No spoilers. We can’t spoil if we don’t play.


I got nothing. Didn’t play at all. Still in the pool. I’ll never finish. Even though I have UC4 used, and it’s not technically shrink wrapped, it will mock me the way shrink wrap does. You know my shrink wrap curse. It sits there, all metaphorically shiny, and whatever progress I’m making on my current game grinds to a terrible, awful halt.

You’re probably done.

I was doing so well, too.


I’m not done, no worries. I barely played yesterday, although…to return to a topic of recent discussion…I did get some info about how Drake got to be Drake. So there IS an answer there, but not in the game you’re currently playing.

At least you left him chilling in the pool. He could use a relaxing break. Soak those sore shins for a bit.


Ah ha! Backstory! Resolved allusions! Love it!

But are there pools?


I won’t say anything about the pool question.


But of course.

It was lacking in 1. The pool.

3 was just a reminder that Chloe wasn’t there…….


I’m not saying there’s not a pool. Or something.

I’m not saying there is.

I’ve said too much already.


We need more romance. There better be romance in Horizon: Zero Dawn. Caveman dinosaur robot romance.