Slight ending spoiler for Uncharted 3


Haven’t finished. Haven’t played. Tired. Busy. What little energy I had last night got sapped when a bat got in the house. A bat. Seriously.

But here’s a thing that has had me thinking: When you had to, in the trippy flashback, pull the trigger on Sully, how long did that take? Cuz for me, about a tenth of a second. No hesitation. None. Saw the little white circle, boom. Pull.

Which I wonder, is that just me? Or not? And, if not, was that a point ND was making? I mean, I talked about how that moment with the kid, in the cutscene, when he DOESN’T shoot and we DON’T get the “And now he kills for the first time” cliche, was powerful. And here’s the “kid shooting,” but it isn’t, it’s the player, and THIS player, anyway, was cold as hell.



A bat! That’s kind of awesome. You never fail to make homeownership sound so tempting.

I didn’t shoot at Sully right away, but I didn’t let him shoot me first, so I guess it was kind of in the middle. Interesting point about the character/player being totally cold and focused by the end of the game, even though the game put you in the position of being less hardened at the beginning. Makes sense as a progression.


Ok, in defense of home ownership, the bat had no idea if I was owning or renting. And it wasn’t exactly a huge cost. Financially anyway. Dignity’s another story. But, even had I been renting, I still would have been camped out on the deck, armed with a spatula and an oven mitt, with the door wide open, saying “No, no THIS way…” for altogether too long.


There was a bat in the office once, in my first job out of college. I and somebody else captured it in a blanket and released it outside. It probably met a horrible end there, since it was broad daylight in downtown Boston, but what could we do? We meant well.

It’s true that bats presumably have no way of distinguishing between owned vs. rented property. I will concede that point as NOT one against the very idea of homeownership.

So are you going to try Pokemon Go? I would, because something that’s this much all the rage this fast could probably use our thoughtful commentary, but of course I don’t have enough memory on my phone. My phone has enough memory for this message, and that’s about it.


I might be in the same boat memory wise, but Butch Jr. might renounce the family name if I don’t get it.


I even bought this big additional memory card (a while ago, not specifically for Pokemon), but it turns out none of these apps can be stored on it, so it was pretty pointless.

We’re lucky O’Jr. is still young. He’s unaware of the hot new thing.


Turns out I do have the room. Shit.

Keep him young as long as possible.


My heart goes out to you. Please provide thoughtful commentary.