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Major plot spoilers for Uncharted 4. 


Well, this post should have “MAJOR SPOILERS” up top.

Cuz I got to THAT.

Sam, you so silly. I had a feeling that he wasn’t right, but working with Raef? Damn, man. Gotta say, didn’t see that coming. Rare that a game will say “Hey yeah! That whole chapter that you played? That didn’t happen.” It made you take part in the lie. Raef even SAYS “There was no breakout.” And I felt Nate’s incredulous confusion and anger. Well, well done.

That said….got two beefs with last night’s session, and, what do you know? They both involve women.

1) Nadine. Oh, Nadine, what do I think about Nadine? We just had the post about the “fight” with Nadine in Italy not being much of one, as it had a pre-ordained outcome. And now…..here we go AGAIN. Right? This Nadine fight was the same thing. Even after ALL this badassery, we STILL get a fixed fight against the woman. STILL!!! And I fear we’re setting up a pooch about fighting her at the end. There was that whole “Change sides, Nadine” and her waffling, sorta. I wouldn’t be surprised if, at the last moment, she turns on Raef, saves us, whatever, and either lives happily ever after or Raef kills her or someone OTHER than the player kills her. Not that I WANT to kill Nadine, but they STILL seem to be protecting the woman bad guy.

2) Elena showing up there when you fall and are knocked out. Now, Elena, she of the convenient conveniences is convenient. I’m not surprised she showed up, but I think that would have been a more effective moment had we gone RIGHT to the flashback (which is where I quit) instead of SEEING her there, knowing that’s how Nate gets out of this, before the flashback.

Come on, game. You’re doing so much right. Now get the women right.


Right? The whole breakout was a lie! We PLAYED that, we were THERE, we BELIEVED, and it was a lie!

I thought that was a nice touch. I mean, like you I was suspicious of Sam, and I was starting to doubt that this Alcazar was really threatening his life that much (he seems a little too personally interested in the loot, more like someone who wants it for himself than like someone who wants it to save his ass), but I didn’t really doubt the breakout story itself, and I think that’s largely because we were invested in that story by playing it.

“Well, obviously that part is true, I was there!”

The cutscenes where Alcazar threatens him, I dunno, that could be made up, but I was in the action for that escape! It must be true!

Making us part of the lie was very interesting.

And yeah, Nadine still can’t be fought, and Elena pops up right then in the nick of time…I dunno, I compare Nadine to Talbot here. We spent half of 3 chasing Talbot around and never catching him.

Implausible though it was, I was happy to see Elena.


Really, really interesting. Cuz I was like you. I was looking for flaws in the narrative around the edges, not, like, right down the middle of the plate there. It was a hell of a fake out.

And it played on another thing: you know how, about midway through 3 or so, we kept saying “don’t pull on the strings?” Well, if we HAD pulled the strings, we might have figured out it was bull. I mean, had a major drug lord used an army to break out of a prison, it might have been on the news. Drake would have thought “Hey…..that prison looks oddly familiar…..” But no. We decided in this game to go with it. To just accept. And THIS was the game where shit was a lie!

As for Nadine…Yeah, but a) we CHASED Talbot, we didn’t fight him and b) Nadine is a woman, so that “protect the woman” thing didn’t apply to Talbot.

Oh, me too. Good to see Elena. I mean, I would have preferred Chloe….

Though my point was I think that Elena showing up at that part of the thing would have been fine, had they shown her showing up AFTER the flashback. Well, let me PLAY the flashback and I’ll get back to you. But there is something to be said for seeing the hero lying there all half dead, and letting the player wonder for a while how exactly the fuck he is going to make it. Now I know, so….


I see what you mean about the lack of suspense that comes from Elena showing up before the flashback. On the other hand, after the flashback there’s the implication that Drake has told Elena some of the stuff that we, too, learned during it, so maybe they felt that was more important to the narrative than the suspense was.

Also, there’s something a bit fitting about it…as if the game is telling Drake, no, you don’t have to wonder what happened: I came and saved you, dummy, like I do. Kind of a vote for the solidity of their relationship. Even when she’s justifiably angry, even when he’s lied to her, she shows up, and you don’t even have to wonder if she will, because she doesn’t make you wait out the flashback to find out: she’s just there.

There are layers and layers. Of us reading into things.


Ah. I should’ve played the flashback. Maybe tonight.

By the way, am I getting close to the end? At all?

True: Elena is there, reliably. It also is a counter balance to Nadine. We just fought a woman, had to TEAM UP to beat her, almost died doing so. Now, here’s a woman who has fought through all the shit we have, found all the shit we have, etc., and is saving us after ANOTHER woman kicked our ass.


You are actually getting toward the end. A bit. Maybe…20% left? Man, I miss the percentage counter. I don’t know why they got rid of that.


I don’t either. I gotta plan, here. Only a couple weeks left before vacation….


May the game gods smile upon you!

Not so much on me…my phone just made me install a Pokemon update (which it somehow ignored for days), and now the game doesn’t work anymore. Good update, guys! I should really be playing more Witcher anyway.


It’s for the best. You’ll thank them later. When you continue to be employed.


Probably. I’ll get out while I still can. Before Professor Willow reveals the terrible secret that would entrap my soul forever.