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Very minor Uncharted 4 spoilers (location, vehicle)


Did jeep shit. Much driving. I suck at it as much as I suck at driving in every other game.

I knocked over a whole lot of cairns! Haven’t gotten the trophy for all of them, but then, not done with the jeep. I’m at the “signal tower” monument. Just talked to Sully when Drake admits he likes this, too. Which was a great conversation. Wonder why it was missable.

I’m still not sure if I was supposed to fight IN the jeep or not. I, very dutifully and carefully, parked it, THEN shot the shit out of everyone, then forgot where I parked it.

Not bad. Madagascar is very pretty.


I’m not sure if you could speed into battle in the jeep or not. I too always parked it a good distance away and then crept closer under cover of grass. Oh no, wait, one time I did try speeding up to the battle site…I think I COULD shoot, but not well, and I quickly died. So after that, I always parked and crept.

I played some yesterday. There’s still no ball so far, but there is a tourney! I also broke two curses. All in a day’s work, you know.


I didn’t try keep fighting, but I did try running away by jumping into it, but died when, I swear I am not making this up, they stopped to put on seatbelts.

Yeah, sure, two snipers have laser sights on my chest, but you know the statistics on car accidents. Safety first!


Ha! I did note how they always took that time to buckle up, but never tried it in battle.

Remember kids: this car doesn’t move until everyone’s latched in!

I did like how you could leap in from any side, and Sully and Sam would duck out of your way if you were climbing over them. Nice touch.


They do get the little things right.

Too bad I’ll never, ever see them again as it’s too damn hot to do anything.

That and this summer thing. My kids are playing rocket league right now. That’s something……

And I’ll never get to blog anyway as Mrs. McP has completely hijacked my phone for Pokemon. She went out for her walk yesterday and had to take MY phone because she had to hatch an egg. You may be saying, after that sentence, something along the lines of “The fuck?” and that would be a good thing to say.

To refresh your memory, sometimes you get eggs out there in the world. The way you hatch these eggs is that you put them, one at a time, into the incubator. Once in the incubator, you need to walk a certain distance before the thing hatches, thus encouraging the youth of the world to get off their asses and walk around. Which is fine, so long as the fucking game is on THEIR phones. The youth of the world know how to install fucking games, and Mrs. McP does not, so she won’t put it on HER phone. So she takes MY phone on her walks, cuz you have to walk a pretty good ways. The one she’s on now is a 5 kilometer egg. She has 10 more eggs…..

And she stopped like ten times to do pokestops! The curse of living in a town with a lot of history. And I said “You could have just ignored them,” and then realized I was talking to someone who is REALLY compulsive. She just looked at me like I was crazy…..

This from a woman who has said, more times than one could ever count, “I just don’t see why you like video games. I’d never play a video game. Video games are so silly.”


Yeah, that’s clever. Get people walking around! Carrying other peoples’ phones!

This thing is more trouble for you than you realized, and you’re not even the one playing it. Will it pay off in the end by allowing you time to play your own games, or will the hassle of never having access to your own phone outweigh the benefit?

Stay tuned!


So far it’s just weird. I just turned on my phone to write this and a damn venonat appeared.

Also, here’s a lesson: Don’t give them the fucking phone until AFTER Baby McP is asleep, and not, as he is currently, screaming, because then your time alone is NOT being spent playing Uncharted, but being spent trying to calm a screaming kid every ten minutes.