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Spoiler on the possible sex of an equine, some discussion of things you can do in Witcher 3. Also, games do not really become life. Sorry for the misleading headline.


I got nothing. Parents are off to California for a business/pleasure trip this weekend, so they came over to see “the little angels” before they left, then I had to make dinner. Tonight I’ll get on shit.

Though hey, maybe next summer or so, when Grigio is big enough to hork off on someone for a weekend…..

Remember that time, like, 4000 years ago when we went on a trip? That was fun. I enjoyed that. Well, seems the parents, accepting that a) my dad isn’t EVER retiring, and b) my brother is staying in NYC, are buying a condo on 56th street this week. Two bedrooms, 15 minute walk from Times Square, “of COURSE you can come and crash whenever.”

That might be fun, if we could ditch the kids. Someday. You ever even been to NYC?

But on games, I got nothing. Soon. That puzzle is MINE.

How the HELL did you finish the game so quickly?


I do remember that time 4000 years ago! Man, that was such a blast. I loved that trip. NYC isn’t quite as exciting as Europe, but would still be a blast. I’ve only been once or twice, mostly just passing through: my main New York tourist thing was having a drink at the Stonewall Inn once.

We should totally do it! I am in. Some day. When we can abandon the kids. I’m sure Mr. O’s parents would be happy to watch them sometime, once the baby’s old enough to abandon.

I finished quickly because Grigio takes long naps and I live in a small apartment with low standards for tidiness, so I could regularly blow off any pretense at housekeeping and just play for a couple of hours a day.

I’m back to work now, so that glorious time is over, but I get in a bit of witchering before bed a lot of days.

Recently, for example, I renovated my estate, got a nice new stable for Roach–and hey, did you know Roach is female? At least I swear Geralt says “she deserves a nice stable.” For no particular reason (and with no particular significance, since it’s not as if it really matters), I always sort of assumed the horse was male. Internalized sexism! I hang my head in shame.

Ooh–and since we recently mentioned both gender/enemies and Feminist Frequency, here’s an episode talking about female combatants.

She says basically everything we’ve said before about how it’s fine to have women enemies as long as you’re not killing them specifically because they’re women (because we’re brilliant), but strangely doesn’t mention Bethesda. Instead, she uses BioShock Infinite and Assassin’s Creed Unity as examples of how it’s possible to include female enemies that need to be fought, without making a big deal out of their gender. I don’t even remember that from Infinite (so, success in the not making a big deal department!), and haven’t played Unity, but hey, good on both of them for their equal-opportunity faceless enemies.


Dammit she’s stealing our thunder!!!

Ah well. We have the Bethesda angle. There’s our hook.

And damn you and your low standards!

Oh well, then I guess you won’t have time to blog. Ha.

Welcome back to work. How’d Grigio take it?

I didn’t know that about Roach. Geralt likes riding females. BOOOOM!

We’re abandoning all three kids for the first time ever in a couple weeks.  Taking a night in a hotel in Cambridge without the children for our anniversary (sadly, we are past the video game anniversary).  Hopefully, this goes well, and my parents will be willing to do it again at some point.  I have this fear that it’ll be such a clusterfuck that I won’t have a day without them again until they go off the college.


BOOOOOOM! Well played terrible line.

Good luck with the child-free weekend! I hope it goes great and that all the kids are charming and well-behaved and your parents return them with “that was so much fun, we should do it again next week!”

Mr. O’ said Grigio was fine with me gone–had a bit of a slow start with the bottle, but once he figured it out, no issues. That’s a relief. I bought three different types of bottle, and fortunately one of them worked for him fairly quickly. Speaking of gender etc., our limited maternity leave policies in this country kind of suck (I wouldn’t have minded staying home another few months!), but on the other hand, it’s sort of easier to leave them with someone else when they’re small and don’t really care who’s got them, as long as they have food. Once they get to the clingy stage where they actually mind if you leave, it’s probably even harder.


Admit it. You laughed. You did.

Was pretty terrible. Almost didn’t type it. But fuck. Why not?

Dude I NEED some kid free time. We’re going for nice dinner with live music in Harvard square, night in the hotel, big breakfast date. Can’t wait.

Baby McP is so in the clingy stage. Haven’t used the commode in peace in two weeks.


Enjoy! And happy anniversary! Ah I remember that day…vaguely…wasn’t it during the Napoleonic wars, and there was a dog?


That’s the one. It also had clunky stealth mechanics. And a very obvious sprint button that you managed to miss.