No spoilers. Siiiiiiigh…we wanna spoil so bad, but first we’d have to play.


I got nothing. NOTHING. Even Mrs. McP played a damn game this weekend, as she played Mario Kart 8 with the boys. Mrs. McP PLAYED and I didn’t. Life sucks.

But at least I know from stalking your PS that you aren’t way ahead of me in TR.

Also Mrs. McP took the laptop AGAIN!!!

I could say “See? I need a sweet new rig for the sake of the blog,” but then I’d be asking you to enable both me and my greedy ex. That would put you in a terrible position. How could I?

At least I have no actual game stuff to discuss.

I better get on that tonight, too. Lara is getting impatient.

Life is hard.


That woman must be stopped!!!

But as you say, at least we don’t have anything important to talk about. Like you, I did zippo in terms of games this weekend.

Weekends get busy. But we’ll get there! This week!

Or not…I may not have anything to talk about for a while because family is in town, so I don’t know what my playing time will be like.

But we’re coming, Lara!


See, this always happens. You get all “I dunno, man, no real time, man,” and all you’re really saying is “I’ll just finish two months ahead of you instead of our usual three.” All the time.


Yeah…that’s kind of true. I guess all I’m really saying is, this week is your chance to get a couple of hours ahead of me. Ha.


I understand you’re doing this to make me feel better…..

Actually maybe you just revel in my sorrows.


Hmm…maybe a little of both?

Can’t I enjoy your suffering AND try to make you feel better? I admit it requires some mental flexibility, but we’re good at that. Empathizing with game characters while actively choosing to play storylines that put them in danger and cause them pain and anguish has given us plenty of practice.

Video games: developing the human capacity to hold two contrary opinions at the same time.

“Aww…don’t feel bad, it’s going to be OK. Also, your pain is like music to my ears.”


Well, we can at least discuss the packaging for RotTR. It’s one that comes in a special cardboard sleeve over the disc box. Love that.


Ooooooh…jealous. That I didn’t think to comment on the packaging so we could discuss SOMETHING. I haven’t really opened it yet. Soon! I swear!


I’m sure yours has a sleeve, too. It’s shiny!

Has a book, too. Stuff! Love stuff!



(So jealous I had to break it into two parts.)

We need to start playing this game.