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No real spoilers


With this heat, is it surprising I have nothing?


And here I actually played some Witcher last night! Checked out some question marks, killed some bandits (grrr, bandits, preying on the weak!), read some tragic notes.

Remember how there are some recipes that we cold never make because we didn’t kill certain people, like Wham-a-Wham the troll, or the succubus, so we were missing key ingredients?

Well, I needed a cave troll liver, and now, at last, I finally met a cave troll who attacked me and gave me the justification I needed to acquire her liver! (Yes, it was a female cave troll…there was a tragic note involved.) So yay, I could finally make my Superior Draconid Oil or whatever! Alchemy forever!!!!

The alchemy part was far more exciting than the actual oil, given that I can’t remember exactly what oil it was. Although come to think of it, it wasn’t for draconids, because that one requires a cocktrice stomach, which I also don’t have. Now if I can only find some angry succubi and cockatrices to fight…

I went back to Novigrad, partly for old time’s sake but mostly to visit an herbalist and buy some mistletoe for that concoction of whatever it was. Good times. So many memories. Sold a few cheap weapons to that elven smith we helped out that time…

So, yeah, that was my exciting evening.


Is there a story there? Or just alchemy? Because if Pokemon go is more blog fodder than a witcher game we’re doomed.

Watching Baby McP van sleep in Bedford. Blue team OWNS Bedford.


Oh, there’s definitely a story, but I don’t want to get into it too much for fear of spoiling in case you want to play it.

Which does somewhat diminish the cleverness of things I can say about it.

But no, there’s a story. In brief, I was summoned to Toussaint to solve a series of grisly murders, and it turned out the murderer was an old friend of an old friend of mine, and my old friend is sure his old friend must have had a good reason, and there are hints of corruption behind the idyllic facade of the Toussaint court, and I’m trying to find out what the old friend’s old friend was thinking, etc., etc. Quite a lot going on, really. But I’ll say no more.


I figured as much. I was adding dramatic blog tension. Or something. It’s hot. Cut me some slack.

But then, I’m never finishing Uncharted 4, right? Ever? I HAVE to be getting close, right? I HAVE TO BE!


You’re close! You’re really close! A few hours away! But I know time is short with that horrible vacation looming.

Make sure to play Pokemon Go on vacation, so you can at least chime in with an observation or two.


I feel close! I was expecting Avery’s mansion to be the endgame, really. This mummy thing wasn’t expected.

I’d’ve played last night had the weather not been awful. Ditto tonight. I’m trying, man! I haven’t even watched baseball.

Though I am hiding in the ACed bedroom right now, as Baby McP watches Ninjago.


Ah, Ninjago. O’Jr. got really into that for a while. I prefer some of the other Lego shows myself (Lego Batman is kind of awesome), but as long as it keeps the kid out of trouble…

You’re near the endgame. Deal with some exploding mummies, chase down the Shoreline people, final confrontations ahoy.


Oh grand. I figured such. There’s hope.

But not tonight. It’s really hot.