Not necessarily in that order. Minor spoilers for how we think Pokemon Go works.


Ok, I’m back to storm-ravaged home. School starts any minute. Then, maybe, I can get back to these things I’ve heard of called video games that are supposed to be fun.

Though in Pokemon GO news, my boy took over a gym! I have no idea how he did this. But do it he did. Of course, it kicked the crap out of many of his little critters, so he only had a 260 or so to defend it, so he lost it by dinner time, but still. For a while there, he was the man. Congrats, Butch Jr.


Welcome back! I’m glad your house is still standing.

Nice job Butch Jr., Gym Master! Even if it was for just a short time.

I actually took over a gym myself just this morning, because I was walking by and no one had claimed it. So, uh…much less glory involved there. Still, I own it! For this brief, shining moment! (I’m sure I’ll be kicked out within minutes.)

That gym has always been claimed in the past when I’ve gone by, switching colors on a regular basis (rarely yellow, for some reason…you and Jr. need to come check it out), but this morning it was blank. I’m really not sure what the strategic advantage is to leaving a gym unclaimed. Obviously, someone came along and kicked out everyone who was already there, so why not leave one of their own creatures?

I get the possible advantage of leaving a weak example of your own creatures, because then if someone else from your team comes along, they can easily spar with and defeat your creature, thus contributing to the gym’s prestige (I think?) and increasing the likelihood that it will become more powerful (I think? I’m still fuzzy on gyms). And of course the advantage of leaving a strong creature is that it might fend off some attackers and stay there for longer.

But what’s the advantage to leaving no creature? Maybe so someone else will wander by and claim the gym, and then you can go kick them out again right away before the gym gets strong, and get the points for defeating them? Hm. That might do it, if you’re close enough to keep checking back. Maybe they work across the street or something, so it’s worth it to just leave the gym temptingly unclaimed and then head over to kick the butts of anyone who claims it and collect the XP.

I only claimed it for the pokecoins, really…I don’t care if my hypno sticks around there or not. (Although if it did…more pokecoins…but that’s tomorrow, which is not worth planning for in the fast-paced world of gym mastery.)

Anyway…I also played some Witcher over the weekend. Following up on this main story. No romance yet! But there is some nice wine appreciation and detective work. And a little moment that gave me a small on the back for my habit of looting everything, everywhere. I’m into it.


Hey, Butch Jr. actually kicked ASS to earn his gym!

Wait….the fuck are pokecoins? I don’t know from pokecoins. There are coins?

The fact that one thing made you go off for four paragraphs means you are still not at rock bottom. Sigh.

Wait…no romance? NO ROMANCE? Geralt….dude…..DUDE!

That puts it on the back burner. Ha. Though it kinda IS on the back burner from its length, really. I mean, I want to get through Gone Home ASAP, then I figure I’ll make a judgment on the next thing based on what’s free next month (we should know soon). If it’s something good, then that. If not….I dunno if I have the time to bang out a really long Witcher Expansion by October 11th when RotTR comes out, which we’re gonna play. I figure RotTR will be a decent opportunity for us to get back on the same page, however briefly. This expansion seems longer than a month, especially for me. Maybe Life is Strange. I can probably do that in about a month. It’s, like, 20 hours total, right?

Maybe it’ll be free.


Oh, dude, you have to get coins! Coins open up a whole new world of pokewonder!

Hahaha. Not really. But you could theoretically use them to purchase things in the Shop, like incense and what not.

As you’ve no doubt observed, you can buy them with real money (no thanks), or you can earn them by leaving monsters at gyms.

It’s kind of roundabout, and I didn’t know this until I read it online (one step closer to rock bottom: reading online FAQs), but when you station a creature at a gym, you click on Shop and then in the upper right corner there’s a little badge sort of icon that will have a number (for the number of pokemon you have in gyms) and the option to ‘collect now.’ Click it and you get 10 pokecoins. And then if your creature is still in that gym after about a day, you can go back and collect 10 more. Etc.

Next time Butch Jr. kicks ass and earns a gym, he should do that. Then eventually he can buy some incense! Oh, the joy.

I got some free with some of my early level-ups, but they seem to have stopped doing that. I suppose they figure by 19th, I should be paying for my own damn incense and lure modules.

I don’t know what’s wrong with Geralt. Unless maybe he’s working up to romance the Duchess…

There WAS a romance in the first Witcher expansion, which was also shorter. It also had a really good story (this one is fine so far, but that one…I found that one very interesting). So you might want to try Hearts of Stone first or instead, if you have that kind of time. It was totally worth playing. I kind of loved it.

Although Life is Strange is also very worth playing, and perhaps even more so from a blog perspective since it’s something completely new and different and we’ve never talked about it before. I think yeah, 20 hours if that. Probably more like 12-15. Very possible by October, even after a quick jaunt through Gone Home.


