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Some spoilers for near the end of Uncharted 4, vague mention of the end of Uncharted 1, mention of the beginning of The Last of Us


Again, the stupids are conspiring to make it so I never finish.

Last night I played from where you wake up with Elena to the point where you find a puzzle that seems to involve pulling levers with the winch. Which I didn’t start, cuz I’m stupid.

Last night featured, in no particular order:

1) Having to restart a checkpoint TWICE because I got the jeep stuck between pillars like a teenager trying to learn to parallel park.

2) Trying to climb a dead tree for ten minutes (TEN MINUTES) because I flat out, 100% forgot I had a piton.

3) Having the game actually kill me for being stupid. Seriously. It was when I was driving up the river, chatting, and I got to a bridge that was busted, and Nate’s all “Let’s see if there’s another way up,” and I thought “Ok, I’ll get out and look around,” and I jumped down, which wasn’t far AT ALL and died. And I could hear the game saying “Oh sweet surfing California Jesus. Look, moron, I could let you run around for ANOTHER ten minutes before I give you a hint, or I could just kill you, put your dumb ass back in that jeep, and let you figure out NOT to get out of the jeep THAT way.”

And frankly, I was kind of grateful to save that ten minutes.

And now, analysis. I don’t know if this has just been a bad week, cuz my neck hurts, cuz I’m moping about turning 40 in 18 days or what, but I’m gonna be down on something this game is doing again.

Elena. I’m annoyed here, not because she isn’t a great character, but because she is.

There was a bit last night where Nate’s hanging and swinging and baddies appear. Elena comes out and kills the FUCK out of one of them, and Nate’s all “Heh…nice moves…hon…” and that’s that. I mean….we’ve built up Sam as a character, his motivations, where he got his skills, and he’s been in ONE game. We’ve been with Elena all this time. She’s awesome. And the only motivation we have is “husband.” NO IDEA where she got this badass. And I want to know. Badly.

And we’ve seen glimpses. We’ve seen the game flirt with giving us something on her. The last scene of 2 was great. There was that great cutscene in 3 where Nate is resting on her lap, saying sorry, and the scene ends on Elena’s face. There was her caring about Jim the doomed cameraman. Why did she leave Nate then come back? Shit, why did SHE become someone who wants to risk HER life to find El Dorado? There’s SO MUCH THERE and we never get to see any of it.

And, as I’m in the last act of the last game, I doubt I’m going to, and that’s a shame. And another case of a games that get lauded for how it portrays women dropping the damn ball. Cuz really: “cuz he’s my husband” is not particularly progressive.

I have a glimmer of hope, here. A small, internet speculation glimmer.

Naughty Dog has said this is the last Uncharted game that “Features Nathan Drake as the hero,” which is an odd way to phrase it, yet, that’s what we always get. Not “This is it,” but “This is it for playing as Nathan.”

I’d play a game as Elena.


Boo! Down with stupid!

I agree, I would have liked more Elena. What we get of her is good, she’s a self-reliant badass in four different games, but as you say, we know more about Sam in this one game than we know about Elena ever.

I would totally play as Elena, although I’m not sure that’s what they’re hinting at…we’ll talk later.

I remember that damn dead tree. I too had forgotten I had a piton, although only for about three minutes because I don’t have as many kids as you.


Which is silly, that we know so little about Elena. And, frankly, another chink in the armor that is “These games are so well written!” I mean, it’s all fine and good if the “woman who’s there to be the woman” is more interesting than just tits and ass, but if she’s STILL just the “woman who’s there to be the woman” then so what? If anything, it’s worse. I mean, if you’re going to have tropes, own them. Don’t do JUST enough to convince people you aren’t. That’s a lazy way to get to “good writing.”

Ah….there’s more…..

Let me guess: It ends with you releasing the fungus and starting the clicker thing, and Sam changes his name to Joel.

I shouldn’t joke. That’s the sort of thing they’d do.

But here’s me, all “I hate the prompt from the rope! Silly prompt! I don’t need no stinking prompt!” and I really could’ve used a prompt last night.

They’ve spoiled me! It’s their fault I need prompts!


That is SO the sort of thing they’d do. They didn’t, but they could. And really, where better to find an apocalyptic fungus than in some long lost city you shouldn’t have been poking around in to begin with?

I dunno, though, the juxtaposition of Uncharted’s basically lighthearted mood and TLOU’s crippling grimness might be too much even for them.

What a message, though…it’s all fun and games until somebody unleashes a civilization-ending fungus. For shame, all of us, thinking this was just good murderous fun!

They didn’t do that, though. Spoiler.


Oh, good. Cuz they COULD do the call back to one, you know. Right? Wasn’t El Dorado in South America? Cuz in TLOU, the outbreak starts in South America. Really. Just saying.

Please don’t, ND. Don’t.

I mean, that pretty much WAS the end of Uncharted 1. Zombies and shit. We even thought they reminded us of clickers.

That’s why I don’t put it by them. That, and it would be preciously self aware.

But doors were left open at the end of this, eh?

Not surprised.


Oh, they could do it, for sure. Maybe they will next time, using the door they left wide open at the end of this one. (A pretty good door, though…I would play it. Even if it does result in the end of civilization.)