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Spoilers for Life is Strange, episode 4


Well, I played a bunch, so we should have something to talk about but I don’t think we do. Why?

Well, I investigated David, the game tried to make me care that he got kicked out, but I don’t care, cuz he’s an asshat. Did all that, found the coordinates, whatever they are, etc.

So then, as I’m leaving, Max is all “I have to visit Kate in the hospital,” which you obviously didn’t do cuz she’s dead.

I was expecting the sort of thing games usually give you when you’ve done something nice and non linear: a nice little cutscene, maybe one dialog choice, five minutes, get the feels, move on. Right? That’s what games do, right?


30, 40 minutes or so later, I was leaving her room and calling it a day.

LOTS of conversation, lots to look at, butterfly thing, and what I think is going to be a major plot point. She’s insisting on helping me get Nathan’s phone. She didn’t help YOU get Nathan’s phone.

So I spent most of my time doing that, which you didn’t do.

At least I established that besides your fatal modesty, you probably picked wrong on that last question. I picked up a picture of Kate and her sisters and Max is all “Kate’s sisters….you really saved her.” Should’ve picked sisters.


Oh man! Kate, being dead, did NOT help me find Nathan’s phone. You’re very right about that.

I got it anyway, though, so it’s likely the rest of the story was not changed that much. I think I just decided to search Nathan’s room on my own?

I don’t need no Kate! Everyone is expendable! Although it’s cool that if you saved her, she works to advance the narrative in a logical, if not critical, way.

I’m hazy on what you mean that you don’t feel bad that David got kicked out.

Suspended from Blackwell? Because in my game, I didn’t feel bad because David was not fired, because I blamed Nathan. WHOSE FAULT IT TOTALLY WAS, and I stand by that.

Or kicked out of the house after that argument he had with Chloe? I didn’t feel bad about that either, because I actually sided with David on that so he didn’t get kicked out.

David IS still an asshat, no argument there, but I dunno, I did actually start to see him as a bit more human/sympathetic by this point. I mean, the surveillance thing with cameras in his house is still creepy as hell, and his attempts to control Chloe are obviously backfiring all over the place, but…he clearly actually loves Joyce, and Chloe can obviously be hard to get along with, and he’s got a lot of stress issues from his time in the military which kind of explains his obsession with control, and…I just decided that he was mistaken but not evil.


Yeah, I figured that you would get to Nathan’s room, as Max said in Chloe’s room they need three things, and one is Nathan’s phone and the other two are….something…I forget…that you were GOING to find his phone sooner or later. I’m not even sure I WANT Kate’s help. Like, dude. I saved you. Stay here. It’s safe. I didn’t save you so the evil guy could kill you.

No, not David getting fired, the kicked-out-of-the-house one. I sided with Chloe, and Joyce kicked him out the house because she was rightly weirded out about him, you know, hiding stalky shots of missing girls and all that. So, on his way out, he’s all looking wistfully at pictures, and was all “So, I hope you’re happy…I just wanted the best for them…just because I didn’t know how…blah blah blah” and I just couldn’t be bothered.

I even looked at the pictures and Max was all “David’s just like me when he looks at these…maybe he does love Chloe…” and, sorry game, I ain’t gonna like him.

Sort of goes back to the William stuff. Had a whiff of the game saying “Care! We’re telling you to care, so…you know…CARE so the choice is tough on you because you CARE cuz we say so.” Which is cheap.

Hmm. Time will tell whether David is irredeemably creepy or not. I still wanna know why he has those files before I judge. Cuz I still don’t. And I want to see what Kate does. Someone (presumably David) has a file on Kate, who, remember, isn’t dead for me.

Also, so did you get a scene there that I didn’t get? Like, a funeral or something? Or did you just blip from Chloe’s house to Blackwell and finding the phone?


Well, remember David does work in security, and it is his business to investigate stuff at Blackwell…are his pictures stalker-ish, or investigator-ish? It’s a fine line that can really only be determined by his reasons for taking them, and of those reasons, we of course know only what we’ve seen so far.

I also thought it was kind of interesting that him taking photos is potentially a sign of his general creepiness, while Max takes photos all the time and it’s just because she likes art/is looking for clues.

What does a photograph MEAN? That depends not only on who took it (and why), but on who’s looking at it, and the game seems to be intentionally complicating the question.

In the end, I guess I was just more willing to cut him slack at that point. Whether or not I was eventually justified in doing so, I will not reveal.

And no, I didn’t get any funeral scene or anything…I think it probably just skipped right back to Blackwell. So if nothing else, saving Kate gave you extra game time.


Huh. That was a pretty long scene you didn’t get. Of course, I get extra game time when I’ve got the next game waiting. Kate’s helping the cellophane on Tomb Raider mock me.

I’m STILL expecting a twist as to who is keeping the binders and who the real bad guy is. I’d say Kate would be an intriguing possibility, but, if she could die in episode 2, not sure how much of a possibility. Still, something’s gonna happen. Always does.

Hmm. Nice point about the meaning of photographs. Could also be extended to the risque pictures of Amber. Chloe is upset that Rachel “posed for Frank like that.” Put HERSELF in a picture in a way Chloe didn’t like. Or let Frank take something with the camera.


Save Kate, will you? Well, how about you NEVER FINISH THIS GAME?

At least, not in time to avoid being mocked by the crisp cellophane of RotTR.

And never fear, there will be twists in this game. Muahahahahahaha!!!!!


Oh there will be. Nothing has twists at the end of episodes, especially not BIG twists, then just says “Ok, fuck it. Now we’re just gonna be predictable.”

And NOTHING says twists like ominous dudes who you can’t see doing projects. Especially projects involving pictures.


Never trust a dude you can’t see who’s working on a photography project. Get to that point and THEN we’ll talk about what photos mean.