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Some spoilers for Uncharted 4


So I played. Got some stuff done, but nowhere near as much as I should have cuz I had a bad case of the stupids. I started at the “finding the crest after the why don’t we go home” cutscene and ended halfway through the first big fight. So I did the whole “Find the place, explore the commercial district, talk to Sam a lot” bit, and half a fight.

I was so stupid, I had to restart checkpoints because I got lost THREE TIMES and TWICE for the SAME bit! And it took me forever to find the statue of Avery, because I kept trying to find passages, and ways over the houses, and didn’t think what I should’ve which was “Maybe I can just walk over there and around the house.” Took me more than forever to find the ladder to get out of that hideout THAT SAM WAS STARTING AT.

So I should’ve done more. But it’s already been a stressful week.

But at least we got all that Sam talking!

So here’s a thing: that conversation where you’re sitting “drinking” and there’s dialog choices. This was optional, so I’m assuming here, you did it. All of those “What if we made different choices?” things.

Found this interesting for a couple reasons.

One, it’s Sam, who we’ve held out as the older, mature one, who’s saying that things just are how they are, and we don’t really have choices. That said, his “destiny” is finding a pirate hangout that seems less and less likely to exist all the time. Which brings us to….

Two: We’ve talked on maturity and growing and all that as a theme, but a tangent to that is that what you grow into, what you aspire to, is never, EVER going to be perfect. As we delve more and more into Libertalia, we see, more and more, that Avery’s vision didn’t….exactly….happen. There’s still laws. There’s still jails. There’s still all the bullshit he was trying to avoid. And I just scratched the surface! There’s probably far more flaws.

And, for all his immaturity, Nate’s the one that’s grasped this about life. He is starting to realize that being with Elena and diving for copper might not be living on his own island with 400 million dollars and excitement (and Chloe…..couldn’t resist), but it’s pretty damn good, and pretty damn good is all you can really hope for in this life. SAM, on the other hand, for all his maturity, has not grasped this. He STILL wants it all. Sure, he wants Alcazar off his back, but he ALSO wants his island and his 200 million and all that. He still has this wide eyed “I can have it ALL” thing which, of course, you can’t, and usually means, in these stories, something bad happens to you. Indeed, I’m guessing something happened to wild eyed “We can have it all” Avery. Cuz metaphor. We’ll talk. Later.

Ah me. Still able to write like this when I played with the stupids.


Well done you! The stupids can’t hold you back.

I didn’t play at all last night, but I did hit up 21 pokestops on the way to work this morning…there were a few more, but my phone gets the stupids and crashes every now and then trying to process all that info.

Then I caught a jynx and a bunch of pidgeys. The campus is swarming with pidgeys. Oh–and two gyms close by, both (at the moment) blue. I picked the right team! Not that I’m going to HELP that team or anything.

So based on your extra week of experience and access to a child, what’s the deal with pokemon sometimes popping back out of the pokeball? Is there anything you can do to prevent that, or is it basically just a die roll? I assume it’s related to the creature’s CP? And whether the little target circle is green or yellow or orange must indicate the difficulty of holding it?

I caught an ivysaur SIX times and it kept getting loose, so I finally gave up. But other times I’ve successfully kept something the second time after it got loose the first time–I just don’t know if I did anything different without realizing it, or if it was luck.

Anyway, enough about pokemon. Let’s discuss your smart thoughts.

I was really rooting for Avery’s pirate paradise, and I thought the village you find first was a cool environment (though, as you found, rather easy to get lost in), but yeah…it doesn’t seem to have worked out the way it was initially planned.

I mean, there’s definitely a pro-pirate argument to be made: in those days, established nations were frequently tyrannical, men were kidnapped and forced into service at sea, the poor had pretty much no legal recourse anywhere…(some) pirates ships were reportedly much more democratic, and hey, founding a small nation free of the laws of various hostile potentates, where lowly birth is no barrier to achievement…that sounds pretty great!

Obviously, humans being humans, they’re going to screw it up. We’ll talk later.

Did you see the stables? Horses still there? A bit creepy, I thought.

I liked the conversation with Sam, and found this a reasonably effective use of optional dialogue…obviously it’s irrelevant to the overall game whether you choose to have the conversation or not, but it gave impatient players the option to just skip the whole thing, and more character-oriented ones that chance to get to know Sam and Nathan a little better. Sam definitely seems pretty interested in that treasure, and Nathan is way more focused on the “let’s just get this done” aspect (although both of them clearly think it’s super cool that they’ve found Libertalia…which it is, I’d think so too).