I have not observed! I just checked and he has no coins. Of course, he went out last night with Mrs. McP (And helped defend a gym), so he probably spent them. He does not have a great sense of frugality.

But Ah HA! That worked! His gym rat got him 10 coins! Oh, he’ll be thrilled. This makes so much more sense now!

FAQs is getting you closer to the bottom. Next step is forums.

Candy…incense…. kinda like college.

You likely should be buying your own stuff. I have noticed that balls are getting harder to come by. It’s always potions and shit.

By the way, when we say “All games should have balls” this isn’t what we mean, right?

I do not doubt the awesomeness of the Witcher expansions, romance or no. Were time not an issue, I’d play them in a heartbeat. But time, man. Time. And I don’t want to get all behind re RotTR, especially with other games coming out early next year. I’m already fretting about Mass Effect and Horizon coming out on top of each other. We’ll have to prioritize when the time comes.

Sigh. So many problems.

Perhaps Life is Strange, though. Maybe it’ll be free! I can hope.


Nice work with the coins! I’m just happy to have been of assistance, and to have contributed to dragging someone else towards rock bottom with me.

I…may have earned a trophy for visiting 1000 pokestops. Next stop, forums! Although forums aren’t all bad…sometimes they have useful advice on PHP. I’ve seen it with my own eyes when I needed to make some forms for the website.

It’s true, though–you don’t want to be in the middle of something when new Tomb Raider comes out. We’ll want to jump right on that while the comparisons to Uncharted are still fresh in our minds.

Life is Strange will be very unlikely to take that long.


And you must be so proud that someone you’re dragging down is a child….. you monster.

GAME forums are a sure path to ruin, though, you must admit. Especially MOBILE game forums. Fora! Dammit! Why does the internet torture Latin?


I AM proud! The young and small are much easier to drag, so this decision shows sound tactical thinking on my part. One can’t just coast to rock bottom, you know. It takes planning and hard work.

Fora! Fora. I’m sorry, Latin. I never studied you. I’m just doing what everyone else on the internet does.

And that’s one big step closer to rock bottom…


That is the SINGLE biggest way to rock bottom. The internet is just full of mindless bloggers.

And us. Heh.


And us! With our thoughtful Pokemon commentary! It’s not ALL a cesspit of knee jerk rage-pronouncements and bitter lamentations about how not everyone in the world thinks I’m awesome.

Now if only everyone in the world would see how awesome we are, those mindless scumsucking freaks might finally get a correct thought in their damn heads…drat.

I’m really not that good at rage pronouncements.


EXACTLY! Time magazine’s cover a couple of weeks ago was about “How we’re losing the internet to the culture of hate.” Seriously, Time, you’re just reading the wrong blogs. Come read ours! Ours isn’t about hate! No! Ours is inclusive, fun, loving even!

Wait…Oh….um….well…..Maybe not….ALWAYS loving…..or fun……

But we’re bad at not being fun! Because we’re sad excuses for gamers, we are.


Yeah, Time! We’re USUALLY very friendly and caring and tolerant!

Barely hateful at all, unless you bring up giant robots.


You know that’s where it begins. I’m sure every sexist, racist bastard out there started out loving everything EXCEPT giant robots. Probably was a time young Donald Trump was studying Mexican culture and doing karaoke at gay bars and then a giant robot came and fucked his shit up, and now look.

Hurry up and hit rock bottom, will you?


I bet you’re right.

Giant robots: the single cause of all the internet’s (many, many) problems.

I was thinking…I may be too stingy to ever actually hit rock bottom. I mean, that would probably involve blowing my savings on pokecoins, and we both know I’m too cheap to do that.

Loot everything, buy nothing, that’s my motto, and it may keep me hovering a couple of inches above rock bottom indefinitely.


Dear god, you’re right. You ARE too cheap to bottom out…..

I’d make a joke here about your looting, but you own stuff that you took out of the trash, don’t you? Not exactly looting so much as foraging, but close, man…. close.

One of these days you’ll be strolling home and there, in a dumpster, will be a broken oar and you won’t be able to help yourself.

Just remember, your sanity is more valuable than money. I think. I don’t know where I’m going with this.

By the way, there now appears to be a countdown timer in Shop counting down where “Collect now” was before. It’s at 17 hours and change. That’s a long time.


I do. I do own things I’ve foraged from the trash.

And I would compulsively grab a broken oar…only if I thought I could sell it later. If this librarian thing ever falls through, my next career will be dumpster diving for things I think I can sell on eBay. Or build turrets out of.

Yeah, I had the countdown for a while when I had a monster stationed at a gym…then he was kicked out, and it ended abruptly.But if he’s still there in 17 hours, you’re golden!


Looting. Life imitating art imitating life.

Scavenged shit may be more lucrative than librarianing….

The pokemon is not there, but, oddly, the countdown timer is. Maybe that’s when the great coin gods or professor Willow or whatever check to see how many dudes you have in gyms? I dunno. Weird.

I miss when games had manuals.