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Minor plot/character spoilers for Uncharted 4


Did all that action. So…. much…..action…..

I’m in Madagascar. It’s nice. I’m in a jeep.

I gotta say, there are times this franchise just gets action right. The train level, for one. And the rope is great. Great great great.

Except……that damn prompt. That damn prompt is SO unnecessary. I’d feel so much more action hero without it.

I’ve checked for things in options that can turn it off, but I find none. I’m gonna look again. If this is a missing the sprint button moment, I’ll be cheesed.

The way they’re doing the Elena bits are great. But they have to do it that way. I’d never choose to lie if I had the choice. Maybe that’s why they give you some dialog choices: it makes you feel you have a say in what Drake says, even when you don’t and you feel shitty.


I thought the jeep stuff was kind of fun. I don’t usually enjoy driving in games, but this was low-key enough that I didn’t wind up constantly swearing about missing that crucial turn, or whatever, and the scenery was nice. I didn’t get it, but there’s a trophy for knocking over all those piles of rocks along the way…if you’re interested.

Interesting thought, that maybe the dialogue options are meant to make you feel more in control of what Drake says, and therefore more invested in what he says even when you don’t control it…or agree with it, as with everything he’s said to Elena recently. Hmm. It’s a small thing, and I’m not sure how much difference it really made to me, but small, subtle things are the unsung genius in a lot of work. Intriguing idea.


Oh don’t tease with trophies. This, like TLOU, just doesn’t DO trophies. Even the treasures are impossible. TLOU said “Stop it! Stop looking for shit! Pay attention to the story!” as does this one.

But now I’m just going to have to hit rocks.

Subtle matters. It does.

And in that scene, I, the player, felt shitty. Like the same way we get on those rare occasions where we CHOOSE to do something shitty (or we find out our choices led to a shitty outcome). Not the same way I feel when we’re watching our player do something shitty of his own accord. That can be very effective, no doubt. Joel was effective, even though I felt I was watching so much of that, not participating. But this, I felt like I would have felt if I had chose to lie to Elena.

Which was odd.


Hit rocks! You gotta!

That’s interesting. I guess maybe I was too busy being annoyed with Nathan to feel guilty: I was not so much identifying with him, despite the dialogue options. Maybe they needed MORE dialogue options!


Maybe, to get back to big serious topics, that was a gender thing. I was looking as a man, seeing a man lying to his wife, feeling guilty the way one does when one does shitty things in games (well, shitty things that aren’t, like, mass murder and stealing). You were looking at it AS a wife, thinking “Dude if Mr. O did that I would seethe” and feeling irked more than guilty.

As I suck at game driving, I’m sure the rocks will be hit. Gotta love the trolly trophies. Like the one you got for being summarily destroyed by a mini nuke in FO4.

Though I hear they trolled themselves. When a market scene I haven’t hit yet was debuted at last year’s E3, they hit a glitch where Nathan froze for a while right there on stage. Apparently, if, in that scene, you pause in that spot for a while, mimicking the glitch, a trophy pops.

Self aware game is self aware.


Hm. Perhaps. Certainly I am always peeved when Mr. O’ lies about a job and goes off to murder 700 dudes and find another priceless archaeological site to destroy without me. I like wrecking historical sites too, you know!!!!

I may have been more stuck in the “everyone here disapproves of Nathan, including Sully and Sam” mode we talked about before, when everyone is like “just call your wife, dude.”


Yeah, he does tend to do that sort of thing, doesn’t he?

(Actually, he’s going to sports bars to overeat nachos.) (Or destroy ancient sites. I’ll never tell).


Just noticed why you’re liking Pokemon GO! It’s ALL pointless looting! It’s collecting caterpies you don’t need in order to get something you won’t use for something you won’t do!

You LOVE that sort of thing!


That does sound like me.

I was afraid the gym near work would be held by a non-blue team, and I’d feel compelled to get involved because it’s so close, but no…they’re blue. So I can ignore them.


Well, here’s something else to do with Pokemon.

Say your kid falls asleep in the car and you’re bored as hell but he has to nap. If you live in a town with a lot of history, you can drive around hitting pokestops! And it only looks a little creepy.


I couldn’t help but notice there are at least four along the route I walk with O’ Jr. to preschool. Cha-ching! And it won’t even look creepy, because I’m, uh, introducing him to aspects of our town’s history. Very wholesome.


Couldn’t help but notice, huh? HUH?

Your town has four?

It’s more creepy when you’re in a van.


My town is bristling with pokestops! Those four are only the ones on the direct route to daycare. There are several more in other directions.

You should come visit, or at least drive creepily by our house.


Maybe…..I already have……

That many? Like what? Fitzy’s package store?


Dude. I’m wounded on behalf of not only Fitzy’s Package Store (a fine and genteel establishment), but the entire town. We’ve got a couple of historic cemeteries, some murals, churches…a train station…it’s important, classy stuff.


Now Melrose….There’s a town….there’s a town….


Bah. We moved out of Melrose for a reason. Place is a dump. A dump with no deleaded apartments. Probably no pokestops either.

We were in another classy town yesterday with Mr. O’s parents, and there was surprisingly little pokeactivity in the area. Probably because it’s more residential?

Or, you know, just a dump.


You were propping Melrose up intellectually. You were. They’re lost without you.

And hey man, I live in a split level on a cul de sac and a) there’s a pokestop not 50 yards from where I sit and b) I caught a bleevil or some shit on my counter.

So yeah, dump.


The camera part of it doesn’t work on my phone, so nothing is ever on my counter. I just have this street map of my neighborhood. I’m missing out.


Probably for the best. There are certain things that you don’t want on your counter.