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Minor spoilers for Uncharted 4, passing mention of the Witcher 3 expansion Blood and Wine


So what did I do….I looked at tombstones (did you get the Indiana Jones reference? Cheeky, game, cheeky), got into the crypt (Again, no one notices the gizmos. NOTICE THE GIZMOS PEOPLE!), did the constellation puzzle, which was pretty cool (I have a feeling Larry at “Complex Puzzles R Us” got employee of the month for that one), and did….yet another fight with a million dudes and grass. Finished, Sam was all “That puzzle was pretty cool” (Self aware game is self aware) and stopped.

You know? That’s three grass/lots of dudes fight in this chapter. Three. And yes, yes, yes I get it. There was sliding, and climbing, and a cool puzzle sprinkled in there, but they don’t take that much time. This is the third playing session in a row that I’ve had a grass/lots of dudes fight in the ruins of this monastery. In a row. And while they were good fights, they were, I’ll give them that, three in a row is too much. I’m tired of them. I need a break.

But something tells me there’s more to come. Oh well.

This is pretty much the weakness of naughty dog. If memory serves, it was right about this point in TLOU where you got to Pittsburgh and it was wave after wave of dudes. Sneak sneak sneak kill kill kill over and over and over. That was the worst part of that game by far. This chapter feels a little Pittsburgh.


There is a lot of grass, and a lot of sliding. This game loves some grass and sliding. But that was a cool puzzle! And you’re about to be in a new chapter and an exciting new location where there’s some different grass. And a different mechanic!

I did not get the Indiana Jones reference, although amusingly enough, I was looking at some tombstones myself this weekend in the Witcher expansion, and there were some cheeky references.

Tombstones: an overlooked comedy medium.


Oh goody! DIFFERENT grass! Love it.

Speaking of mechanics, I found my first “note,” which was on the ground, hit triangle, great, and got my first “Journal entry” which seems to have been handed to me. Do you have to do anything to get those? Cuz it just sorta happened when I got to the graveyard.

The Indiana Jones ref was the bit where it needed a skull, crossed swords and specific dates. And on one, Drake goes “Bad dates…” and Sam laughs. That’s a famous line from Raiders, when Sallah saves Indy from being poisoned by poisoned dates.

Shouting out the source material.

Three things games need more of: romance, parties, and funny tombstones.


I haven’t seen Indiana Jones in roughly a million years. Good shout out, though. I don’t know about parties or romance yet, but Blood and Wine has lots of funny tombstones. And really, it’s the witcher, there’s bound to be SOME romance eventually.

Journal entries are basically just a variation on treasures. You wander around looking in corners and such, and sometimes you find one or the other, and many times you don’t. (Even when an area is just screaming “there’s got to be a treasure here!”)

You’ll find some. You’ll miss some. Who can really be bothered to play carefully enough to get them all?


Wonderful, casual romance. Good on ya, Geralt. Uncharted should have more romance.

And naughty Nathan! Did you read his journal? One of the “Good Italian Phrases to know” was “Do you have a boyfriend?” Maybe it was Sully who wrote that.

Dude, I have spend so much time in this game wandering around treasure-screaming areas finding bupkis. Like, this WHOLE level. All of it. I even wasted time before going into the crypt, because you could GET to the whole part of the level where the fight was GOING to take place, but there was no fight at that point. So I thought “The ONLY reason this is here is to hide treasures and shit,” so I explored the hell out of it.

No. It has no treasures. It was there for a fight. LATER.

Who knew?


Yes! I did that! Wandered over that whole level before I went into the crypt because there HAD to be some treasure, and didn’t find anything. Then came back to find it was a fight location later. Sigh.

Keep thinking of your point about Pokemon Go. I should definitely make Mr. O’ go play it with O’Jr. while I investigate question marks in Toussaint (plainly the witcher version of France, although half the people have non-French accents). I need more question mark time.


Not only do we make the same decisions in games, we do the same stupid.

All RPGs need balls, romance and quasi French places. Are there masks in quasi France?


So far no masks, but I’ve only played a few hours. There is hope.

I did get an estate! And the old fixing-up-your-home-base story. Always weirdly satisfying, up to a point. If they start expecting me to found and protect settlements, I’ll give some skeptical looks.


I dunno, man. Geralt could do up some fucking SETTLEMENTS. I’d live in a Geralt settlement. Hooch, sorceresses, gwent, sorceresses…..sounds good to me!

Mrs. McP and Butch Jr. caught 4 more pokemon so I just finished chapter 8. Did two more sneaky bits, but I forgive that last one for being yet another sneaky bit because the combination of sneaky, shooty and SWINGING both away and towards and over was pretty awesome. Swinging in the gunfight. That was good. I liked that. Had that not been there, however, I would have moped.

So I did that, and I climbed, and I couldn’t find the damn cave, but then I did find the damn cave, and then I opened the door and there was the bit from the OTHER pirate and a creepy statue and that was that.

MAN bad guys always get THIS close, don’t they? Ever want a treasure? Find some bad guys, and look 100 yards to the left. Boom.

I did like “We’ll get you a nice hook.”


Ha! Yeah, the “nice hook” line was good…And nicely suggested a teasing, brotherly relationship. It’s good they’re reconnecting so well after those 15 years of bring in prison/thinking the other was dead.

The bad guys are very good at getting really close. And then at actually getting to the right spot half an hour behind the hero. Timing, man. It’s tricky.


Maybe that’s how they recruit the guys. I mean, if you can’t find a treasure that’s 100 yards away, you’re probably not all that bright. Maybe a life of anonymity and likely death is all they can get. Times are hard, you know.

As for the brother relationship, you buying it? I mean, you’re right: they seem like there was no time lost, and that time wasn’t spent in a Panamanian prison. I think the flashback to when they were kids didn’t help. I mean, it’s kind of a stretch that their relationship and Sam’s personality hasn’t changed since they were teenagers given everything.

But then, we accepted yetis and Elena just being in Yemen, so a stretch is a stretch.


It does seem a bit unlikely that they’d just slip back into their joking comfort zone that fast, but then, I’ve never had a sister apparently die in a prison break and then show up 15 years later to rope me into one last job, so what do I know? Maybe the easiest thing they can do is pretend nothing’s changed from when they were young.

I mean, it’s not like they’re going to talk about their FEELINGS or something. They’re men! Manly men!


True. This may be exactly how one acts when one’s sibling fake dies in a Panamanian prison break. Who are we to judge?

I’m gonna leave the man thing alone.


As you should. Commenting on the man thing would suggest that you might have feelings about it.

The only feeling allowed to manly men is incoherent rage, and we need you coherent to make blog posts.


The fact you say I have no feelings enrages me.

Should that have exclamation marks? I never know. I’m too sensitive to do rage right.


I think exclamation points are only used after obscenities? And broken sentences like “why you–!!!”

But what do I know. I am a lady, with a simple lady mind.