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Spoiler for a plot point near the end of Uncharted 4


Played! Imagine that.


That scene where they’re trapped…then solve it together….then that bit after…..

That was pretty good.

I mean, exciting. Metaphorical, and very meta in terms of blurred lines. I mean, I thought Elena was dead. I did. Indeed, I noticed she wasn’t moving before Drake did. I was there thinking “oh man….she didn’t make it. That’s so sad.” And so I felt drakes fear and relief with him. But see, I bit because, in a game sense, and a narrative one, that would have been a good place to kill her off if they were going to do that. Nearing the end, etc. So Drake had reasons to think her dead, and so did I.

Blurred player/character lines.

And then fought and died and died and died cuz hot and tired. And thought it was over cuz I found Sam, and then Elena said RPG and I said hell no and stopped.


Yeah! And also blurring the lines because it turns out it’s not just the game making us think she might be dead, it’s Elena making Drake think she might be dead…which is a pretty awful trick to pull, but he does kind of deserve it, and maybe it’s a way for her to remind him how much he cares about her and what a doofus he was being leaving her out of important things.

There’s a bit of RPGing, to be sure, but you ARE closing in on the end. More or less.

At least it’s not as hot today!