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Some spoilers for Life is Strange, episode 4, and the Witcher 3 expansion Blood and Wine


Played! Saving Kate takes time, but gives it back, cuz as soon as I got in the four to the dorm Max was all “now which room….” And Kate texts “111!”

I have a feeling there was a puzzle there and I got out of it.

I told Warren to chill. I let him beat Nathan at first, but felt bad. Maybe Nathan’s a victim, too. Why I can sympathize with him and not David I dunno.

But before that, I talked to two characters on the trope bench: the wise over weight black woman and the slow (or IS he) creepy janitor who likes animals and knows stuff, man.

That was like the Blackwell trope stand.

But I got the phone, now I’m about to hit up Frank’s trailer.

And Chloe’s got the gun.


Yeah, I don’t remember a puzzle, specifically, but I think I remember having to look at several rooms to find Nathan’s.

I also told Warren to lay off Nathan, though more for Warren’s sake (or mine?)…I didn’t think being someone who beat a helpless guy to a bloody pulp would be good for Warren in the long run, you know? I mean, yeah, you defeated him, got revenge, that’s cool, he totally deserved it–but pounding the hell out of someone when they’re down is the kind of thing you wind up feeling guilty about later…right? (I don’t know, I’ve never been in a real fistfight, but I would accept some random person’s surrender in a game, if it were ever offered. Unless it’s Junior. Junior can go straight to hell.)

Or maybe I just didn’t want my nice, friendly little Warren to BE that person who hits when someone’s down. Anyway, I intervened.

Weirdly, I didn’t feel that much sympathy for Nathan here, it was mostly about Warren (or me). So why I can feel sympathy for David and not Nathan, I don’t know.

Apparently THIS is the dividing line between us as players. You feel for the delinquent, probably-abused kid: I feel for the overly controlling, traumatized veteran.

Now we know.

When I got to Frank’s trailer, Frank still had the gun. So we’ll see how THAT winds up for both of us.

As for me, I played last night for a bit, but I’m still stuck on this one vampire. I’m 99% sure this must be the Big Boss Fight, because it IS a Boss Fight, of the kind we’ve debated before…does this climactic battle add anything to story-based games?

At this point, being pretty annoyed with it and having not progressed in the story for–what, at least a week?–I’m inclined to vote No. This fight doesn’t add anything useful to the game, it’s just a long, repetitive, irritatingly difficult battle that I keep having to restart over and over, and that has completely destroyed the momentum of the story for me.

I’m sure hardcore challenge-worshipping gamers would point out that this is the whine of a weakling who can’t handle the hard stuff, and that’s fine. I just want the damn ending to this story!


Yeah, Warren isn’t that guy. But hey, a difference. Hey, I hated Nathan until I read his emails. His fathers awful. Awful awful.

As for your never ending game, that sucks. There’s no way ones last experience with Geralt should be that. They did a great job of not having that. There should be nudity and cakes.

Soon, back to jumping and slaughter.


Yeah, Nathan’s family is terrible, so it’s not entirely his fault he’s terrible too. Nevertheless, he IS terrible, and even if I don’t blame him for it, I’ve still got to deal with him in a harsh and brutal fashion to (ideally) keep him from doing more terrible things in the future.

Max takes the hard determinist approach to justice. He couldn’t have done differently, but that means he also can’t be trusted to reform. Away with him!

And yeah, this fight is pretty annoying. I keep turning it off after 20 minutes because I start to get all angry, and I don’t WANT to hate this game!

The fact that it still takes 5 minutes to reload every time you die doesn’t help at all.

Takeaway for you: if you ever have a chance to play one of the Witcher 3 expansions, definitely pick Hearts of Stone, instead of Blood and Wine. This endless battle has clinched it.


More nudity, fewer annoying baddies. Pretty definitive.

I so know the “cmon game I don’t want to hate you” feeling.

You know, after all this Gone Home, Life is Strange stuff, I hope I can still play fighty games without sucking. Been a while since my reflexes mattered.


I’ll sign onto that.

Also onto hoping that my reflexes are still decent. Who knows, maybe I just suck and that’s why I can’t get past this vampire!


Nah you got this far. You killed the big bad wolf!

I finished Uncharted 4 way back in August or whatever. I haven’t killed shit in forever. I didn’t even kill Chloe.


You ARE on a no-killing kick.

It’s not like you. Now I’m concerned on your behalf.

And that’s true, I did kill the big bad wolf. My murderin’ skills are still sharp! Bring on the tomb raiding!

As soon as this stupid vampire is vanquished. He’s the giant robot of this game. That’s not good.


Played more, and in keeping with theme…..

So if you have the gun, things CAN go sideways and Chloe ends up shooting Frank and the dog (though she kills the dog first, which causes Frank to freak, she shoots him, so maybe saving the dog… Who knows?). And you can leave him dead. Or you can go back, get the dialog right, have him leave you alive.

So, seeing as I never kill, I paid him (cuz I took the money), chose well, ended peacefully. He’s alive. We’re cool.

Then I did the sleuthing which was kind of cool. Then I stopped.

So what happened to your Frank?


My Frank and his dog also lived. I felt kind of bad for him by then, and of course I don’t want to kill an innocent dog. (We both obviously made sure to NOT send the dog running into the street earlier to get hit by a car.)

I had to go through a number of conversations to get to that point, but I did. Even though everyone is expendable, why get myself tied up in the legal hassles that would result from his death if anyone found out I was involved?

I didn’t pay him, since I didn’t have the money, but I talked a good game, eventually (man, that was a lot of dialogue options), and we parted as friends. More or less.

I liked the sleuthing too. It was a nicely done bit of “solve a puzzle that’s not TOO hard, but does involve some thought.”


It was. The phone was a stumper.

So. Many. Choices. And rewinds.

Of course I spared the dog.


We’re not MONSTERS. We spare the dog.


I’m sparing everyone! I love life!

I’m sure in this tomb raider game we all work together and share treasure.


Ooh, I hope so too! That’s going to be awesome!

Maybe if Geralt just offers the vampire some loot, we can be friends. I’m going about this all wrong!

Dude, I would totally pay off that vampire to get this fight over with. “Look, man, I get you’re upset, but I have a LOT of money right now, and I’m willing to hand it all over if you’ll just let me get back to the story.”


That should always be an option. Give loot purpose.

Of course, you always think loot has purpose.


The purpose of loot is to be looted by me. It needs no other justification.