Minor spoilers for cruise ship location in Uncharted 3


Dude my neighbor loaned me UC4. It’s in the house. For free!

My first shared console game! Nice!

So I’ll play when I finish UC3. In a couple months.


Score! That’s good. A good game to borrow, too…I mean, it’s fun, but it’s not one you really have to own. Considering how unlikely we are to ever replay ANY game, we’re probably especially not likely to replay these relatively straightforward ones.


I felt the same way. Sixty bucks for 140 hours is one thing. 14? Less so.


Yeah. At least in my house we both play it so it’s 28 hours.


Well, that and you were celebrating the video game anniversary. Totally worth it.

Anyway, I played. Got to the pool. Did you play in the pool? Of course you did. (I got a trophy for it).

Should have gotten farther, but had that “too tired, got stupid” thing. Twice! Should’ve just stopped.

First was the ramp thing. You know. You go to leap off the ramp, rocket dude does rocket, you fall in the water? Couldn’t figure out what was next. Thought I had to swim. So I tried. Lots. Then I thought “maybe I have to dive under the waves.” Nope. But I tried. I should have figured out it wasn’t working, but I had the stupid.

But then I rallied! I did the boat fight part (pretty awesome) with dying but no stupid, so I thought I was ok. I mean, you can’t do that boat bit stupid, right?

Then I got to the heavily armored guy.

I could not figure him out.

Worse, I thought I had. One container moved in the waves, so I got in in my stupid head that the trick was to lure the guy to the point where’d he get squished.

This was not the trick. This was impossible.

There’s nothing stupider than trying forever to do a brilliant yet impossible trick.

Especially when the real trick is just “shoot the fucker with the hammer.”

So I finally did that, went swimming, and decided that was enough stupid.


I thought about trying to squish that guy with the moving container too! Gave up quickly, although not before I got squished myself at one point trying to lure him back there.

Of course I swam in the pool! Drake always swims in a pool. Pretty funny callback. I appreciated that.


Thought it sorta sad that he just “marcoed” to no one. The trophy was “Marco solo.”

Forgot to mention: oddly, attempting to swim after the ship didn’t kill you. You just kept washing back to shore. Why I figured I was on the right track.

Always makes me feel better when we do the same stupid.


That wasn’t stupid, it was brilliant! Just a little too subtle. Sometimes we’re too smart for our own good.

Other times, yeah, too stupid.


I tried to punch him first. He just kicked me in the shins until I died.

Drakes two weaknesses: riot shields and his shins.


Ha! I tried that too.

Drake can’t help it if his mother held him by the shins when she dipped him in the river Styx.

But in the end, we both figured out we just needed to get a really big gun.


This is making me feel better. It’s revealing you were plenty tired.

Haven’t we been playing games long enough that “really big gun” should leap to mind FIRST? Especially when we know it’s not a puzzle unless Drake whips out the journal. No journal means big gun.



Tiredness reigns. I have a baby, you have Lyme disease…we have excuses.

It’s true, he does always get out that journal for puzzles. Also, puzzles generally don’t come when someone is actively trying to kill you…you solve them first and then maybe someone bursts in and tries to kill you afterwards, but solving a puzzle in the middle of a hail of bullets is not really something this game expects you to do.

Next time we’ll know!

Just kidding. Next time we’ll go right back to trying something too smart for our own good. We can’t help ourselves. We’re tired.


It is awful nice for them to wait to attack until you’re done solving. Or maybe they’re just making us do the work.

Would be cool if a game primed you for a puzzle then, when you got there, someone else was just finishing it.

The more tired we are the smarter. Or more creative. Or stupid.