing just BEING in the place where they ran to. “What are we looking for?” “Uh……this.” (That was the actual line, without paraphrase.)

THIS is the writing we’re talking about being great? Ah, well.

And it’s just at the bottom of a well? Not hidden? Not in a sand dune? Just THERE? People would know about it, and, I mean, you’d think in, like 2000 years SOMEONE would have futzed around some with those mechanisms.

But then, maybe not. Maybe it’s more:

“Hey, Sallah, don’t you think we could at least take a couple apart, see if they do anything?”
“What’s the point?”
“What’s the point??? DUDE! Someone wants to keep dudes OUT of there! There’s gotta be something good!”
“NAH? You’re kidding.”
“Abdul, let me school you here. When someone has something really valuable, they use locks, maybe dudes with guns, to keep dudes away. When someone uses elaborate puzzles to keep someone out, the only thing in there is MORE puzzles, and maybe creepy things that’ll kill you. Let’s just sell our rugs and shotguns, then laugh heartily when some American idiot goes in there and gets eaten by yetis, or spiders, or rabid camels or whatever’s in there.”
“Yeah, you’re right.”
“Anyway, if you really want to make some money, there’s an ancient emerald pendant twinkling right over there in the corner.”
“Nah. I’ll let the American have that, too.”

There. I fixed my own string pull.

I liked the “Shoot spiders with shotgun” bit, all the while running out of ammo. Nice twist on mechanic.


Nice fix to that string pull! Boy, am I appeased. It makes perfect narrative sense now.