Oh but they did hold me back! Imagine if I didn’t have the stupids?

Dude….. dude….I’m not sure if you’re kidding….and that scares me a bit…..21? Dude?

Pidgeys are everywhere. But they evolve into things that are pretty badassed. I know this as I processed oh so many pidgeys….

I think the color of the circle indicates the difficulty of catching it in the first place. Some can dodge or thwack away the balls.

As for the getting loose, got me. Must be a die roll. I’ve taken to just tapping it like mad and occasionally yelling “DIE” at it, but I’m not sure that helps. Worth a try, though.

We’ll pool data.

I’ve had them run BEFORE I caught them. No fair.

But yes, please, let’s discuss other things. Because I’m starting to feel very, very guilty that I told you about this.

So: I’m smelling a tragic ending here.

I did see the stables. Ominous. Though what I did not get were these things, a couple bottles, a lock, etc., that you could pick up and rotate and examine that didn’t seem to matter past “Yup, that’s a bottle.” Did I miss something?

And they do think it’s cool to have found Libertalia, but there was something odd there: when they find it, Sam says “Libertalia, discovered by Sam Drake,” and Nate’s all pissy that he wasn’t included in the “credit.” And he seems to care about the credit, as does Sam. This is interesting. We haven’t seen, in lo these many games, Nate doing it for anything other than the money. You never got the sense that he wanted to be on the cover of Time with the headline “Dude finds El Dorado!” He ISN’T Indiana Jones, PhD, in that regard. And yet, here they are, not arguing about who’s going to be richer, but feeling some sort of validation, which we’ve never seen Nate wanting before.

As for the optional conversation, do you buy that Sam is all “No, I’m happy with the hand I’m dealt,” or is it the self delusion of someone who has sacrificed 15 years and God knows what else not wanting to admit that he has fucked up his life?


Why would I kid about a matter of such import?! Not even joking, 21. And I went MAYBE 30 feet out of my way from my normal commute. Dude, I work in Boston’s historic South End (to use the tourism-promotion terminology). There are pokestops every 50 feet. You know how your avatar will wander back and forth even when you’re not actually out walking? There are two pokestops so close to my office that I occasionally wander within range while sitting at my desk.

And SO MANY pidgeys and rattatas (which always makes me think “rat frittata!”) popping up all the time.

I had to shut it off, or I wouldn’t get any work done at all. You SHOULD feel guilty if this winds up getting me fired. Although to be fair I was the one who first brought it up…but you were the first to load it. Why didn’t you tell me it was incredibly boring? You should have said “there’s nothing at all to collect, all you do is try to drive a car and play gwent.” I would never have given it a second look.

As for OTHER games…did you think Nathan was serious about being peeved that Sam didn’t give him credit with that line? I read that bit as them teasing each other: that Sam intentionally didn’t mention Nathan, and Nathan played along by pretending to care. I never really got the sense that either one of them actually expected to be, or really cared about being, famous for this discovery: Sam cares more about the treasure, and Nathan, as you pointed out, has never appeared to care about being recognized for any of his momentous discoveries (probably because he realizes he’d be castigated for destroying them, as much as lauded for finding them).

I figured this was brotherly harassment, and another way that they’re trying to recapture the sense of their old relationship…falling into old habits to try to get past the fact that they haven’t seen each other for the 15 years during which Nathan thought Sam was dead.

As for Sam’s possible self-delusion, I thought it was maybe a mixture: that he wouldn’t necessarily choose to spend 15 years in prison if he had it to do over again, but that he’s worked at making peace with it, and more or less succeeded in accepting it. Although he does seem to maybe feel owed something for his trouble, which is perhaps part of why he wants this treasure so much.

“I’m basically OK with what happened, but I better get some mad loot now!”


Ok….starting to worry….starting…to…worry….about Pokemon obsession…

I also seem to have a lot of Caterpies and we….something.

And I DID tell you it was incredibly boring. Batshit, too. Indeed, I referred to it as the most batshit thing in the history of batshit things, and we were ok with that. I told you the only good it brought was getting me time to play MY games. The games that used to be OUR games. **sniffle**

Speaking of, Hmm. I read Nathan’s objection as at least HALF serious. Maybe he doesn’t care about recognition from the masses, but he DOES care about recognition from SAM.

