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Minor spoilers for Life is Strange, Episode 1


School stuff took up all my damn time, energy and hope last night. Jr. has a nice teacher, though. That’s good. But no games. None. I might play some today in the afternoon. I want to. Badly.

So I got nothing.


I played some! Continuing to work through this Witcher expansion. Further from the end of the main story than I thought: it gave me one of those “make sure you’re ready to proceed” warnings, but it looks as if there’s quite a bit after that warning. As there was in the main game…it just kept going and going, remember? Not that that was bad.

This isn’t bad either, there’s some intriguing story development and now a massive vampire attack, so plenty of excitement. But I’m not getting to anything else for a bit.


Ooo! Vampires! I thought they were kinda underused in the main game. They set them up so well, I kinda figured they’d come up in an expansion.

Yes, that game was long. What are you at, like, 40 hours plus in an EXPANSION? dude.


Yeah, this is lots more vampires. Many kinds of vampires, too…as we learned before, most vampires are just weird-looking beasts with scary batlike faces, but ‘higher vampires’ look like humans and are intelligent. Now we’re meeting all sorts of lower vampires as well as some higher ones.

I’ve really lost track of time, and I don’t think they’ve added a reliable game clock, but it’s certainly been a while. We got our money’s worth on it, that’s for sure.


I’ll say. And given me a snowballs chance of catching up in terms of things we’ll both play. I appreciate it.

If I ever play.

Baby McP can help me.


He’ll appreciate that. It’s bonding time! And there’s nothing too graphic in Life is Strange. I mean, there’s…intense stuff. But not graphic. And probably nothing that will make sense to a 3-year-old.

Play on!


Even he’s against me! Fell asleep in the damn car on the way home from school.

And no, I didn’t play when he was at school, because had to go to the brain doctor. He says mine is still working. I want a second opinion.


You should always get a second opinion on something this important.

However, based on the brilliance we regularly churn out, you might not want to fix anything that isn’t working, because it might make you all sane and boring and not interested in video games or something.


There is that.

I swear he makes up new stunts every time I have one of those “are your nerves working” exams. I’m probably on candid camera.


He probably reads all the neurology journals right before your appointment, looking for the articles with “15 amusing new tests to give your patients!”

Hey, he has to find joy in his work somehow. He doesn’t read our blog (probably), or that would perk him RIGHT up.


I very much doubt he does. He’s, like, 75. Not that WE won’t be playing when we’re that age, but then, we started younger, I’m sure.


It’s true. We will be, but he probably grew up in a non-video-game-playing time. Not that I want to be ageist! He could totally be destroying stuff in Gears of War every night!

But probably not.


Hey man, you came to it late! It’s NEVER too late!

Ok, I’m gonna try to play….wish me luck….


Ok! Finished Episode 1! Whoo hoo!

So…. there’s a neat trick here…. it shows you your choices, and, knowing you are going to blog about it, lets you see the choices your friends made!

You told on Nathan, comforted Victoria, intervened to save Kate, and took the blame for Chloe. We’re three outta four! So helpful.

Now…. One thing that bugs me: In the Kate choice, I didn’t intervene FIRST, and yet, I didn’t have the picture I took! Dude! I did that for the very reason of KEEPING THE PICTURE! And she’s all ‘I wish I had taken a picture’ and I’m telling her “You did! I did! We did!” Oh well.

Liked it. Had I played this when it came out, I’d certainly buy the rest. Good cliffhanger. Good acting. I can see why you liked it.

Did you see the short after credits scene? Love after credit scenes.


So I DID tell on Nathan! Well, at least we did one thing differently.

I didn’t have any friends who’d played, but I liked the breakdown of what percentage of people overall chose what. Some interesting context.

I guess maybe no one can see the picture except you, because it was a different timeline that no longer exists for those other people? I don’t know, I kind of assumed that by rewinding I had no longer taken the picture in the reality I lived in…strange mementos of other pasts notwithstanding.

I think I watched after the credits, but remind me.


But in your journal, you still have pictures like the one of the dude who got hurt!

But that’s maybe collectible game shit. Cuz I took two pics, and had to reload cuz diaper change, and I still had the pics in the journal. So that might be useless trophy shit.

Though you were still holding the hammer if you rewound…. hmmm.

Disbelief suspended.

After credits was a short scene of Chloe tied to train tracks as a locomotive bears down. Odd.


Yeah, I call ‘collectible.’ Maybe your ‘journal’ is more in your head than physical, so you remember taking the picture but couldn’t show it to anyone? Suspend disbelief. It’s the only way.

Ah yes, the “coming soon on Life is Strange” bit with the railroad tracks. (Also, see how you enjoy the ‘previously on’ section, when you just played the last episode a day ago.)

It feels like a conscious nod to television shows, which is interesting (although obviously, from the standpoint of selling something episode by episode, showing something exciting that’s coming up serves the very real purpose of hopefully getting people interested for the next chapter). Looking over my shoulder, Nate mentioned a very Twin Peaks feel of the game overall (I never watched that show, so it’s lost on me), but this could be part of that.

And of course the ‘damsel on the railroad tracks’ is a classic threatening situation from Westerns and stuff, so they’re also kind of referencing stereotypical melodrama “danger!” situations.

So, this is a melodramatic adventure story! And a weird TV show! And an angsty teen drama! Something for everyone.


Or it’s just game convention. It IS a game, after all.

Speaking of which, funny that we talked about how odd it was that Katie didn’t go through the game babbling to herself. Here, Max can’t shut up. Indeed, there have been a couple times when I hit look, she talked, and I hit speak only to realize “oh….you weren’t done talking. Oops.”

I never watched Twin Peaks either. No geek cred us. Ha.

Something for everyone, though–That it is. I like it. Pretty original. Risky games!

We’ll be back to slaughter soon enough.


Yeah, it’s like photos are the ‘treasures’ you collect. The way in Uncharted if you find a treasure and then die, you don’t have to go pick it up again once you reload. You find it, it’s found. You take the picture, it’s taken. But neither the treasure nor the picture is really something you can physically do anything with in the game.

It’s all about saving Chloe, though!

I hope you can play soon; we blog so much better when we actually have stuff to talk about.


Even though, really, Chloe will always be a hot, RPG toting BEBHBB to me. I can pretend.

This Chloe is cool and all, but really, she ain’t going to replace CHLOE.