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Some mildly spoilery discussion of character motivations and story points in Uncharted 4


Guess what I did?

Played Uncharted! (Which you would have never guessed.)

Did the RPG guy fight, died eight more times, ran from a truck, died three times, Sam took off, followed Sam, all was well until that slide jump jump jump bit which was FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE but I did it, saw the Raef/Nadine cutscene, stopped.

Very actiony! And I didn’t mind the long shimmy by yourself bit, as that really brought home Nathan’s loneliness……


After everything, after Nate’s “No….they have it right….” bit…. I did NOT buy that Elena would say “go after him.” Maybe Sully would, maybe they’d fight, but for that to come from her? Didn’t fit. Not one bit. I get that he’s been the one that wants to quit, and I get that if they had gone home at that point the ending would have been icky, but THAT wasn’t a great convention to GET Nathan to go it alone. Elena would have said “Fuck it, I hardly know him, he’ll get you killed.” Especially since the “No Sam….they DO get it” scene was SO good and SO believable.

But other than that, and the impossible sliding bit, good bit.

Now also…..

Is the mercenaries turning on Nadine going to pooch out of the “have to kill a woman” thing? It is, isn’t it? Don’t spoil.


I would never have guessed! But good for you! You are very very close now!

Yeah, that slide slide jump bit was weirdly hard. I had to do it about 8 times myself. But we did it! Yay us!

I agree that it seemed a little weird for Elena to just send Nathan on his way at that point. The only thing I could figure is that it’s to let her say “look, I get that you care about your brother, so if I know what the hell is going on I’m actually OK with you risking your life like a nincompoop to try to help him, meaning you are an even bigger doofus than we thought for lying to me in the beginning of this whole escapade” — because at this point, it’s pretty obvious Nathan doesn’t give a damn about the treasure, and is only going after Sam because he’s afraid otherwise Sam will get hurt.

Family! That’s what matters!

Except to Sam, who’s being a the biggest doofus of all, risking all their lives to pursue the treasure. (In his defense, they’re SO CLOSE right now, it would kind of suck to just give up and leave without even trying to get the rest of the way there.)

If you don’t want me to spoil, you’ve got to stop asking these questions! I’ll say nothing.


It feels close, finally.

Good, it wasn’t just me with the sliding. That SUCKED. And there’s nothing worse than reaper moments that aren’t combat, because turning it to easy gets you nothing. Always scary. And that, so far, was the closest I got to reaper stuff.

But even “family!” is a stretch for Elena’s motivation. I can see if she understood their relationship, but DAMN she met the guy once, and that was when she was rather cheesed off. If she was saying “Be a doofus and go after Sully after you lied,” that’s one thing. She GETS that. But Sam? Who the hell is Sam? She came to terms with that way too quickly.

And yeah, Sam is a doofus but…as we’ve said, the dude spent 15 years in prison for this. It’s all fine and good for Nate to go back to his memories and his wife and his house and his life, but Sam? Sam spent 15 years thinking about absolutely nothing but this. It’s all he had all this time. Indeed, when Nate WAS giving that “Hey man….they get it….” speech, there was an undertone of condescension, or at least a tone deaf quality. Sure THEY get it. THEY haven’t been obsessing about it because they have nothing else to give them a reason to wake up. And, in Sam’s defense, he didn’t ask Nate to follow. He DID apologize for getting him into it.


Well, remember, Elena and Sam have shared some exciting life-threatening action moments recently. That makes one feel closer to another person.

Also, maybe they bonded during the walk as they were both going on ahead while Nathan poked around in every corner in a fruitless search for treasures.

“That guy CANNOT stop looking in every single rotting log for a broken pirate mug!”

“I know! You should see him in a prison escape! I’m yelling COME ON MAN and he’s checking down that one dead end just in case there’s a dented can lying there.”

I bet they’re pretty much best friends by now.

And yes, Sam at that point did seem apologetic, and genuine in his “you go on, save yourself, I understand why you want to quit” lines. Which, given how he’s been working the guilt, makes you like him a little more, although perhaps not as much as if he’d just ABANDONED THE TREASURE and gone home.


Good point. Nothing like a dude with an RPG to bring people together (TASTELESS T SHIRT!).

Last night I restarted checkpoints three times because I got so distracted looking for treasures I missed dialog. It’s so nice, though, that if you FIND a treasure and restart a checkpoint, you keep the treasure. So you can go, get it, then restart all “Sorry….my bad….what was that again?”

I still don’t entirely trust Sam. He did lie.

I would have liked it if they had just said “fuck it,” and the credits rolled at that point. Would have been different. We don’t NEED a final confrontation that I will inevitably walk away from for the night six minutes before it ends. We didn’t have a fight at the end of TW2, and that was cool. Tropes are for silly people!

And I don’t like boss fights.

This doesn’t have a really annoying final fight? Like 2 did? Does it?


That would have been kind of awesome.

“You know what? You guys are right. Screw the treasure, let’s just get out of here. The fact that I’m free, we’re together again and can rebuild our relationship after 15 years, be a family, I can get to know your wife…that’s worth more than some possibly mythical pirate gold any day.”

Group hug…and credits.

No, wait, credits over a scene of them all in the plane with Scully, cheerfully flying away from the island. Exchanging witty banter.

Now that’s an ending no one would expect.

The ending we actually get is…well, a KIND OF annoying fight. I found it to be not the most annoying fight ever, but moderately annoying. The story ending is all right, though.

You’re so close…


An unexpected ending! And it would have been great. GREAT I say! More games need to end with group hugs.

Sigh. I hate moderately annoying. C’mon, game! We’ve gotten past the momentum destroying boss fight, haven’t we? We have.

I know I’m close, dude, I know! But I have to stop with six minutes to go. It’s how I do.


Yeah, you probably only want to play for about 10 minutes next time, so you can quit 6 minutes before the final fight.

Come to think of it, depending on exactly when you stopped, you may ALREADY be 6 minutes from the final fight. In which case, carry on! It’s going to be great!

Things we’ve determined more games should have:
fancy dress balls;
heist sequences;
group hug endings.

We’ll add to this list over time!

Heh…I see I accidentally wrote ‘Scully’ instead of ‘Sully’ back there. As if my brain is cross-referencing the X-Files when thinking of annoying endings. But that’s a discussion for another day. On another blog.


It’s a good list.

Sorceresses. BEBHBBs. That sort of thing.

Really? That close? Might I be able to finish, say, tonight AND do Gone Home? Might the pre-vacation plan….succeed?


I’m not going to say yes, because I don’t want to jinx you, but…are you in that big lagoon? Because if you are, you’re pretty much on top of the final fight.

Do keep in mind there’s a longer-than-usual wrap up AFTER the final fight, since it’s the end of the series, but even so…


I am in the lagoon!!!!!

Better rest up.


Rest up. Do your finger-limbering exercises. Get hydrated. Throw the kids in bed. The game is ON.