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No spoilers for Life is Strange, unless you prefer not to know the main character’s name in advance


While we’re talking on narratives, and cheats, are we going to have to talk over and over again about Catcher in the Rye? Are we? Because the reason I was not pointing out that Max, the photographer, the one who NOTICES SHIT MAN is named Caulfield was that a) I knew you got that and b) then we’d have to be all literary and shit.

It’s one reason why I’m leaning, in the previous email, towards “We did this because it has to happen, period.” The Caulfield thing isn’t subtle. They lose subtle points.


Oh, it’s so not subtle…I mean, Caulfield, the talk about phoniness, the disillusion of grown-ups not being trustworthy/competent, the sense of alienation, the NOTICING…I’m kind of with you, let’s just say “noted” and move on.

Unless we run out of other things to discuss.


Yup. Indeed, when I learned her last name I think I actually, sarcastically, said “Really?” out loud. I hate that. I mean, if you’re going to take a literally classic as inspiration, fine. That happens all the time. Happens in all art, really. But you don’t have to put a damn neon sign on it. Tell your story, trust smart, liberal arts college educated bloggers to notice the references and influence, move on.


It is unlikely we’ll run out of other things to discuss. But as for running out of things we CAN discuss but won’t…..

All through Gone Home, it PAINED me not to talk about the use of music. Now I’m in fucking AGONY man. But I know your response will be something like “Hey man….I noticed that…sometimes…there was….music…I think….”


You know, you can talk about music. I won’t be able to talk back, but your brilliant observations can still be blogged.

Our music-loving followers will appreciate it, even if I don’t.


Dude, our whole hook, the only thing that sets us apart is the whole “conversation” aspect. Music will have to just fall to the wayside.


I thought the thing that set us apart was our brilliance!

You’re crushing my illusions here.


Well, that goes without saying. That and our phenomenal hair.