No spoilers for anything


So the new Deus Ex game came out a few weeks ago, and, like so many of these games, it has gotten good reviews. Every time one of these comes out I think “This sounds like something we’d like. Big world, lots of story, complex plot, etc.” and then I forget about it and never play it. Have you or Mr. O ever tried them? Cuz I haven’t. But maybe I should, I don’t know.


I think he played one of them…’human revolution’? Is that a thing?

Anyway, if it’s what I’m thinking of, he thought it was all right but wasn’t saying “you have to play this, it’s great!” And he generally knows what I would want to play.


That’s the one.

The fact he plays things so fast and is more willing to spend money than we are is really great. He has saved us so much time and money.


Seriously! He’s a huge asset to the blog. Why I married him, really. Just planning ahead. Way, way, way ahead.


Your practicality never ceases to amaze me.