Spoiler: the tip is, you should make sure you remember how to play the original game. 


I got nothing. It was hot, Mrs. McP came home early, had to cook, team got out to a big lead…..

But tonight, no game, no Mrs. McP, not as hot. Today! Today treasures! Hotties! That sort of thing!

There are hotties, yes? At least one?


I also got nothing.

Just…laundry and dishes and diapers and it’s hot and so forth.

Well, OK, I got about 15 minutes on Blood and Wine, stumbling around trying to remember how combat works, and then ran into a giant (a plot giant, not a wandering monster giant) and couldn’t get my thumbs into fighting shape to avoid getting repeatedly smashed, and those endless load screens after you die are still a thing, so I called it a night.

Valuable lesson I have learned: probably before you leap right into the expansion, you should wander around the map a bit and fight a few unimportant wandering monsters to get the hang of things again. Otherwise you’ll wind up like me, locked in combat with a significant monster and unable to remember how to equip bombs and potions, which might come in handy. Although they did slightly modify the inventory screen for the better!–now you’ve got separate columns for bombs, potions and oils, all neatly sorted out.

The graphics are different, too. Not in the game itself, but the inventory/character screens.


Oh, shit, forgot the load screens. That’s another thing Uncharted has going for it. Right back into the action when you die.

Good tip. I’ve never played an expansion, so that’s never come up. I can see it, though. Keep trying to go into VATS and throw grenades.

I know they’ve been patching the hell out of it. CDPR can’t leave anything alone.

You know…..this gives you another opportunity to……


Just sayin’.


Ah, gwent. You know, maybe I WILL…no. No, I will not.

I won every damn horse race in the main game, but I will not do boxing matches, and I will not play gwent.

Oh, and as for hotties, well, there’s…I don’t know if I should even tell you this.


Tell me! Tell me!!!!!!


Um…there’s no Chloe. I’m sorry.


Elena will have to do.

Can’t win them all.