Vague discussion of a No Man’s Sky plot neither of us knows anything about


Plans. Why do I make plans? I shouldn’t make plans.

I really, really, really, really hope that this series of fights is the endgame, because, if it isn’t, I’m never going to finish this game. Ever. I’m already worried that I’ve played so little over the past week that I suck. You get out of a groove, you know? And here’s me doing that at the hard part in the endgame. Stupid me.

I COULD turn down the difficulty, I suppose, but I haven’t yet. I’m THIS close to the shiny, shiny “You didn’t turn down the difficulty!” trophies. But one must do what one must.

This is the endgame, right? Please? Pretty please?


Well…first you’ve got to…and then…yeah…who are you fighting right now?

You’re close. Pretty close. You’ve got these nameless-dude fights you’re kind of in the middle of, and then you do a bit more climbing and sliding and stuff, and then you’re basically there. At the endgame.

And then there’s the epilogue, but don’t let that worry you.

Also, I think it shows a touching optimism that you still make plans despite all the times they’ve gone to pieces around you. The world has yet to completely crush your spirit! Good for you!


I just found Sam, there’s a dude with an rpg and Sam is all “take cover in the cliffs!” And I’m all “what cliffs I’m dead”.

The stupids man.

Our blog should be “be stupid. Talk later”.

I’ll never finish. Must play.

But did that silly “spend time with loving wife” thing…….


Ah, the loving wife. That’ll get you every time.

I played The Witcher 3 for about 20 minutes one night, before the baby became hungry.

Spouses and children: ruining game time since forever.


Makes you envy the neckbeards and virgins, doesn’t it?


Truly, they are the fortunate among us.

Mr. O’ started No Man’s Sky, that’s something new to discuss. He’s not that wild about it so far. He said it’s cool, but doesn’t seem to have much of a story. He said–and this will utterly damn it in your eyes–that it’s like a really gorgeous, sophisticated Minecraft. He’s only been to three planets so far, so maybe it gets more interesting in a narrative sense. If not, then I probably won’t play it…I mean, exploring thousands of unique worlds is great in theory, it’s very cool technically, but…if I’m exploring just to do it, and not in pursuit of any particular story goal, I think I’d have my fill after about…10?


I just saw on the PS that he was playing that! No, I’m not playing. Kids are playing Minecraft. Camp’s over.

Here’s the thing:

According to the reviews I’ve read, there IS a rather great story/theme/whatever, but it’s hard to find. Something about Atlas something or other, obelisks with scientists, etc. You gotta look, as these places are hard to find. So people CAN go out all minecraft, but those who dig are rewarded. And that’s a theme. Or something.

That said, it did get rather blah reviews. It’s sitting at 70 or so on metacritic.

I dunno. I might relegate it to the “Meh. If they give it to me free someday on PS+…..” pile.


Ah, but there IS a story? Well, given it’s already in my house, I’ll relegate it to the “maybe if I feel like digging and don’t have anything more urgent to play” pile.

Which is a little closer to actually getting played than the “maybe if it’s free on PS+” pile, although still far from a sure thing.


There is, and, if you find it, it’s supposed to be quite thought provoking.

And yet easy to miss. Note I’m saying “miss,” not “avoid.” We’ve talked on people who don’t really want story, and spend, say, 400 hours in Fallout 4 NOT doing the story that is obviously there. This game, it seems, you can really, really WANT the story, and not find it. Apparently, that’s kind of the point.

Which is both interesting, and potentially frustrating, which seems to be the consensus.

It is a little closer to something we play, and you’ve picked up on some of those. But, as I’m WAY behind you, I’m more likely to pick up a witcher expansion or Life is Strange before this one. One has to pick and choose.



I won’t say that the possibility of spending a game-lifetime exploring planets while missing a big story somewhere out there isn’t sort of thematically intriguing, but I will say I might also be kind of annoyed if I played for 100 hours and never found anything but gorgeous Minecraft. Hm. Yes: on the ‘possibly someday’ pile, but not the ‘definitely, ASAP’ pile.


Once again, we remain on the same page.

Well, Mr. O just has to bide his time until Tomb Raider, which I figure he, too, will play.


Oh, I’m sure he will. Probably in about a week, while never sleeping.


Man that guy.