“See, brother? I helped. After all this time, I helped…….right?”

Or it was a plea for some sort of redemption.

Oh Sam no doubt feels owed! He feels like this is his whole life, and, let’s face it, it is. Indeed, I sometimes get the sense that Nathan, when Sam gets so single minded, has this “But what about me?” thing going on.

And one can argue about which one is more selfish if that’s the dynamic.


Weedles? I have a ton of weedles.

They’re still our games! No need to fret until you hear that I’ve chosen Pokemon Go over the witcher. I have yet to do that. Right now I’ve only chosen it over work. Or reading a book. The blog doesn’t care if I don’t read a book.

I didn’t play last night because the baby wouldn’t sleep, not because I preferred to hunt pokemon. Although I CAN hunt pokemon with a sleepless baby, where I can’t witcher…but that’s still no net witchering loss! I promise.

So far.

We can definitely argue about who’s more selfish and who deserves to be more selfish…I mean, does Sam not have a point that after 15 years being imprisoned without a trial, it’s only fair something nice happens to him for a change? (Not that life is, or ever has been, fair.)

I don’t know that Nathan is entirely on board with that, though: he’s more doing it to save Sam’s life, than because he wants nice things. Is it selfish of him not to care that Sam doesn’t get a pile of loot, when he (Nate) already has a nice life and a loving wife? Or is more selfish of Sam to drag Nathan away from his nice life/wife to pursue this scheme (where he certainly seems likely to be planning to keep some loot for himself, even if he is supposed to hand it all over to Alcazar).

And yeah, Nathan’s sense of guilt must be a powerful driver for him. “I may have (unwittingly) left you to rot in prison for 15 years, but I’m here for you NOW!”


I kid, I kid. I know you still care about games. And books? What are books? I hate to tell you, but I haven’t read a book in a long time. Probably since….well…how old is Baby McP?

And yeah, Sam kind of has a point…..but remember….Sam dragged Nate back into this. Sam deserves nice things. He does. But does he deserve to fuck Nathan’s marriage up to get them?

Certainly, this game encourages us to think about selfishness. I mean, we’ve talked in prior games about the fact that Nathan is basically stealing and destroying. This is the rare game that confronts that. Is this ok? Is this selfish? There’s no heroism here.

Nathan does feel guilty, and Sam is kind of rubbing that in. Shit, he used it to get Nathan’s help in the first place!


I’ve read 111 books so far this year. But then, I have the T. There’s nothing to do on the T but read. Or converse with ones fellow passengers…but I repeat myself.

I haven’t really seen any movies or TV shows, though. You’ve got sports to distract you: I read books.

It’s an interesting guilt that Nathan feels, because I both totally understand it (I would feel TERRIBLE if I left a sibling in prison for 15 years) and really unnecessary (he says that he did try to find out what happened, but was told Sam was dead…he legitimately had no reason to think he was alive).

So Sam is exploiting the “feel guilty” aspect to get Nathan to do what he wants, when he could also promote the “you totally weren’t to blame” aspect (which he for the most part appears to actually feel: I don’t get the sense that he actively resents Nathan’s years of freedom while he languished) if he weren’t out to get something.


111????? 111?????? DAMN man. DAMN! Jealous.

I don’t do movies or TV shows, either! Unless you count PBS Kids and the Science channel. And cartoon movies.

It’s unclear, at least at this point, WHAT Sam feels. Much confusion. He certainly occasionally gets that half crazed look about him….


It’s true, we don’t really know what Sam is thinking/planning at this point. Beyond “get me some loot.”

Although really, that pretty much covers MY day-to-day goals, so maybe we’re asking too much to expect more of him.


Well, he should’ve just become a librarian. Much safer. Until you wander into the street trying to catch a matzobillie.


A WHAT?! I don’t have one of those! Where did you find it??? I need one right now!!!!!

Just kidding. There are so many unknown, grayed-out creatures on my list, I can’t afford to get worked up about them. Now when it gets to where I’m only missing two or three, then you should warn me about wandering into traffic.


Dude, anything with matzo in it is made up.


I suspected as much…but with the game that brings us fearows and zubats, I assume nothing.


True. Where DO they get the names?


I’m guessing drunken ramblings while messing around with a random assortment of Scrabble tiles.


Or just, you know, Japan.


You’re right, that requires no further explanation.