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Minor story spoilers for Uncharted 4


Ok, so did the puzzle, took FOREVER to find the statue of Avery which was right in front of me (drove around and around the island….stupid). I even started heading towards the island from the start of the game, cuz I said “Ah HA! the island from the start of the game! Maybe I should go THERE!” but no, not yet, find the obvious statute first. But I eventually found it. The got the montage of the beginning of the game, was very grateful I didn’t have to REDO that bit (UC2 made you redo the flashback), and then did some but not a lot of the requisite “now you’re wimpy” bit of the game.

I do like the mechanics of the now you’re wimpy bits. I mean, getting the reach JUST right is much harder in this bit. There’s nothing really OBVIOUS on the screen in terms of making you wimpy (except no gun) such as blurry drugged out shit, or you’re just in a towel, or you’re a teenage girl, but it PLAYS different, and that’s neat.

I also like the red herrings. It’s hard to find where you’re supposed to go. I got lost once, because there was a place to put the hook, so of COURSE go that way, but no, and I was confused, just like Drake. And there was a bit where it was hard to find the path up, and when I did, there I was trying to get there and Drake fell, (like he was supposed to). The player was NEVER going to get up there. But the player did not know that, now did he? Neat.


Yes! I also enjoyed the subtlety of this wimpening. You can still do stuff you’re used to doing, it’s just harder. Slower. More wrong turns. Compared to what we’re used to, he’s obviously not in top form, but he’s basically OK. No reason to panic, which, since we never do anyway because we know he’ll survive even if he’s in a snowstorm with a bullet wound, fits the mood.

“Just gotta get through this…carefully…”

So while you were on the boat, did you happen to swim around in the water and shout something?


Of course! Made me miss Chloe. Sigh.

Everyone loves Marco Polo.

Wimpening needs to be a word.

And, well, the panic isn’t for Nathan, really. Yes, we’ve been shot in snowstorms. But the panic is for Sam. I mean, he says over and over “hang in there Sam, I’m coming” etc. So you’re hurt, you’re wimpy, and you’re worried not because you’re in danger (because reloads and all that) but because SAM’S in danger. I stopped at the little cutscene where he sees the boats who are going AWAY from him and towards Sam. Which is a twist in itself. Usually, games heighten tension by having the baddies get ever closer. Here, they’re getting farther away, more out of reach, more of a threat to the people he loves, and less of a thing he can do anything about. And here’s him, again, impotently limping towards not saving his loved ones.


Chloe? It made me miss that pirate guy, our archnemesis who we’d never seen before, and his cruise ship. Man, that was a good totally random level.

It’s true, the anxiety is about Sam here, and your struggle to get to him before the bad guys do (which is a different motivation, although not unlike the motivation we’ve had before to reach some priceless archaeological treasure before the bad guys do–certainly this is far more personal).

But it really is a nice reminder that in this case he doesn’t really give a damn about the treasure. His focus is on his brother, trying to save the one person who’s not totally mad at him right now. Another way that he’s growing up, perhaps. An obsession with fancy, useless treasure that he’s never going to get to keep anyway is kind of immature (Rafe and his hunt for this treasure are certainly not presented in a flattering light, even though objectively he’s not that much different from Nathan in previous treasure hunts, other than having more money to start with). The more mature thing to care about, maybe, is family. “Family is what really matters!” is another classic story.


He was a hottie, it’s true.

And remember our bloggage about how Raef and Nadine are replacing the retiring Drake and Sully.

Indeed, Nathan does say, in the wimpy level, “Sam…you’re all I have left.” He IS valuable. And he’s really only getting the treasure to save Sam. And make 100 million bucks.